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The daily activities associated with the dissemination and preservation of the URANTIA teachings continue apace, and the staff at "533" is kept very busy. Much of the work is based on the volume of sales of "The URANTIA Book" which so far this year has been somewhat greater than anticipated. It is now expected that the fifth printing will be sold out in August. Its exhaustion will signal a total of some 85,000 copies of the English edition abroad in the world.

Technological changes and improvements in the printing industry occur regularly, and the Trustees are frequently faced with new decisions bearing on the physical quality of "The URANTIA Book." Endeavoring to maintain the same physical appearance and quality, as well as keep pace with the industry, provides a continuing challenge. The sixth printing of "The URANTIA Book" is now on the press and is scheduled by the printer for completion in late August. The press used for the first five printings has been scrapped. This time, "The URANTIA Book" is being run on a much newer and much larger high- speed press, While this will not affect the physical specifications for the Book, it should result in a slight improvement in overall printing quality.  In addition, the Foundation has completed efforts to upgrade worn type on the plate-making materials which should also enhance the printing quality of the text.

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