A new printing of "The URANTIA Book"

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A new printing of "The URANTIA Book" (English edition) is scheduled for production this coming summer and will be completed by late summer or early fall. Preliminary preparations for this sixth printing are now under way in earnest. Current plans call for printing 25,000 copies. It is anticipated that the stock of the fifth printing will be exhausted in the fall of 1978, with the total number of English edition copies printed and distributed by that time standing at 85,000.

We are pleased that this large number of books has found its way into the evolutionary matrix of human society, and that this has been accomplished in a quiet, unostentatious manner, largely through person-to-person contact. There is no better evidence than the progress made in the last twenty odd years of the effectiveness of this quiet person-to-person spread of the teachings, especially during these early years of its presentation to our planet.

1977 has been a year of signal successes. 1978 promises even more.

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