The lack of a suitable French edition

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In late November and early this month, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Begemann of the Netherlands visited URANTIA Foundation to discuss both Foundation and Brotherhood matters in Europe. (Henry is a URANTIA Brotherhood Field Representative.) Ways and means of continuing the development of study groups and the dissemination of the URANTIA teachings, now that the first French translation of "The URANTIA Book" is no longer in print, were considered.

Henry noted that the lack of books does not necessarily preclude the qualitative development of the URANTIA Movement among our French friends, nor does it preclude attracting new readers, as many French copies are being loaned out by their owners. While progress is slower in this fashion, it is by no means halted.

The Trustees are nevertheless concerned over the lack of a suitable French edition of "The URANTIA Book." Presently Mr. Begemann is working with an experimental translation team in Paris to prepare a new French translation under the Foundation's direction.

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