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As of March 1, 1977, the retail price of "The URANTIA Book" was increased from $20 to $26. The last prior increase (to $20) was March 1, 1971, some six years ago. During that period the "U.S. Consumer Price Index, All Items," increased from 121.3 to 174 or some 1.43 times. Likewise the index of wholesale prices jumped from 113.9 to 185.2 or 1.625 times. These kinds of inflationary increases coupled with increasing office and administrative expenses have made a price increase unavoidable, despite the numerous and increasingly generous contributions from readers of "The URANTIA Book."

On the positive side, however, weekly wages (all manufacturing) increased from their 1971 level 142.04 to 211.07 in 1976 (October) for a 1.49 increase, indicating that the buying power of wage earners was rising faster than the cost of living. The price increase of "The URANTIA Book" at only 1.3 times compares favorably with all indices.

In any event, we want you to know that any price increase for "The URANTIA Book" is carefully considered and adopted only when current costs and projected needs indicate an increase is necessary. Costs will undoubtedly continue to increase as a result of inflation and office expenses, including the hiring of qualified full-time staff to replace those who over the years unselfishly served for little or no salary.

Contributions play an important role in keeping the price of the Book at a low level. Thanks to all of you who have helped keep the price of "The URANTIA Book" so unusually low for so many years.

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