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At their meeting in March, the Field Representatives of URANTIA Brotherhood expressed the desire that URANTIA Foundation formulate a statement on matters regarding the copyright to "The URANTIA Book," particularly as concerns the use of "The URANTIA Book" material by students of the Book, taking into consideration the new copyright law. The Trustees will be studying this matter and will be discussing it with our attorneys.

In the meantime, the Foundation's copyright policy as formulated by legal counsel continues to be: a person desiring to make use of any material from "The URANTIA Book" should submit a request to the Foundation in writing, giving all pertinent details concerning the amount and nature of quoting and distribution. A one-page statement, which embodies in more detail the policy the Trustees have followed for a number of years, is available on request.  Eventually the Trustees hope to issue a more detailed statement regarding various aspects of the copyright law and their guiding philosophy in approving or denying the use of material.

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