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Enclosed with this issue of "URANTIAN News" is a copy of a new publication of the URANTIA Foundation. It is a small pamphlet entitled "Guide to Pronunciation of Names and Words in The URANTIA Book." An older version of this guide was originally prepared by Marian Rowley, who is currently Secretary of URANTIA Brotherhood, and was given limited distribution in mimeographed form for some years. In 1975, Marian and others revised and expanded the guide to its present form, and this new guide has now been printed and copyrighted by URANTIA Foundation.

For the most part, the pronunciation guide is intended to include only those words which would not ordinarily be found in dictionaries. We hope you find it helpful and we will welcome your comments on it. Those who are not on the regular mailing list but who would like copies can obtain them free of charge by writing URANTIA Foundation or URANTIA Brotherhood.

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