News from Urantia Foundation - December 1973

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We continue to receive at headquarters many interesting visitors from within the United States and from foreign countries. and we have developed warm friendships with many of these sincere truth seekers.

Much time and effort has been expended towards the realization of bona fide translations of The Urantia Book under the auspices of the Trustees. We are most gratified to continue to enjoy the willing and unselfish cooperation of friends in Finland in the preparation of a Finnish translation.

As the spread of The Urantia Book increases, the work load at headquarters likewise grows--though at a geometric rate. necessitating increased staff and expenses. The Foundation recently inaugurated a continuing drive to obtain the funds so necessary to our operations, present and future.

As the year comes to a close, we bring you happy holiday greetings and our renewed encouragement for great spiritual achievements in the year ahead.

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