Prologue in Eternity

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The master universe is a future-eternal reality. But, excepting Havona, it is not a past-eternal reality. This study of the master creation does not, therefore, properly begin until we are ready to consider Havona in relation to the post-Havona universes. In this Prologue to the study proper, we will accordingly give attention to those eternity acts of Deity which set the stage of space for the master universe – even for Havona, itself.

This Prologue is presented in three parts:

FIRST PROLOGUE – Before the Beginning of Beginnings

We begin with the Infinite


Before the Times of Havona

An Exploration of Past Eternity

Existential Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis

THIRD PROLOGUE – The First Universe Age

Dawn of Eternity

Existential Realities

Existential Trinity

The Uniqueness of Eternal Havona

Architects of the Master Universe

Since we are starting with an exploration of the eternal past, we might just as well do a good job of it and start as far back as imagination can take us.

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