Epilogue in Eternity

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Our study of the master universe began with a Prologue in Eternity. In it we attempted to examine certain precreative acts of existential Deity which set the space-stage for the whole ensuing story of the master creation: the mighty outward expansion of Paradise creativity and divinity, and the subsequent consolidation of the experiential results of this expansion on Supreme and on Ultimate levels of reality.

In the Epilogue to this study, we will set ourselves the task of trying to visualize certain possible super-creative acts of experiential Deity which may possibly break The Barrier of Infinity and, to a certain extent, circumvent The Impasse of the Absolutes.

This Epilogue in Eternity is presented in three parts:

First Epilogue – The Final Universe Age

Second Epilogue – The Depths of the Final Age

Third Epilogue – After the Ending of Endings - We end, as we began, with the Infinite.

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