Our Urantia Book Stand at the Cali, Colombia Bookfair

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Norma Caicedo Ramirez

By Norma Caicedo Ramirez, Cali, Colombia

Editor’s Note: Urantia Foundation values the importance of attending bookfairs to further its mission to seed The Urantia Book and its teachings globally. As a part of the outreach program, we donated 100 copies of El libro de Urantia to the Cali Association Colombia. Thank you to all the volunteers who spent time sharing the teachings at this fair!

What a wonderful experience it was for our group of volunteers to host a booth at La Feria Internacional del Libro de Cali, the seventh international bookfair hosted in Cali, Colombia, this past October! With record attendance, 420,000 people walked the aisles and bought 247,000 books.

It was our fourth time at this bookfair, and our space felt magical. Filled with love for this revelation, we were all moved to participate and share with others these transforming teachings.

To attract interest, our booth had posters of the master universe and the ascension path, the flag of Nebadon, and of course many copies of El libro de Urantia that Urantia Foundation provided.

We handed out a flyer with an image of the book, a guiding message, and a QR code with email addresses so people can connect with us in the future. In addition, we hosted a workshop event, “From Urantia to Paradise.”

Our volunteers demonstrated their great enthusiasm by personally communicating with the visitors to our booth. More than 4,000 people showed interest in knowing more about El libro de Urantia. We sold 64 books and are thrilled that the message of the revelation is reaching more people!

We believe that bookfairs are important events for readers to attend and host booths. Truth seekers will surely attend these fairs, so it’s the perfect opportunity to present the book and allow seekers to find the fifth epochal revelation.

2022 Cali, Colombia BookFair
2022 Cali, Colombia Bookfair
2022 Cali, Colombia BookFair
2022 Cali, Colombia Bookfair

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