Urantia Foundation Annual Report 2021

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A Road Map to Transformation

Transformed people create transformed societies.

As we move through the 21st century, the age of materialism will decrease. By the end of the century, most of humanity will have enough food, shelter, and material goods to live a comfortable middleclass life. The transition to shorter workweeks will provide time to explore new pursuits. The next frontier becomes an age of health improvement, intellectual discovery, and spiritual actualization. As this evolutionary process unfolds, Urantia Book believers must provide a transformational road map for individuals and society based on the revelation’s teachings. Only this new revelation can spark the sustained improvement required for a more peaceful and loving world.

Today, our religious institutions have nearly exhausted their evolutionary potential. That’s why the current work at Urantia Foundation matters. Our job is to disseminate the supernal teachings, create translations, distribute books, support educational institutions, develop study aids, and nurture a worldwide family of believers. Planting perennial roots today will yield a mighty forest in future centuries.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. We’re in this together, and the revelation will succeed.

Mo Siegel

On behalf of the trustees of Urantia Foundation

Gard Jameson, Marilynn Kulieke, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Mo Siegel, Judy Van Cleave

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The mission of Urantia Foundation is to seed The Urantia Book and its teachings globally

Sales, Distribution, and Printing

  • 19,001 Physical books sold
  • 3,725 E-books sold
  • 24,870 Books distributed (sales, gifts, and outreach)
  • 86,743 Books downloaded from urantia.org
  • 13,765 Books downloaded from the Apple app

2021 Urantia Books Printed

  • 9,900 English books
  • 2,200 Spanish books
  • 2,120 French books
  • 5,200 Portuguese books

Urantia Press Imprint Label

  • 164 Parables of Jesus sold
  • 1121 The Untold Story of Jesus sold

25-Language Website

  • 1,511,944 Sessions
  • 3,026,114 Page views
  • 828,241 New users
  • 86,743 Urantia Books downloaded from urantia.org

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram 3 languages, up 162%
  • LinkedIn up 38%
  • Twitter up 18%
  • Facebook 8 languages, up 6%
  • YouTube up 26%


  • A total of 53 courses were presented by 43 volunteer teacher-facilitators.
  • 20 courses for 270 English-speaking students
  • 9 courses for 127 French-speaking students
  • 15 courses for 196 Spanish-speaking students
  • 9 courses for 149 Portuguese-speaking students

Transformation in Action

“Today, I have no doubt that The Urantia Book is a transcendental and authentic revelation and, as some have suggested, perhaps based on a statement by a Mighty Messenger in Paper 30, that it will be the guiding book for humanity for the next thousand years.“ Bogotá, Colombia

"I became a hospice volunteer as a result of The Urantia Book's emphasis on unselfish service. I cannot imagine doing this kind of work if I did not have the knowledge in this book as a guide. It is so reassuring to my patients when I tell them that there is life after death and what a beautiful experience it will be." Texas, USA

"When I encountered The Urantia Book, after a long inner search, my questions about the purpose of life and the future after death were answered. It was so logical, so intelligent and the universe was so full of love, it was a true revelation! Finally, there was a sense to it all! The Book became a part of my life, ennobled it, and made me learn to love my fellow men much more." France

"I have been reading The Urantia Book for the past four years. I lost my beloved wife eight months ago. God gave me a positive assurance through the pages of this book, so authentic, about the heavenly realm.” Kingdom of Bahrain

"After reading The Urantia Book, my life gained a grand new meaning. There was now nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.” Aylesbury, England

"The attempt to understand, believe, and practice the truths of the Urantia Revelation has positively shifted the fulcrum and focus of my life, and the Spirit of God has literally uplifted and transformed me by this effort!" Stockholm, Sweden

“In the late 60's I went to search for my guru. One day one while staying at a new friend's house I saw a big blue book. I opened it and read a few lines...I started shaking at what I saw and have been shaking ever since. I had found my guru and his name was Jesus.” Hawaii, USA

"After a lifetime of searching, my soul leapt with joy at the discovery of the truth and knowledge presented within these pages, and I will forever walk with God with the help of his loving servants and The Urantia Book." Calgary, Canada

The Urantia Book continues to play a vital role in my everyday life as a Christian, a parent, a professional, and a community member. I have known no better sources of guidance for my daily life; it is even an inspiration for parenting.” Eastern Cape, South Africa

“Since I was twenty years old I had been looking for the truth. All my family is Catholic, but I wanted more answers; I did not like dogma. I was and I am in love with Jesus . . .how could the Church be all of the truth? Finally The Urantia Book found me . . .each time I read it, it fills my heart.” Chile

"When I found The Urantia Book, my life was at a crossroad; religion, science, philosophy and all the new age literature could not fill the emptiness that was growing inside of me. My prayers were answered." Québec, Canada

"The Urantia Book has taught me to live the best life I can lead. It has inspired me to understand what God has intended for my life. I learned that 'truth, beauty and goodness' are the guides to living a righteous life." Colorado, USA

"When I finally grasped the enormity of what The Urantia Book reveals, loneliness, darkness, and fear disappeared like shadows from the sunrise." California, USA

The Urantia Book in 25 Languages

1. Bulgarian
2. Czech
3. Danish
4. Dutch
5. English
6. Estonian
7. Farsi *
8. Finnish
9. French
10. German
11. Greek *
12. Hebrew
13. Hungarian
14. Indonesian
15. Italian
16. Japanese
17. Korean
18. Lithuanian
19. Polish
20. Portuguese
21. Romanian
22. Russian
23. Spanish
24. Swedish
25. Turkish
**published online before completion

In progress:

  • Arabic (Now online!)
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • Filipino
  • Greek


2021 Audited Operational Financial Summary
Book Revenue  Jan-Dec 21 
Sales of The Urantia Book $212,404
Cost of Books Sold ($175,133)
Gross Profit from Books $37,271
Public Support and Non-Book Revenue  
Restricted Contributions $176,038
Unrestricted Contributions $797,123
Estate Contributions $813,214
Rent & Other Income $95,410
Total Support & Non-Book Revenue  $1,881,785
Functional Expenses   
Programs ($589,736)
General and Administration  ($139,445)
Fundraising  ($46,188)
Total Functional Expenses  ($775,369)
Change in Net Cash Before Investments $1,143,687
Supplemental Items  
Book Printing ($242,238)
Real Estate Tax  Reassessment $15,461
Change in Net Cash Before Investments Less Supplemental Items $916,910
2021 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
2021 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
Programming $589,736
General Administration  $139,445
Fundraising  $46,188
2021 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support
2021 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support
Unrestricted Contributions $797,123
Restricted Contributions  $176,038
Estate Contributions $813,214
Rent and Other Income $95,410
Gross Profit from Books  $37,271

The Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund

Established 2017

Our mandate is to secure Urantia Foundation so that it safeguards The Urantia Book and its teachings. The Revelation Bridge was established as an endowment fund for future generations.

Create your legacy by sustaining the Foundation for your grandchildren and beyond. Please contact your lawyer or write a notarized codicil assigning assets in your will to Urantia Foundation.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the following donors who contributed estate gifts in 2021.

The Estate of Richard J. Fullam III

The Estate of Richard Keeler, Trustee

Living the revelation forward

Thank you, Universal Father, for the gift of personality and associated free will, for your effective presence in each of us, and for accompanying us through the inevitabilities that you have placed in our path of growth.

Thank you, Creator Son, for the presence of your Spirit of Truth, who frees us from becoming helpless victims of the implied a priori assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion.

Thank you, Divine Minister, who administers our local universe, provides us with a mind, and enrolls us in the Holy Spirit, his personal Spirit.

Thank you, authors of this wonderful revelation, and the angels and midwayers who direct the seekers of truth to it.

Thank you, fellow believers, for your dedication and sense of responsibility to the universe and the Supreme.

Together let's pray that Urantia, this planet which has encountered so many difficulties and of which we are guests, may ultimately become a light in the universe of Nebadon. For it is and will forever remain the planet of bestowal of our Creator Son.

Georges Michaelson-Dupont

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