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“Science: The Interface of Evolution and Revelation”

Thursday, June 16, to Sunday, June 19, 2022

Since the last Urantia Foundation Science Symposium in November 2019, scientific discoveries have continued to expand and excite public consciousness. A worldwide pandemic and its aftermath propelled mRNA, CRISPR-Cas9, and the benefits of genetic research into the mainstream. A recent study published by a Smithsonian anthropologist used ancient DNA to trace modern South Asian ancestry back to early hunter-gatherers of Iran. Scientists released the largest 3-D map of the universe ever created, producing measurements of more than two million galaxies and quasars. The current worldview of an expanding universe continues to approach that of revealed cosmology, which describes a universe revolving about God on Paradise.

This symposium will delve into the dual perspectives of current science and The Urantia Book, exploring ways in which evolution continues to approach revelation. We are seeking presenters from the fields of anthropology, archaeology, biology, chemistry, cosmology, paleontology, philosophy, physics, planetology, psychology, and related fields. 

If you are interested in preparing and presenting a research paper, please contact Joanne at [email protected] for dates, deadlines, and other specifications.

The symposium will be held at Urantia Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and will be broadcast live. Where travel is prohibitive, presenters may elect to participate via Zoom.


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