Urantia Foundation Annual Report 2019

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Dear Friends of Urantia Foundation,

The Urantia Book makes it clear that whether you’re Buddhist or Baptist, male or female, Chinese or Chilean, you are part of our heavenly Father’s global family. From Paradise, our loving creator upholds this universe and this world. It’s a miracle that the Universal Father cares for each one of us, lives within us, suffers when we suffer, and smiles when we smile. From within his infinite being, he looks at humanity and fills us with mercy and goodness. He is no respecter of persons; his love is limitless. He blesses every soul because we are his children.

Over the next five years, in support of the worldwide family of God, Urantia Foundation is committed to better serve the global readership. This means increasing international book distribution, producing new translations, sponsoring multi-language secondary works, and increasing the number of languages in courses offered by Urantia Book Internet School. We will look globally to increase the expanded board of associate trustees and trustees. Our website and apps will reach more people in more languages. We will also continue contributing to international conferences, educational efforts, and much more.

With your help, these plans will happen. We need you and thank you for your past generosity and prayers.

Mo Siegel

On behalf of the trustees of Urantia Foundation

Gard Jameson, Marilynn Kulieke, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Mo Siegel, Judy Van Cleave

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The Mission of Urantia Foundation Is to Seed The Urantia Book and Its Teachings Globally

Sales and Distribution:

  • 19,154 books sold
  • 19,555 books distributed
  • 88,015 Books downloaded from urantia.org

Book Printings:

  • 10,694 English
  • 4,947 Portuguese
  • 2,577 Polish
  • 2,160 French
  • 692 Spanish
  • 5,056 The Untold Story of Jesus (Urantia Press)

23-language website:

  • 1,216,856 sessions
  • 612,867 new users
  • 16 Languages in new search engine

2019 Global Cultural Symposium

The board and staff of Urantia Foundation strive to understand and appreciate the opportunities—and the challenges—in advancing The Urantia Book and its teachings around the world.

We are grateful to our presenters:

  1. Belen and Eugene Asidao—PHILIPPINES
  2. Ade Awoyinka—NIGERIA
  3. Khatukhira Bernard—UGANDA
  4. Sandra Burga-Cisneros—PERU
  5. Mark Khoury—LEBANON
  6. Anton Miroshnichenko—UKRAINE
  7. Claire Mylanus—EUROPE
  8. Widi Nugroho—INDONESIA
  9. Gabriel Rymberg—ISRAEL
  10. Line St-Pierre—CANADA
  11. Mahtab Tehrani—IRAN
  12. Enrique Traver—BRAZIL

Education and Outreach

Urantia Book Internet School

  • English: 20 courses, 243 students from 19 countries
  • French: 9 courses, 100 students from 15 countries
  • Spanish: 10 courses, 140 students from 16 countries
  • Portuguese: 1 course, 25 students from 3 countries

We are indebted to our volunteer teacher-facilitators who hail from 11 different countries!

We raised $12,000 to sponsor book fairs in 10 countries—Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.

Science Symposium II ~ Addressing the Biggest Questions in Science

  • What is spacetime?
  • What is dark matter?
  • How did life begin?
  • Is free will an illusion?
  • What is consciousness?

Presentations were watched 685 times by viewers from 23 countries.

The Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund

Established 2017

Our mandate is to secure Urantia Foundation so that it safeguards The Urantia Book and its teachings. For this purpose, the Revelation Bridge was established as an endowment fund for future generations.

Create your legacy by sustaining the Foundation for your grandchildren and beyond. Please call your lawyer today or write a notarized codicil assigning assets in your will to Urantia Foundation.

Our deepest gratitude goes to five donors who contributed $1,177,217 in estate gifts in 2019.

  • Keith Bonnecarrere
  • Rose Conley
  • Richard Keeler
  • Maureen O'Dwyer
  • David Sizemore

For more information visit urantia.plannedgiving.org or call 773-525-3319.


2019 Audited Operational Financial Summary
Book Revenue  Jan-Dec 19 
Sales of The Urantia Book $182,822
Cost of Books Sold ($145,369)
Gross Profit from Books $37,453
Public Support and Non-Book Revenue  
Restricted Contributions $53,429
Unrestricted Contributions $740,967
Rent & Other Income $87,450
Total Support & Non-Book Revenue  $881,846
Functional Expenses   
Programs ($603,988)
General and Administration  ($143,817)
Fundraising  ($39,849)
Total Functional Expenses  ($787,654)
Change in Net Cash Before Investments $131,645
Book Printing ($243,713)
Real Estate Tax  Reassessment $77,790
Total Change in Operational Net Cash before Investments less Book Printing ($34,278)
Additional Notes
Revelation Bridge and Estate Gifts  $1,177,217
Noncash Gifts $9,667
* Does not include Revelation Bridge, Estate Funds, and Noncash Gifts
2019 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
2019 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
2019 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support
2019 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support

A Commitment to the Future

Urantia Foundation is committed to accomplishing these top seven goals for the next five years.

  1. Increase global book distribution
  2. Build endowment funds for future generations
  3. Foster a more culturally diverse Urantia Foundation
  4. Publish new quality translations and revisions
  5. Support international educational efforts
  6. Implement a five-year organizational succession plan
  7. Grow a strong digital presence globally
Expanded board of trustees - Urantia Foundation


Back: Víctor García-Bory, Mark Hutchings, Gard Jameson, Gary Deinstadt
Middle: Marilynn Kulieke, Geri Johnson, Guy Perron, Gaétan Charland, Mo Siegel, Marta Elders, Georges Michelson-Dupont
Front: Tamara Strumfeld, Minoo Claire, Sherry Cathcart Chavis, Judy Van Cleave

Planned Giving

Make a gift that lasts!

Many people are surprised to learn they can help seed the message of The Urantia Book with a much larger gift than they ever thought was within their reach. The transformative message of The Urantia Book is making its way to the farthest corners of the globe. This is happening because of generous support from people like you!

Planned gifts make it possible.

  • Give a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
  • Make a gift that pays you income for life.
  • Donate your house, take a tax deduction, and continue to live in it rent-free.
  • Give life insurance you no longer need.
  • Donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares and realize larger tax savings than when you donate cash.
  • Preserve your estate for your heirs and leave a legacy to Urantia Foundation at the same time.



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