Urantia Foundation Annual Report 2016

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Dear friends of Urantia Foundation,

Birth, the journey in between, and then death. As little children we’re brought into this world, then given the choice of eternal life or just a fleeting temporary existence. Who would have known, who would have seen, the glories of a better life ahead if not for the gift of revelation? Blessed beyond what mere words can express, our eyes have been spiritually opened to a universe teeming with life founded upon the will of a loving heavenly Father.

Believe in God’s promises, follow his instructions, and God will do the rest. These liberating promises and instructions are uniquely written in The Urantia Book. United in a greater cause, may we go forth to support the purposes of the unseen beings who gave us the Urantia Revelation and who tirelessly work to open our spiritual eyes and liberate us from the fetters of material existence.

In gratitude to you for giving your time and treasure,
President Mo Siegel, on behalf of the Board of Urantia Foundation

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Making an Impact the World Over

Books and Distribution

  • 21,462 books distributed, up 12% from 2015
  • 9,386 books printed in Polish, French, and Portuguese
  • 102,351 books downloaded from urantia.org and the Apple app


  • 1,284,418 sessions at urantia.org
  • 732,029 unique visits

Urantia Book Internet School

  • 391 students
  • 43 countries
  • 39 free courses taught by volunteers


Book Revenue
Jan-Dec 16
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Change in Net Cash Before Investments
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Sources of Revenue  
Gross Profit from Books
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Rent and Other Income
Unrestricted Contributions
1Executive director did not take a salary.  

An Individual Life Transformed

Ade Awoyinka
Ade Awoyinka

Ade Awoyinka

We Africans have much to fear. As born-again Christians we are taught to fear hell, demons, and witchcraft. Our very lives feel precarious due to poor economic conditions, ethnic and religious strife, lack of adequate health care, and an infrastructure that makes traveling dangerous. Our fragile existence has helped me to understand the effects of fear on a person’s mind.

I allowed my fear of demons to become a reality. Convinced that I was possessed, I suffered debilitating sleep disturbances to the point of hallucinations. I wept with anguish before God, asking to be released from the bondage of fear.

I wish I could say that I suddenly saw the light. But I did finally see it, slowly dawning like the rising sun overtaking the night. The Urantia Book helped me break the bonds of a religion of fear and authority and explore the religion of love and service. I learned that most things that are ascribed to the devil and witchcraft are simply accidents of time and part of existence in an imperfect world.

We Africans tend to fear what we do not understand. It is my fervent hope that Africa is on the threshold of a new revelation of God that will both astound and challenge our beliefs. This revelation of love and personal faith will liberate us. It will also demand courage and personal responsibility to trust and believe.

A Family Strengthened

Bob Doyle and Mary Doyle
Bob Doyle and Mary Doyle

Bob Doyle and Mary Doyle

For more than three years I observed my beloved Mary’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. I saw the gradual loss of memory, cognition, strength, and motor skills. I witnessed her inability to do simple tasks like dressing and eating. And I grieved when she could no longer identify people in pictures or in person. Eventually she asked me, “Who are you?”

I began a rigorous program of exercise so I could care for Mary, but I realized that I would need more than this to cope with the growing challenge of her care. I didn’t have much spare time, but after tucking Mary into bed at night, I read The Urantia Book for the fifth time in forty years.

I found inspiration in Paper 126, wherein Jesus had to assume responsibility for the family when his father died. The quote that struck me most was, “Jesus cheerfully accepted the responsibilities so suddenly thrust upon him, and he carried them faithfully to the end.” 126:2.3 (1388.3) Here was the creator of our universe postponing his great mission to tackle simple domestic chores!

I doubt that I worked as cheerfully as Jesus, but I was able to do it with a happy heart, knowing that it was the thing I was meant to do at that time. I was advised to be careful that I didn’t burn out from the stress of caring for Mary. But The Urantia Book was a great source of comfort, and I never felt stress or “burnout.”

Mary lovingly served our seven children and me for many years. It was my turn to love and serve her.

A Community Enriched

Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah
Pato Banton and
Antoinette Rootsdawtah

Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah

The life and teachings of Jesus as portrayed in The Urantia Book have inspired us to share the good news with everyone we meet all over the world. We have personally witnessed how the simple message that we are all God's children, brothers and sisters, can transform a person's perspective on life.

To those who are seeking, we give this gift of revelation. For those in spiritual darkness, we plant seeds of truth in our music that may open their eyes to the beauties of spiritual liberty.

We ascertain the real needs of our brothers and sisters by simply asking soul-searching questions in the spirit of love, while offering a hand of friendship. What could be more enjoyable than putting smiles on faces while expanding our spiritual community?

God’s Light Shining into Cuba

Agustin Arellano
Agustin Arellano

Agustin Arellano

Never in the past thirty years have I witnessed such a passion for El libro de Urantia in Cuba. We attended a Cuban book fair for the first time last year, and it has really made a difference, especially with younger readers. Study groups are growing, readers are participating in Urantia-related projects, and spiritual light is shining brighter and brighter!

Gard Jameson
Richard Keeler
Marilynn Kulieke
Georges Michelson-Dupont
Henk Mylanus
Mo Siegel
Judy Van Cleave

Associate Trustees:
Marta Elders
Víctor García-Bory
Richard Jernigan
Sherry Layton
Guy Perron
Lucretia Schanfarber
Line St-Pierre
Ralph Zehr

Misha Barnes
Joanne Strobel
Tamara Strumfeld

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