A New Associate Trustee Is Appointed - Jay Bird

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Jay Bird

Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce its newest member to the Expanded Board of Trustees. Jay Bird of Tulsa, Oklahoma, graciously accepted the invitation to serve as Associate Trustee.

James (Jay) discovered The Urantia Book in 1970. He was in college studying religion, philosophy, art, and literature. These pursuits helped him realize that the exploration process can become a conversation filled with amazing and thrilling discoveries. The Urantia Book was the most important of these discoveries, and he remains amazed by it to this day.

Jay has spent his career as a business manager and is President and Chairman of the Board of Industrial Vehicles International, Inc. and Hanley and Bird, Inc. Industrial Vehicles International, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of seismic vibrators. Hanley and Bird, Inc. is an integrated natural gas marketing, distribution, exploration, and production company. He also serves on the Boards of educational and industry non-profits.

In addition to these duties Jay enjoys working with technical teams in the development of innovative solutions to tough challenges. He is interested in a new technology enhanced art media which combines dynamic fluid properties with optical effects. He would like to develop a 21st century technology based solution for enhancing the beauty of our homes and workplaces.

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma Jay is happily married to Nancy Bird and is blessed with three amazing children, Heather, Dylan, and Chris.

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