Urantia Foundation Annual Report 2009

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Preparing The Soil

Dear co-workers and friends of Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Revelation,

Would you have ever imagined in your wildest dreams that you would find yourself participating in the dissemination of the most liberating spiritual truths since Jesus walked on earth? While our work, as readers of The Urantia Book, may be quiet and lacking of public attention, our job resembles the Master's activities preceding his public ministry as he prepared the way for the future reception of truth. If it takes 1,000 years for the Urantia Revelation to unfold, then we have just completed the first seven percent of the journey. These are the days for preparing the soil and planting seeds for future generations who will reap the harvest of this new spiritual awaking destined to transform our world.

The following report will inform you of Urantia Foundation's accomplishments in 2009 and will give you a look into what is anticipated in the future. Your feedback is welcome.

Mo Siegel

2009 Annual Report

Book Publishing

• In 2009 Urantia Book sales exceeded 14,000 books, a five percent increase from 2008. (This number does not include the thousands of books downloaded via the internet.) English Urantia Book sales topped 6,500 books followed by sales of the Spanish and Portuguese translations.

• The Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and 1993 Spanish translations were reprinted in 2009. In 2010 the Standard Reference Text (SRT) of the English edition and both editions of the Spanish translation will be reprinted. Four new translations will also be printed: Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, and Swedish.

• Contracts were signed with distributors in France, Italy, Portugal, Que- bec, and Spain. In 2010 distribution channels will be found in Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The centralized storing, shipping and billing system that was established for the European Union will be expanded to include print management.

Urantia Book Text: English and Translations

• The Trustees approved the SRT and a referencing system, which together will have a significant impact on protecting the text while providing extensive educational capabilities. The SRT is the result of several years of research by the Standard Reference Text Committee, a joint project of Urantia Foundation and The Urantia Book Fellowship. The results of the Committee's work are available on request.

• A Text Identification Numbering System was created and adopted providing for easy identification of all English editions and translations thereof, be they on the web, in revision, or in printed form.

Digital texts for the English and Spanish editions were generated, proof read, and made ready for print and digital publication using this system. All translations will be converted to this new system during the next few years.

• In 2009 Luiz Carlos Dolabela Chagas, the chief translator of the Portuguese translation, submitted approximately 15,000 changes which will be incorporated into the next printing of the Portuguese translation.

• The "European Edition" of the Spanish translation was published in Spain. This edition was printed for the European market, and the Board has restricted sales to Spain. It is an extensive revision of the 1993 text and was done by a revision team based in Seville.

• A team of French Canadians produced a French audio version of The Urantia Book which is being sold through our distributor in Quebec.

• The audio tapes of The Urantia Book were converted to a new digital format and made ready for multiple purposes including greatly reduced storage space and download time.

• A Translator's Conference was held in Paris, France, in August, 2009. Attendees discussed the exigencies of managing multiple revisions to a given translation and made plans for an online translating tool.

Education and Outreach

• A new website design for www.urantia.org premiered in December 2009, featuring a Content Management System which will eventually allow the site to be available in 14 languages.

• A new website for The Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS) was developed and debuted in 2010 (https://new.ubis.urantia.org/). Two hundred students from 17 countries participated in 11 courses. Nine students completed the UBIS Teacher Training class. UBIS currently has a core staff of 13 teachers.

The Building at 533 W. Diversey Parkway

In 2009 the "maid's room" off the kitchen on the second floor was converted into a bedroom. Its half-bath was remodeled to include a shower. All 144 outside window frames were scraped, repaired, and painted. In 2010 a donation from a generous donor will make possible the remodeling of the second floor kitchen to better accommodate guests and functions.

For many of us the Foundation's building is an important asset for the Urantia Community and needs to be maintained. Like all 100 year-old buildings, 533 requires regular upkeep and periodic renovation.

The building is now available for use by readers desiring a place to meet. The second floor has five bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and two meeting rooms. Please take advantage of this opportunity to use the second floor. It is a community treasure that we want to share.

Fund Raising

Urantia Foundation relies on the support of generous readers. Annual profits from book sales provide about five percent of the operating budgets. Ninety-five percent comes from donations.

In 2009, 693 donors contributed $578,000 ($123,000 above budget). Of that, $484,000 was unrestricted.

Thank you, generous donors!

The year end matching fund campaign's target was $210,000. Donors contributed $211,000.

Fundraising activities in 2010 will include attending gatherings, conferences, and meetings of readers. We shall be contacting and encouraging readers to join the "dollar-a-day" club. If 2,250 readers joined, this club alone would generate all the funds needed for the Foundation's yearly operating expenses. Larger donations would then be used to grow the endowment fund.


Balance Sheet Assets $3,197,301 Current Liabilities $69,506

Income Statement Change in net assets of $292,248

Budget versus Actual Budgeted: a $33,200 loss Actual: a net gain of $292,000

Audit of 2009 Financials Field work completed in April 2010.

2010's budgeted income is $767,000. Budgeted expenses are $774,000. Budgeted net income does not include income or loss from long-term investments.

Board and Administration

Henk Mylanus was elected a Trustee of Urantia Foundation, filling the vacancy left by Seppo Kanerva. Henk is a Dutch native, lives in France with his wife, Claire Mylanus, and also serves as Urantia Foundation's Sales Director in the European Union.

Ralph Zehr and Merritt Horn were elected Associate Trustees, bringing the total number to seven. The Board extended the tenure of Associate Trustees from three to five years.

Mike Wood joined the staff of Urantia Foundation. His duties include Reader Services, Guest Services, Shipping and Receiving, and Building & Grounds maintenance.

He resides on location, providing a 24-hour presence in case of building, tenant, or guest needs.

Organizational Activities

• The Board met four times, including one time in Malaga, Spain.

• Urantia Foundation emailed four newsletters and snail-mailed two fundraising letters and an annual report.

• An Educational Forum was held at Urantia Foundation in June 2009. A forum focusing on study groups is planned for June 2010.

• A community-based Information Technology (IT) Roundtable was held in October at 533 W Diversey Parkway. Sixteen readers who are involved with IT gathered to discuss IT needs, problems, and solutions that will benefit the reader community.

2010 Outlook

The Expanded Board has created goals that include increasing book sales and distribution by seven percent, continuing to make the website available in different languages, advancing the translations and revisions that are now in progress, furthering educational activities, expanding the donor base, continuing governance improvements at Urantia Foundation, and promoting goodwill and clear communications with readers and reader groups worldwide.


The accomplishments of 2009 happened because of team efforts made by the staff at Diversey Parkway, the Board of Trustees, the committees of the Board, the donors to Urantia Foundation, the translators, the website development team, and the dedicated volunteers. Truly, thank you, everyone who worked for the Urantia Revelation by serving with Urantia Foundation in 2009.

Gard Jameson
Richard Keeler
Marilynn Kulieke
Georges Michelson-Dupont
Henk Mylanus
Mo Siegel
Judy Van Cleave.

Associate Trustees:
Jan Bernard
Marta Elders
Merritt Horn
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie
Olga López
Claire Mylanus
Ralph Zehr

Executive Director:
Jay Peregrine

Connie Gutierrez
Tamara Strumfeld
Marcel Urayeneza
Mike Wood

Foundation Info

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