UBYouth Tour 2001

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Young readers and Bert Cobb (rear)

The "UBYouth Tour" consisted of a string of events that were attended by a group of mostly young—adult readers. The tour involved carpooling thousands of miles throughout the United States and Canada, meeting with other readers and reader groups along the way. The main events of the tour were the URANTIA Camp at a "Rainbow Gathering" in Idaho, a United States URANTIA Association (USUA) national conference in Leavenworth, Kansas, and two young reader meetings, one in Chicago where they stayed at 533 W. Diversey Parkway, URANTIA Foundation headquarters, and one at a retreat center in Ontario, Canada.

The young readers are planning a similar tour for next summer, and according to glowing reports about the success of this summer's experience, the upcoming tour will build upon the family feeling that developed, and the life-changing experiences that took place this summer. Plans are to start in the western United States, then New York, and on to France for the 2002 IUA International Conference, 3-7 August. From there, they will continue their trip through Europe for the rest of August.

Photos from the tour, as well as other information about the worldwide group of young readers, can be found at https://ubyouth.org/

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