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Asociación Urantia de España —The newest IUA, Asociación Urantia de España, was licensed on 16 September 2001 in Seville, Spain with twenty new members in attendance. Representing IUA at the chartering was Chairman of the IUA Council of National Presidents and Vice—Presidents, Seppo Kanerva, and representing URANTIA Foundation was Trustee Georges Michelson—Dupont.

We welcome these new members to the IUA family and wish them success in the dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book.


First Colombian National Conference—The first conference of the URANTIA Association of Colombia, Primer Congreso Colombiano de Lectores de El libro de URANTIA, was held 18 —20 August. One hundred thirty readers attended the conference held at a beautiful conference center atop a green mountain overlooking the bustling city of Bogota.

URANTIA Foundation Trustee Richard Keeler, IUA Administrator Cathy Jones, and staff member Bob Solone from the United States attended. The conference theme was "Travesia Hacia el Paraiso" (Journey Towards Paradise). Fifteen speakers presented well—researched and well—prepared, URANTIA Book—related material using slides and charts. Talented musicians performed both popular and traditional Colombian music. URANTIA Foundation congratulates our Colombian friends on a successful conference.

New Local Association in Colombia—A final highlight of the Bogota Conference was the licensing of Asociaci6n URANTIA San Jose Eje Cafetero, South America's newest local association. San Jose is located just outside Bogota. Many of the leading citizens of this town, including the mayor, are readers of El libro de URANTIA.

This new group from San Jose has been reading El libro de URANTIA since 1996 and meet for study daily. Their dedication and joy in living these advanced principles is indeed an inspiration. URANTIA Foundation welcomes our Colombian friends to International URANTIA Association.


New National Association of IUA in Senegal—The newest National Association of IUA: Senegalese Association for the Research, Study, and Formation of Progressive Spirituality (ASREFLU) was formed on 25 February 2001 in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Eighty—six members have joined this new association. Trustee Georges Michelson—Dupont represented IUA and URANTIA Foundation at the inauguration.

The President of this new association, Moussa N'diaye, a Moslem, has succeeded in introducing the teachings of The URANTIA Book to over 800 people. Many may remember the inspiring report a couple of years ago of Moussa who trained many of his fellow countrymen with only one URANTIA Book. His training methods stem from the principles of understanding the man inside first before taking him to higher aspirations of enlightened truth. Without offending his Moslem students with teachings about Jesus, and as the students opened themselves up to the Spirit of Truth, Moussa would slowly unfold the teachings contained in The URANTIA Book. Gradually, as the students understood this life—changing knowledge in sequence, they began to rejoice in accepting the teachings of the book.

We welcome our Senegalese brothers and sisters to the International URANTIA Association.

Gaetan Charland, President of the Quebec URANTIA Association, leads conference attendees in prayer.
Gaetan Charland, President of the Quebec URANTIA Association,
leads conference attendees in prayer.


Québec Conference—The Quebec URANTIA Association held a Conference on the theme "Living His Faith" at Lennoxville, from 10 —13 August 2001. Moussa N'diaye from Senegal was a guest—speaker. Trustee George Michelson—Dupont and his wife Marlene were accompanied at the conference by the President of Association Francophone des Lecteurs du Livre d'URANTIA, Severin Desbuisson. Matt Viglione and Jay Peregrine from the Chicago office also attended the conference and met with Foundation staff and readers throughout Quebec.

United States

USUA National Conference—On 19 —23 July the United States URANTIA Association held its national conference at Saint Mary College in Leavenworth, Kansas. Among the 108 attendees were readers from throughout the U.S., three from other countries, and many young readers who participated as part of their summer tour (see related article on next page). The program focused on preparing as teachers and leaders for our community and offered educational programs, workshops, music, and social activities.


Conference of Readers from the Southern Cone URANTIA Association—The Southern Cone URANTIA Association invites all to a conference of readers from 23 —25 November 2001 in Santiago, Chile. The theme of this conference will relate to the concepts of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

The venue for the conference is in Malloco, some 40 km southwest of Santiago, in a spiritual retreat center called "Casa de Retiro San Jose." Conference attendees shall meet on the 23rd at 6:00 p.m., have dinner together, and continue for the next two days.

For more information, please send an email to: [email protected] or andrea [email protected]

IUA — Would you like to become a Member?

The International URANTIA Association works in a complementary capacity with URANTIA Foundation, the publisher of The URANTIA Book. Its purpose is to foster the in-depth study of The URANTIA Book and the orderly dissemination of its teachings. It is a reader membership, task-oriented, social and service organization, and is designed to assist URANTIA Foundation in achieving its objectives as stated in The Declaration of Trust Creating URANTIA Foundation. IUA provides interactive learning environments in which participants may deepen their knowledge of The URANTIA Book, increase their teaching and leadership skills, and enjoy fellowship with other readers.

For further information about IUA, visit its website:

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