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Since 1955, URANTIA Foundation has donated copies of The URANTIA Book to libraries. Within the first few weeks of publication, the Foundation sent a copy of the book to major National Libraries around the world. Over the years, readers have been encouraged to assist in this program and it has become an increasingly popular avenue of service. Literally thousands of books have been donated as a result of this program.

Individuals and groups of readers have embarked on special projects targeting libraries in specific regions. By taking an organized and methodical approach, they have succeeded in covering hundreds of libraries in short spans of time. To name a few:

Prisons in the USA—In 1998 readers in the Northwest URANTIA Association initiated a prison library placement program by encouraging readers to donate $5 per prison to have a URANTIA Book shipped to a prison library. Hundreds of prison libraries throughout the United States received a copy of The URANTIA Book within a period of two years thanks to the persistent efforts of readers.

Texas—In Texas, a reader worked with URANTIA Foundation over several years and covered hundreds of libraries around the state with both English and Spanish editions of The URANTIA Book.

India and Asia—URANTIA Foundation's Field Representative has been placing books in libraries throughout India and Asia for several years. In India alone, he has placed over 3,000 books. During 2000 and 2001 he traveled to Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, placing books in Christian college libraries, university libraries, and public libraries.

Foundation Representatives—Foundation Representatives are volunteers who work with URANTIA Foundatio to help seed the revelation in their countries. Library placement programs are an important aspect of their work. URANTIA Foundation furnishes them with books for this purpose. In countries where there is no translation yet available in the native language, public and university libraries are sought that have large English—language collections, or sections that have books in foreign languages in which The URANTIA Book has been translated. Representatives are active in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, Indonesia, South Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Spain, and Uruguay.

Australia and New Zealand—In Australia, readers first organized a national project in the mid—1980's where approximately 400 books were placed in major public libraries across the nation. A survey of readers was taken at a conference some years later and over half said they had found The URANTIA Book in their local library. Shortly thereafter, readers in New Zealand followed suit and placed books in their major libraries. The Australia and New Zealand URANTIA Association (ANZURA) continues to monitor the libraries and coordinate with readers to insure ongoing coverage.

Great Britain—Readers in Britain coordinated a Library Placement Project and delivered books to over 200 of the major libraries throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

France—Ten years ago, the association of URANTIA Book readers in France organized a Library Placement Program in which about 120 books were placed by readers in libraries.

Africa—URANTIA Foundation has provided books to readers who have been travelling throughout the African countries over the last few years for library placement.

Initially, mostly returned or damaged books were used for these donations. However, as this program gathered momentum over the years it has become necessary to draw from new stocks of books which taxes the Foundation's resources considerably. Nevertheless, because this method has proved to be successful in bringing The URANTIA Book to hungry souls, the Foundation intends to continue with this program and hopes that readers and reader groups will continue to support and assist it.

This work can only continue with the assistance of volunteers and donations for the placement of books. URANTIA Foundation exists because of your generosity. We are eternally grateful for the tireless efforts of those dedicated readers who labor for this cause.

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