Jury Verdict — Michael Foundation V. Urantia Foundation

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On June 20, 2001, an Oklahoma jury returned a verdict against URANTIA Foundation in the copyright case of Michael Foundation v. URANTIA Foundation. This case concerns Harry McMullan III's publication of Jesus: A New Revelation (JANR), comprising papers 121-196 from The URANTIA Book. URANTIA Foundation has filed an appeal of the verdict with the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We realize that the jury's decision is a disappointment for supporters of the copyright, but bear in mind that experienced appellate judges in a previous copyright case (June 1997) evaluated the circumstances surrounding The URANTIA Book and found URANTIA Foundation's United States copyright to be valid. We remain hopeful the appellate court will follow the lead of the earlier favorable appeal. We expect a final ruling from the Court of Appeals within the next 12 to 18 months.

No matter what the final outcome may be, we will continue to carry out the duties entrusted to URANTIA Foundation by the Declaration of Trust and will continue to publish, translate, and preserve the inviolate text of The URANTIA Book.

We are grateful for the prayers and words of encouragement from readers and invite you to join us in the continuing effort to disseminate The URANTIA Book and its teachings throughout the world.

Reports and transcripts of the trial are available for those who may be interested. Please feel free to contact us.

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