Comments from Readers of The Urantia Book

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"I have bought a copy for myself immediately and I have read the book twice. For me it is the most wonderful and precious thing I have ever possessed. This book has given me information that I could only dream to receive during my life here on earth. I speak about its contents with my children and I'm sure they are going to read the book themselves one day, when they have finished school. Please save the book's purity." ~ THE NETHERLANDS

"And at the end of the day, when the heroes with a thousand faces remove the last of the wreckage and carnage of war and hate, this gospel of the kingdom will rise once again from the ruins. And the Fatherhood of God will lift Man's hearts, and the Brotherhood of Man will take flight once more...beyond the hate, beyond the evil, beyond the darkness...beyond the veil of time...through the heavens...a phoenix rising...against a white background of starlight...against a white background of love." ~ Georgia, U.S.A.

"This is an excellent book because it presents indepth (form & content) the mutual relations between the science, philosophy, and religion on a universal scale." ~ Plovdiv, BULGARIA

"I have been reading Le Livre dsURANTIA for the past 18 years now; it has completely changed my life, it has answered so many questions (and triggered just as many new ones). If I skip reading it for just one day, I feel something missing in my life. The revelations in that book sure puts everything else into perspective." ~ Gatineau, QC CANADA

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