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London—April 1-4. URANTIA Foundation's Marketing Representative for distribution teamed up with our office staff in Great Britain. Together they organized a URANTIA Book display booth at the London International Book Fair and they are working on a fresh approach to the British book market.

Argentina—April 16-May 7. The Foundation Representative in Argentina displayed El libro de URANTIA at the Buenos Aires Book Fair at the booth of a major distributor of El libro de URANTIA in South America.

Poland—May 16-20. Once again, the Foundation Marketing Representative joined volunteers, this time in Poland, manning a display booth at the Warsaw International Book Fair. Significant interest was shown in the book and many seeds were sown in preparation for the Polish translation.

South Korea—June 1-6. URANTIA Foundation displayed the Korean translation of The URANTIA Book at the Seoul International Book Fair. The booth was organized by Korean readers under the leadership of the Foundation Representative for South Korea.

Russia—September 4-10. The manager of the Foundation's St. Petersburg office, with the help of volunteers, organized a booth at the International Book Fair in Moscow to display and promote the Russian translation of The URANTIA Book. The second printing of the Russian translation was funded by generous contributions from worldwide readers and an anonymous "matching" donor.

India—January 29-February 4. The Foundation displayed The URANTIA Book once again at the biennial International Book Fair in New Delhi. Staff and reader volunteers followed up on contacts made at the previous Book Fairs and continued to find inroads into the enormous English—speaking market in this nation.

Quebec—Volunteer staff of the Quebec URANTIA Foundation branch office have participated in three book fairs this year: one in February in Sept-Iles, a town in the north of the province of Quebec, another in the city of Hull, and one in Quebec City.

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