Reorganization of Urantia Foundation Headquarters

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URANTIA Foundation has been in business for 46 years and has printed over 330,000 URANTIA Books in four languages. The Foundation has also published an audio version and a Concordance in English, an Index in Finnish, and computer versions in three languages. In addition, the Foundation has established offices in Australia, England, Finland, France, and Spain.

In the next 10 years, the Foundation will publish at least seven more translations, including three—Russian, Dutch, and Korean—which will be published in 1997. The Foundation plans to open offices in all the countries in which The URANTIA Book is widely distributed. These offices will work with the International URANTIA Association to respond to readers, in their own languages, in connection with their questions about the book and about making contact with other readers.

We can improve our skills at cooperation and at disseminating the teachings of The URANTIA Book by learning from the past, planning for the future, and living dynamically in the present.

In preparation for the anticipated growth of the next 10 years, the Trustees are pleased to announce that they have added to the current Foundation staff at Urantia Headquarters. Tonia Baney has been hired to be the Foundation's Executive Director. Tonia has been a reader of The URANTIA Book for 29 years, has hosted a study group for 19 years, and, as a leader and volunteer, has emphasized service as a leadership quality. Tonia was chair of the Advisory Committee to the Trustees and later was chair of the Coordinating Committee of the International URANTIA Association, both of which were established to advise and assist the Trustees and the readership. Tonia has an extensive business background in the fields of marketing, public relations, management, and fund raising and in working with and for non-profit organizations. She is also an artist.

Tonia and her husband Steve have been married for 32 years, have raised their family, and are now proud grandparents. Tonia's strong family orientation is reflected in her saying that she wants "to bring a family atmosphere to the family of URANTIA Book readers." She feels strongly that, as she puts it, "we can improve our skills at cooperation and at disseminating the teachings of The URANTIA Book by learning from the past, planning for the future, and living dynamically in the present."

Sarah Korhonen is also a new employee at the Foundation. She was hired to serve as Tonia's administrative assistant. Ms. Korhonen has a degree in writing, and she looks forward to the beginning of a career in publishing.

Also joining the Foundation staff in Chicago is Kathleen Swadling, one of the managers of the Foundation's Australian Office. Kathleen will be with us for six months, working as Development Coordinator. Her husband Trevor will also serve at the office in Chicago along with Steve Baney and other volunteers.

The Trustees are pleased to have the following staff working at the Foundation in Chicago:

Tonia Baney Executive Director
Joan Bondi Office Manager - Certified Public Accountant
Damian Bondi Reader Services - Book Department
Robert Solone Reader Services - Publications Review
Sheila Schneider Administrative Assistant
Sarah Korhonen Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Swadling Development Coordinator - Australia

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