Paper 9. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe

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  1. Attributes of the Third Source and Center
  2. The Omnipresent Spirit
  3. The Universal Manipulator
  4. The Absolute Mind
  5. The Ministry of Mind.
  6. The Mind-Gravity Circuit.
  7. Universe Reflectivity.
  8. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit


I. REFERENCE: (98.1) 9:0.1 - “A strange thing...”


1. The Conjoint Actor personalizes as an unlimited spirituality, co-ordinated with absolute mind, and with prerogatives of energy manipulation.

2. The Conjoint Actor delivers the Father from:

A. Bonds of centralized perfection.

B. Fetters of personality absolutism.

3. All this is disclosed by the power of the Conjoint Actor to create such a host of ministering spirits.

II. REFERENCE: (98.2) 9:0.2 - “The Father is infinite...”


1. The Father is the universal upholder.

2. The Son is the universal revealer.

3. Paradise is the universal stabilizer.

4. The Conjoint Actor is versatile. He has:

A. Unique powers of synthesis.

B. Capacity to co-ordinate all energies, minds, and spirits.

5. He is a unifier of manifold energies.

III. REFERENCE: (98.3) 9:0.3 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


1. The Spirit ministers the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy in harmony with the justice of the Trinity.

2. His influence is ever near you, and his personalities really understand you.

IV. REFERENCE: (98.4) 9:0.4 - “Throughout the universes...”


1. The agencies of the Conjoint Actor manipulate the energies of all space.

2. The Spirit is responsive to both the spiritual and the material.

3. The Conjoint Actor reveals the unity of God in:

Things. Meanings. Values.

Energies. Minds. Spirits.

V. REFERENCE: (98.5) 9:0.5 - “The Infinite Spirit pervades...”


The Spirit is absolute. He pervades all space and indwells the circle of eternity.


I. REFERENCE: (98.6) 9:1.1 - “The Third Source and Center...”


1. God the Spirit is the personality co-ordinate and divine equal of God the Father and God the Son.

2. The Infinite Spirit is also:

A. Omnipresent spiritual influence.

B. The universal manipulator.

C. Representative of the Father-Son partnership.

D. The Absolute Mind.

E. Ancestor of change and relationship.

II. REFERENCE: (99.19) 9:1.2 - “Some of the attributes...”


1. The attributes of the Third Source and Center are variously derived— even from Paradise absoluteness.

2. The Conjoint Actor embodies the fullness of the combined concepts of the Father and the Son.

III. REFERENCE: (98.8) 9:1.3 - “While you envisage...”


1. The Conjoint Actor is a universal co-ordinator—minister of co-operation.

2. The Spirit is the correlator of all actual reality—Father, Son, and Paradise.

3. Providence is the domain of the Conjoint Actor and the Supreme Being.

4. All actual or actualizing reality is related to the Third Source and Center.

IV. REFERENCE: (98.9) 9:1.4 - “The Universal Father...”


1. The Conjoint Actor not only represents the spiritual activities of the Son, but also the energies of Paradise.

2. Thus does the Spirit produce the universal and absolute mind.

3. The Spirit functions throughout the grand universe as a personality in the higher spheres of:

A. Spiritual values.

B. Physical-energy relationships.

C. True mind meanings.

4. He functions wherever energy and spirit are associated. He:

A. Dominates all reactions of mind.

B. Wields great spiritual power.

C. Exerts influence over energy and matter.

V. REFERENCE: (98.10) 9:1.5 - “The Third Source and Center...”


1. The Third Person shares the omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of the Deities.

2. The Third Person is master of the mind realms—here he is absolute.

VI. REFERENCE: (98.11) 9:1.6 - “The Conjoint Actor...”


While representing the Father-Son association, the Conjoint Actor also compensates for the incompleteness of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate.

VII. REFERENCE: (100.1) 9:1.7 - “And herein is...”


The Conjoint Actor reveals the Father and the Son and also activates Paradise pattern. Of all Deity, he seems the most versatile in action.

VIII. REFERENCE: (100.2) 9:1.8 - “In addition to this...”


1. The Conjoint Actor is:

A. Superb in patience, mercy, and love.

B. Endowed with supercontrol of energy.

C. Able to minister love and overshadow justice with mercy.

2. Our universe is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering, but the children of mercy wield the hammer.


I. REFERENCE: (100.3) 9:2.1 - “God is spirit...”


1. God is spirit in multiple ways:

A. God is spirit.

B. In the Son, he is spirit without qualification.

C. In the Conjoint Actor, he is spirit allied with mind.

2. There may also be experiential levels—the spirits of the Supreme Being, Ultimate Deity, and Deity Absolute.

II. REFERENCE: (100.4) 9:2.2 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


The Infinite Spirit is a personalized spiritualization of the Son and the Father.

III. REFERENCE: (100.5) 9:2.3 - “There are many...”


Linking the people of Urantia with Deity there are:

1. Thought Adjusters and the Father.

2. Spiritual gravity and the Son.

3. Spiritual presence of the Infinite Spirit.

IV. REFERENCE: (100.6) 9:2.4 - “In addition to...”


In addition to these direct Deity influences, there are numerous ministering personalities who lead us upward.

V. REFERENCE: (100.7) 9:2.5 - “The presence of...”


1. We can realize the presence of spirit influences as:

A. The Father’s Thought Adjuster.

B. The spirit of the Eternal Son.

C. The Infinite Spirit as the Holy Spirit.

2. And these all act as one spirit influence in creature life.


I. REFERENCE: (101.1) 9:3.1 - “The Isle of Paradise...”


1. Paradise is the source of dependable gravity—a universe reality.

2. Gravity can be annulled only by forces resident in the Conjoint Actor.

II. REFERENCE: (101.2) 9:3.2 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


1. The Infinite Spirit possesses antigravity, not observably present in the Father or the Son.

2. Heredity can produce qualities in the offspring which are not discernible in the parents.

3. This force (antigravity) is transmissable to some of the higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

III. REFERENCE: (101.8) 9:3.8 - “Paradise is the pattern...”


1. Paradise is the pattern of infinity; the God of Action is the activator of that pattern.

2. Paradise is the fulcrum of infinity—the agents of the Conjoint Actor are the levers of control for this universe mechanism.


I. REFERENCE: (102.1) 9:4.1 - “There is an...”


1. The Third Source and Center has a mind apart from his physical and spiritual attributes.

2. But we do not contact this mind apart from physical or spiritual manifestations.

II. REFERENCE: (102.2) 9:4.2 - “The absolute mind...”


1. The mind of God the Spirit is absolute.

2. Mind is not inherent in energy. It can be superimposed upon energy.

3. Pure spirit is innately conscious—minded in some way.

4. Spirit insight knows. It transcends and antedates consciousness of mind.

III. REFERENCE: (102.3) 9:4.3 - “The Conjoint Creator...”


1. The Conjoint Actor is absolute only in mind. His mind is the infinite source of all mind.

2. Superuniverse mind—cosmic mind—comes from the Seven Master Spirits.

3. The local universes have a type of this cosmic mind.

IV. REFERENCE: (102.4) 9:4.4 - “Infinite mind ignores time...”


1. Infinite mind ignores time, ultimate mind transcends time, cosmic mind is conditioned thereby.

2. Infinite mind is independent of space, but as mind descends to the adjutant level it increasingly is limited by space.

V. REFERENCE: (102.5) 9:4.5 - “Cosmic force responds...”


1. Cosmic force responds to mind even as mind responds to spirit.

2. Energy is thing, mind is meaning, spirit is value.

VI. REFERENCE: (102.6) 9:4.6 - “Mind transmutes...”


1. Mind can change spirit values into mind meanings. Volition can translate these into action.

2. Personality is the unifier of mind, spirit, and energy.


I. REFERENCE: (102.7) 9:5.1 - “The Third Source...”


The mind potential of the Infinite Spirit is adequate for an infinite universe.

II. REFERENCE: (102.8) 9:5.2 - “In the domain...”


1. The Third Source and Center bestows creature mind and rules therein supreme.

2. Adjusters cannot indwell man’s mind until it has been spiritually prepared.

III. REFERENCE: (103.1) 9:5.3 - “The unique feature...”


1. Mind can range from the mechanical type to highest spiritual levels.

2. Always is the direction of mind entrusted to mind-spirit or mind-energy personalities.

IV. REFERENCE: (103.2) 9:5.4 - “Since the Third person...”


1. Since man gets his mind from the Spirit, he finds it easier to comprehend the Spirit God as compared to the other Deities.

2. Man’s mind is a part of the local universe type of the cosmic mind.

V. REFERENCE: (103.3) 9:5.5 - “Because the Third Person...”


1. All phenomena of mind are not divine.

2. The Conjoint Creator is the source of mind, but mind is not the Conjoint Creator.

VI. REFERENCE: (103.4) 9:5.6 - “Mind, on Urantia...”


1. The plan for human mind is one of perfection, but mortal mind falls far short of that goal.

2. Mind has a divine origin and a divine destiny, but mortal mind is not yet of divine dignity.

VII. REFERENCE: (103.5) 9:5.7 - “Too often...”


1. Human mind is marred by insincerity, animal fear, and useless anxiety.

2. Mind cannot become an object of admiration, much less of worship.

3. To contemplate the mortal mind can lead only to reactions of humility.


I. REFERENCE: (103.6) 9:6.1 - “The Third Source...”


1. The universal intelligence of the Infinite Spirit is conscious of every mind in all creation.

2. All mind activity is grasped by the absolute mind-gravity circuit of the Infinite Spirit.

II. REFERENCE: (103.7) 9:6.2 - “Much as the Father...”


1. As the Father draws all personality and the Son all spirits, so does the Conjoint Actor draw all minds to himself.

2. All genuine mind values are drawn into the absolute mind circuit.

III. REFERENCE: (104.1) 9:6.3 - “Mind gravity can operate...”


1. Mind gravity acts independently of material and spiritual gravity.

2. When all three are associated—personality gravity may embrace the creature—physical or morontial.

3. Mind endowment provokes thought even in the absence of personality.

IV.REFERENCE: (104.2) 9:6.4 - “Selfhood of personality dignity...”


1. Personality—human or divine—is the bestowal of the Universal Father.

2. Personality gravity acts independently of mind, matter, or spirit.

3. Personality gravity may embrace wholly spiritual or wholly nonspiritual beings.

4. Operation of personality gravity is always a volitional act of the Father.

V. REFERENCE: (104.3) 9:6.5 - “While mind is...”


1. Mind is associated with purely material and purely spirit personalities.

2. In man, mind is associated with both energy and spirit.

3. Hence, the human mind responds to the pull of both physical and spirit gravity.

VI. REFERENCE: (104.4) 9:6.6 - “Cosmic mind...”


1. Pure cosmic mind is subject only to the mind gravity of the Conjoint Actor.

2. Pure mind is kin to infinite mind—a co-ordinate of absolute spirit and energy.

VII. REFERENCE: (104.5) 9:6.7 - “The greater the spirit-energy...”


1. The greater the spirit-energy divergence, the greater the function of mind.

2. Mind functions between energy and spirit, but on Paradise energy and spirit are one.

VIII.REFERENCE: (104.6) 9:6.8 - “The mind-gravity circuit...”


1. The mind-gravity circuit is dependable—predictable. But always does mind present a non-predictable phase.

2. The unpredictability of mind is probably due to the Universal Absolute, but very little is known about it.

IX. REFERENCE: (104.7) 9:6.9 - “Certain phases of the...”


1. Certain phases of mind unpredictability may be due to the incompleteness of the Supreme Being.

2. Two things about mind are certain:

A. The Infinite Spirit is the perfect expression of the mind of the Creator to the creature.

B. The Supreme Being is the expression of the mind of the creature to the Creator.


I. REFERENCE: (105.1) 9:7.1 - “The Conjoint Actor...”


1. The Conjoint Actor can simultaneously focus all actuality—material, mental, and spiritual.

2. This is universe reflectivity—the ability to see, hear, sense, and know all that transpires in a superuniverse.

3. All reflectivity is finally focalized on Paradise.

II. REFERENCE: (105.2) 9:7.2 - “The phenomenon of reflectivity...”


1. Reflectivity is a most amazing interassociation of all phases of existence.

2. This interassociation embraces all phases of material, mindal, and spiritual phenomena.

III. REFERENCE: (105.3) 9:7.3 - “Much of the technique...”


1. Reflectivity is not fully understood. It may concern the dominance of absolute mind.

2. The cosmic mind circuits focus in the Seven Master Spirits and converge on Paradise.

IV. REFERENCE: (105.4) 9:7.4 - “The relationship between...”


1. Relations between the finite cosmic mind and infinite absolute mind are evolving in the experiential mind of the Supreme.

2. Certain phases of reflectivity can be understood only by postulating activity of the Supreme Mind.

3. Reflectivity is the consciousness of the cosmos.

V. REFERENCE: (105.5) 9:7.5 - “Reflectivity appears to be...”


1. Reflectivity appears omniscient within the experiential finite—it may be the emerging consciousness of the Supreme.

2. It is possible that reflectivity represents partial contact with the consciousness of the Supreme.


I. REFERENCE: (105.6) 9:8.1 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


The Infinite Spirit transmits many of his powers to his varied agencies.

II. REFERENCE: (105.7) 9:8.2 - “The first Deity-creating...”


The first creative act of the Infinite Spirit in association with the Father and the Son was the personalization of the Seven Master Spirits.

III. REFERENCE: (106.1) 9:8.3 - “There is no direct...”


On superuniverse headquarters the Infinite Spirit is represented by the Reflective Spirits of the Master Spirits.

IV. REFERENCE: (106.2) 9:8.4 - “The next and continuing...”


The next creative act of the Infinite Spirit was the production of the Creative Mother Spirits for the local universes, and this continues each time a Creator Son is personalized by the Father and the Son.

V. REFERENCE: (106.3) 9:8.5 - “Just as it is necessary...”


What the Infinite Spirit is to the total creation, the Creative Spirit is to a local universe, and it is necessary to distinguish between the two.

VI. REFERENCE: (106.4) 9:8.6 - “The Third Source and Center...”


1. The Conjoint Actor is represented in the grand universe by a vast array of helpers, not all of which are personalities.

2. Finite personality is characterized by:

A. Subjective self-consciousness.

B. Objective response to the personality circuit.

VII. REFERENCE: (106.7) 9:8.9 - “There are creator personalities...”


1. In the cosmos there are three types of personality:

A. Creator personalities.

B. Creature personalities.

C. Personalities of the Conjoint Actor.

2. Third Source personalities are not a part of the Father’s personality circuit, but are contactable.

VIII. REFERENCE: (106.8) 9:8.10 - “The Father bestows...”


The three bestowals of personality:

1. Father personality—by his free will.

2. Third Source personality—non-Father.

3. The Infinite Spirit can also act for the Father in the bestowal of Father personality.

IX. REFERENCE: (106.9) 9:8.11 - “There are numerous types...”


1. Many personalities of the Infinite Spirit are not in the Father’s personality circuit—certain of the power directors.

2. There are other groups not in the Father’s circuit—such as the creative Spirits of a local universe.

X. REFERENCE: (106.10) 9:8.12 - “Both First Source and Third Source...”


1. All types of personality are endowed with all and more than man associates with personality.

2. Among other things, personality embraces memory, reason, judgment, creative imagination, idea association, decision, and choice.

XI. REFERENCE: (107.1) 9:8.13 - “Even you will be...”


Many spiritual beings are visible to morontians.

XII. REFERENCE: (107.2) 9:8.14 - “The functional family...”


This is a listing of the three main groups functioning under the Infinite Spirit.

XIII.REFERENCE: (107.12) 9:8.24 - “These groups serve...”


These groups function all over the grand universe.

XIV. REFERENCE: (107.13) 9:8.25 - “The spirit personalities...”


1. The personalities of the Infinite Spirit minister the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy to all the worlds of time and space.

2. They are the living ladder whereby man climbs from chaos to glory.

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