Paper 8. The Infinite Spirit

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  1. The God of Action
  2. Nature of the Infinite Spirit
  3. Relation of the Spirit to the Father and the Son
  4. The Spirit of Divine Ministry
  5. The Presence of God
  6. Personality of the Infinite Spirit


I. REFERENCE: (90.1) 8:0.1 - “Back in eternity...”


Back in eternity the Thought-God and the Word-God desire a universal and infinite agent for (1) mutual expression and (2) combined action.

II. REFERENCE: (90.2) 8:0.2 - “In the dawn of eternity...”


1. The Father and the Son, recognizing their absolute oneness, form an everlasting partnership.

2. The purpose of this partnership is the execution of their united concepts throughout the circle of eternity.

Note: This is all related just as if “it happened”—but it never could have happened in time because it is an “eternity event.” This statement is a linguistic paradox, since event is a time designation.

III. REFERENCE: (90.3) 8:0.3 - “We are now...”


1. We now confront the origin of the Infinite Spirit. Note that we again have this eternity-time paradox.

2. When the Father and the Son conceive infinite and identical action—the Infinite Spirit exists.

Note: Moment is a term of time. An eternal being does not “spring” into existence—except in our philosophic concept. Note the use of the present tense. There is no past or future on the circle of eternity.

IV. REFERENCE: (90.4) 8:0.4 - “In thus reciting...”


God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit are:

1. Three eternally associated persons.

2. Existential—without beginning or ending.

3. Co-ordinate.

4. Supreme.

5. Ultimate.

6. Absolute.

7. Infinite.


I. REFERENCE: (90.5) 8:1.1 - “In the eternity...”


1. The Infinite Spirit completes the personality cycle—the God of Action is existent.

2. The space stage is set for the stupendous drama of creation.

3. Question. What is “personality cycle”? It must require three beings. (Recall Rodan’s objections to regarding God as a person. Urantia Book, (1783.3) 161:1.1)

4. Space is a stage—creation is a drama:

A. A universal adventure—not a mechanistic action or reaction.

B. A divine panorama. A panorama has no beginning or end. In concept it always has a beginning.

II. REFERENCE: (90.6) 8:1.2 - “The first act...”


1. The “first” acts of the Infinite Spirit.

Note: There never could have been a “first act” of a being who never had a beginning. (Continued use of the present tense.)

2. The Conjoint Actor:

A. Pledges loyalty to God the Father.

B. Acknowledges dependence on God the Son.

3. Even among beings of infinite equality, there exists co-ordination—even apparent subordination for purposes of administration.

III. REFERENCE: (90.7) 8:1.3 - “Inherent in the nature...”


1. Inherent in the Deity union:

A. The cycle of eternity is established.

B. The Trinity is existent.

2. The Trinity does not establish eternity—but it has something to do with the “cycle of eternity.”

3. The stage of universal space is now set for the unfolding of the purpose of the Universal Father.

4. The Father works through the Son by the execution of the God of Action.

IV. REFERENCE: (91.1) 8:1.4 - “The God of Action...”


1. The God of Action functions and the dead vaults of space are astir.

2. Hitherto space energies were potential, now they are actual—but all this is hypothetical. In reality all this is eternal.

3. From the “beginning,” gravity has been adequate to control the universes.

V. REFERENCE: (91.2) 8:1.5 - “There now flashes...”


1. Now becomes operative the spirit gravity of the Eternal Son. Just as physical gravity becomes operative only after material energy has been created in the form of the material universe, so does spirit gravity become operative only after spiritual energy is present for it to operate upon.

2. The gravity-embraced universe is:

A. Touched with the energy of infinity.

B. Immersed in the spirit of divinity.

3. In this way was the cosmos prepared for the bestowal of mind by the Infinite Spirit.

VI. REFERENCE: (91.3) 8:1.6 - “Upon these seeds...”


1. Now the Father acts and creature personality appears.

2. The Deities dominate all space and draw all things toward Paradise.

VII. REFERENCE: (91.4) 8:1.7 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


1. The Infinite Spirit eternalizes concurrently with the birth of Havona.

2. Havona is “created” by the Infinite Spirit, obeying the combined concepts and united wills of the Father and the Son.

Note: You combine concepts, but you unite wills. Eternalize is used synonomously with create.

3. The Third Person deitizes by this very act of conjoint creation.

VIII.REFERENCE: (91.5) 8:1.8 - “These are the grand...


1. These are the grand and awful times of the creative expansion of Deity.

2. There are no records of these eternity transactions.

IX. REFERENCE: (91.6) 8:1.9 - “In brief...”


1. Both the Infinite Spirit and Havona are eternal.

2. Before Havona lie the unsearchable transactions of eternity and the depths of infinity—absolute mystery.

X. REFERENCE: (91.7) 8:1.10 - “And we thus portray...”


1. The sequential origin of the Conjoint Actor is a condescension to the time-bound and space-conditioned mortal mind.

2. There is such a thing as “consciousness of sequence” which is not time related. It is present on Paradise.

3. This presentation is made to enable man to have a starting point for universe history.

4. But, in reality, the Son and the Spirit are coeternal with the Father.

5. This is done without being disregardful of the eternity of Paradise and the three Absolutes.

XI. REFERENCE: (92.1) 8:1.11 - “It is enough...”


1. As a child of the cosmos, it is best first to grasp the child-parent relationship—the Universal Father.

2. Then let the mind reach out to the community, the race, the world, and the universe.


I. REFERENCE: (92.2) 8:2.1 - “The Conjoint Creator...”


The Conjoint Creator is from eternity and reflects the perfection of both the Father and the Son.

II. REFERENCE: (92.3) 8:2.2 - “The Third Source and Center...”


This paragraph lists the numerous titles of the Infinite Spirit.

III. REFERENCE: (92.4) 8:2.3 - “It is altogether proper...”


The Infinite Spirit may properly be called the Infinite Reality, the Universal Organizer, or the Personality Co-ordinator.

IV. REFERENCE: (92.5) 8:2.4 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


To sense the absoluteness of the Spirit, you should contemplate the infinity of the Father and the eternity of the Son.

V. REFERENCE: (92.6) 8:2.5 - “There is mystery...”


Even if the master universe expands to infinity, the potential of the Infinite Spirit will be adequate.

VI. REFERENCE: (92.7) 8:2.6 - “Though in every way...”


1. While sharing the perfect attributes of the Father, the Spirit inclines toward the mercy nature of the Son.“It is enough...”

2. Always is the Spirit a mercy minister. The Spirit depicts the mercy of God.

VII. REFERENCE: (93.1) 8:2.7 - “It is not possible...”


1. The goodness of God is better comprehended in the acts of the Spirit.

2. The ceaseless service of the Spirit reveals the Father’s faithfulness and the Son’s constancy.

VIII.REFERENCE: (93.2) 8:2.8 - “The Conjoint Creator...”


The Father’s beauty of thought and character of truth are co-ordinated and revealed in the subordinate cosmic manifestation of the limitless mind of the Infinite Spirit.


I. REFERENCE: (93.3) 8:3.1 - “As the Eternal Son...”


1. The Conjoint Actor is the result of the “first” creative concept of the Father-Son partnership. Note: “First” is in quotes.

2. The Conjoint Actor eternalized concurrently with the Havona creation.

II. REFERENCE: (93.4) 8:3.2 - “Since the personalization...”


The Son, receiving all things from the Father, bestows all possible power upon the Conjoint Actor.

III. REFERENCE: (93.5) 8:3.3 - “The Eternal Son...”


1. The Son and the Spirit have fashioned all post-Havona creations.

2. In later creations, the Spirit sustains the same relation to the Son that the Son sustained to the Father in the Havona creation.

IV. REFERENCE: (93.6) 8:3.4 - “A Creator Son...”


Our local universe was created by a Son of the Eternal Son and a Spirit Daughter of the Infinite Spirit.

V. REFERENCE: (93.7) 8:3.5 - “The Infinite Spirit is the effective...”


1. The Spirit is the effective drawing agent for the Father and the Son.

2. The Infinite Spirit is the trustee of the Father-Son project of mortal ascension.

3. The Spirit is dedicated to the plan of exalting will creatures to Paradise perfection.

VI. REFERENCE: (93.8) 8:3.6 - “The Infinite Spirit is a complete...”


The Infinite Spirit is the exclusive revelation of the Father and the Son to the universes.

VII. REFERENCE: (93.9) 8:3.7 - “The Eternal Son...”


Only by the ministry of the Infinite Spirit can the ascending pilgrim discover the Eternal Son.

VIII.REFERENCE: (94.1) 8:3.8 - “At the center...”


The Infinite Spirit is the first Deity to be attained by all ascending pilgrims.

IX. REFERENCE: (94.2) 8:3.9 - “And in many other...”


The Spirit represents the Father and the Son in many ways besides ministering to mortal ascenders.


I. REFERENCE: (94.3) 8:4.1 - “Paralleling the physical universe...”


1. The word of the Son interprets the thought of the Father and when “made flesh” demonstrates the loving mercy of the combined Deities.

2. All creation is a stage whereon the Spirit shows forth the affection of the divine parents for their children.

3. The Conjoint Actor is a mind minister and all his children share his service urge.

II. REFERENCE: (94.4) 8:4.2 - “God is love...”


1. God is love, the Son mercy, the Spirit ministry. The Spirit is the personification of the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy.

2. The Spirit is love applied—the combined love of the Father and the Son.

III. REFERENCE: (94.5) 8:4.3 - “On Urantia the Infinite Spirit...”


1. On Urantia the Infinite Spirit is a universal presence; in Nebadon, an example for the Creative Mother Spirit.

2. The Spirit participated in the Havona bestowals of the Eternal Son and the original Michael Son.

IV. REFERENCE: (94.6) 8:4.4 - “When a Creator Son...”


1. Personalities of the Spirit co-operate with the Creator Sons in their creative adventures.

2. The Creative Daughters—the local universe Mother Spirits—foster the Paradise creature ascension plan.

V. REFERENCE: (94.7) 8:4.5 - “As the Sons of God...”


1. As the Sons reveal the Father, the Spirit reveals the combined love of the Father and the Son.

2. The Spirit does not incarnate like the Sons, but he does draw near the creature as a guardian angel.

VI. REFERENCE: (95.1) 8:4.6 - “By this very diminishing...”


This drawing close to animal-origin beings does not in the least affect the Spirit as the Third Person of Deity.

VII. REFERENCE: (95.2) 8:4.7 - “The Conjoint Creator...”


The Spirit is the universal mercy minister—both for the Father-Son plan and in his own behalf.

VIII. REFERENCE: (95.3) 8:4.8 - “As man learns more...”


1. The more we learn of the tireless ministry of the children of the Infinite Spirit, the more we will adore the combined Action of the Father and Son in the Conjoint Actor.

2. Indeed, the Spirit is the protecting “eyes of the Lord” and the divine prayer-hearing ears. 1 Peter 3:12. “For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer.”


I. REFERENCE: (95.4) 8:5.1 - “The outstanding attribute...”


The outstanding attribute of the Infinite Spirit is his omnipresence.

II. REFERENCE: (95.5) 8:5.2 - “The Father is infinite...”


1. The infinite Father is limited only by volition.

2. The Father acts alone in the bestowal of Adjusters and in the personality circuit.

3. The Father is also present with the Son and in the Spirit.

III. REFERENCE: (95.6) 8:5.3 - “In your sacred writings...”


This clears up confusion in terms: Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit.

IV. REFERENCE: (95.7) 8:5.4 - “There are many...”


1. There are many spirit influences, but they function as one.

2. These united spirits function as the influence of the Supreme—who is “able to keep you from falling and to present you blameless before your Father on high.”

3. This is Jude 1:24. “Now to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you without blemish before the presence of his glory with rejoicing.”

V. REFERENCE: (96.1) 8:5.5 - “Ever remember that...”


Since the Spirit represents both the Father and the Son, as well as himself, the Infinite Spirit is often called “the spirit of God.”

VI. REFERENCE: (95.2) 8:5.6 - “It would also be...”


The Spirit also may represent God the Sevenfold as well as God the Supreme.


I. REFERENCE: (96.3) 8:6.1 - “Do not allow...”


The Infinite Spirit is a person, notwithstanding that he is also:

1. A universe presence.

2. An eternal action.

3. A cosmic power.

4. A holy influence.

5. A universal mind.

II. REFERENCE: (96.4) 8:6.2 - “The Infinite Spirit is...”


The Spirit is just as much a person as the Father and the Son—and even easier to visualize.

III. REFERENCE: (96.5) 8:6.3 - “The Infinite Spirit, the Third Person...”


1. The Spirit possesses all attributes of personality—mind and will.

2. See these two texts: 1 Cor 2:10. “For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” 1 Cor 12:11. “All these are inspired by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills.”

IV. REFERENCE: (96.6) 8:6.4 - “‘The love of the Spirit’...”


1. “The love of the Spirit” is real, as also are his sorrows. Rom 15:30. “I appeal to you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit.” Eph 4:30. “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, in whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

2. The Spirit speaks to us. Rev 2:7. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.” This occurs three more times in this same chapter and three times in Chapter 3. See also Rev 13:9. “If any one has an ear, let him hear.”

3. The Spirit makes intercession for us. Rom 8:26. “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words.”

4. Led by the Spirit of God. Rom 8:14. “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”

V. REFERENCE: (96.7) 8:6.5 - “Even though we behold...”


The Spirit is a person—notwithstanding his far-flung ministry and omni-presence.

VI. REFERENCE: (96.8) 8:6.6 - “In the administration...”


All three Deities work as one in the service and control of all creation.

VII. REFERENCE: (97.1) 8:6.7 - “In the person...”


The Spirit is like the Father and the Son and also like the Father-Son..

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