Paper 7. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

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  1. The Spirit-Gravity Circuit
  2. The Administration of the Eternal Son
  3. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Individual
  4. The Divine Perfection Plans
  5. The Spirit of Bestowal
  6. The Paradise Sons of God
  7. The Supreme Revelation of the Father


I. REFERENCE: (81.1) 7:0.1 - “The Original Son...”


1. The Original Son is always concerned with execution of the spiritual aspects of the Father’s eternal purpose.

2. We do not fully understand it, but the Son undoubtedly does.

II. REFERENCE: (81.2) 7:0.2 - “The Son is like...”


1. Like the Father, the Son seeks to bestow everything possible upon his co-ordinate Sons.

2. Question: Does the Eternal Son of himself create any Sons? If so, they would not be personal beings. The Sons we know are created by the Son and other Deities.

3. Like the Father, he also bestows of himself upon the Spirit, their conjoint executive.

III. REFERENCE: (81.3) 7:0.3 - “As the upholder...”


1. As the upholder of spirit realities, the Son is the counterpoise of the Isle of Paradise.

COUNTERPOISE: “To counterbalance. To act against with equal effect, with equal power. To equalize; to compensate; to offset; to counteract.”

2. As Paradise reveals the material beauty of the Father, his spiritual values are revealed by the Son.

IV. REFERENCE: (81.4) 7:0.4 “The Eternal Son is...”


1. The Eternal Son upholds all spirit realities and spiritual beings.

2. Note: All spirit reality is not personal. What is on the Son’s Paradise worlds?

3. The spirit world is the habit of the Eternal Son.

4. All spirit reality is responsive to the will of the Original Son.

IV. REFERENCE: (81.5) 7:0.5 - “The Son is not...”


1. The Son is not responsible for the conduct of all freewill spirit personalities.

2. Even as nature may not be representative of the Father, sometimes the spirit world may not be representative of the Son.

3. Regardless—the universal gravity control of all spirit reality remains absolute.


I. REFERENCE: (81.6) 7:1.1 - “Everything taught concerning...”


1. All that is true of the immanence of God is also true of the Son in the spiritual world.

2. The control of the spirit-gravity circuit constitutes absolute spiritual sovereignty.

3. The Son holds all spirit realities and values in the “hollow of his hand.”

4. Note: The spirit-gravity circuit is not a personality circuit—it is a spirit value (reality) circuit.

II. REFERENCE: (82.1) 7:1.2 - “This gravity control...”


1. Spirit gravity control operates independently of time and space—no energy is lost in transmission.

2. Spirit never suffers time delay, nor does it undergo space diminution.

3. Spirit energy is not retarded by material mass—it does not decrease in accordance with the square of the distance.

4. All of this is inherent in the absoluteness of the Son—it is not due to the interposition of the antigravity forces of the Infinite Spirit.

III. REFERENCE: (82.2) 7:1.3 - “Spirit realities respond...”


1. Spirit realities respond to the Son’s drawing power in accordance with qualitative value.

2. Spirit substance (quality) is just as responsive to spirit gravity as physical matter (quantity) is responsive to physical gravity.

3. Spirit values and forces are real.

IV. REFERENCE: (82.3) 7:1.4 - “The reactions and...”


1. The reactions of spirit gravity are always true to the content of spiritual values.

2. Spirit drawing power instantly responds to both inter- and intraspirit values.

3. Discussion:

A. Interspirit values. Definition: “As carried on between mutuals. Reciprocal.”

B. Intraspiritual. Definition: “Within; interior.”

4. Note: Spirit gravity not only brings kindred spirits together and propels them Son-ward, but it also draws the spirit values of a person together. It unifies spirit presences of diverse nature and sources, such as:

A. The Thought Adjuster.

B. The Spirit of Truth.

C. The Holy Spirit.

D. The omnipresent spirits of: (1) Father, (2) Son, (3) Spirit.

E. Spirit values of the evolving morontia soul.

F. Spirit realities of the spiritualizing human mind.

G. Any and all other spirit realities impinging upon us.

5. Every time a spirit reality actualizes, spirit gravity experiences im

6. Such a new spirit value is an actual part of the Second Source and Center.

V. REFERENCE: (82.4) 7:1.5 - “The Son’s spiritual...”


1. This spirit drawing power of the Son is, in lesser degree, inherent in many orders of Paradise Sons.

2. The Michaels have this “drawing power.” See John 12:32. “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”

3. Subgravity circuits exist within the absolute circuit. One is found in a local universe—just as in the individual. Illustration:

A. Inter- and intraphysical gravity.

B. Brain waves: General and local areas.

4. There is a relation between these subabsolute spirit-gravity systems and the emerging overcontrol of the Supreme Being.

5. As central control of Paradise personalities diminishes out in time and space—the overcontrol (co-ordination) of the emerging Supreme Being increases.

VI. REFERENCE: (82.5) 7:1.6 - “Spirit-gravity pull...”


1. Spirit gravity operates not only on the universe, but also as between individuals and groups of individuals.

2. All things are accentuated when presented to a group. Story. Sermon.

3. There is attractiveness between persons of like tastes and longings.

4. The term kindred spirits is not wholly a figure of speech.

VII. REFERENCE: (82.6) 7:1.7 - “Like the material gravity...”


1. The spirit-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son is absolute; nothing can interfere with it.

2. Spiritual quarantine of Urantia in no way affects the spirit presence or the gravity circuit of the Eternal Son.

VIII. REFERENCE: (82.7) 7:1.8 - “All reactions of...”


1. The reactions of spirit gravity are dependable and predictable.

2. Spirit gravity can be measured just as man attempts to compute finite physical gravity.

3. The Son’s spirit response to all beings is in accordance with the actuality of qualitative spiritual values.

IX. REFERENCE: (83.1) 7:1.9 - “But alongside this...”


1. We are confronted with unpredictable spiritual phenomena—probably due to the action of the Deity Absolute.

2. The actions of the Deity Absolute are not of a personal nature.

X. REFERENCE: (83.2) 7:1.10 - “Viewed from the...”


1. The Eternal Son dominates the realm of actual spiritual values. The Deity Absolute pervades the domain of potential spirit values.

2. Only actual spirit values are responsive to the Son’s spirit-gravity circuit.

XI. REFERENCE: (83.3) 7:1.11 - “Spirit seems to emerge...”


1. Spirit emerges from the Deity Absolute; evolving spirit is correlated in the Supreme and Ultimate, and finds destiny in the grasp of the Son’s spirit-gravity circuit.

2. This is the cycle of experiential spirit. Existential spirit is inherent in the infinity of the Second Source and Center.


I. REFERENCE: (83.4) 7:2.1 - “On Paradise the presence...”


1. The Eternal Son is spiritually absolute on Paradise—as you move outward, you detect less of the Son’s personal activity.

2. As you penetrate the post-Havona universes the presence of the Eternal Son is:

A. Personalized in the Paradise Sons.

B. Experientially conditioned by the Supreme and Ultimate.

C. Co-ordinated with the Deity Absolute.

II. REFERENCE: (83.5) 7:2.2 - “In the central universe...”


In the central universe, spirit energy states are in perfect balance.

III. REFERENCE: (83.6) 7:2.3 - “In the superuniverses...”


1. The Eternal Son is not personally present in the superuniverses. His representations are not in the Father’s personality circuit.

2. The Son’s representatives are:

A. Superpersonalities.

B. Finite beings.

C. Neither absonite nor absolute.

IV. REFERENCE: (83.7) 7:2.4 - “The administration of...”


1. The Son’s presence in the superuniverses is superpersonal and therefore not discerned by creature personalities.

2. In the local universes, the Eternal Son manifests himself in the co-ordinate Creator Sons.


I. REFERENCE: (84.1) 7:3.1 - “In the local universe...”


1. As pilgrims ascend, they are increasingly energized by the spirit of the Eternal Son.

2. But at no stage of ascension does the spirit of the Son indwell the ascender.

II. REFERENCE: (84.2) 7:3.2 - “The spiritual-gravity pull...”


1. The spirit-gravity grasp of the Son securely holds all survivors.

2. The ascender’s mortal mind becomes less and less subject to material gravity and more and more responsive to spirit gravity.

III. REFERENCE: (84.3) 7:3.3 - “The spirit-gravity circuit...”


1. The spirit-gravity circuit is the basic channel for transmitting prayer from man to God.

2. This circuit differentially sorts out the unspiritual from the true spiritual values.

3. Regardless of how we address our prayers, they reach the proper destination.

IV. REFERENCE: (84.4) 7:3.4 - “The discriminative operation...”


This discriminative operation of the spirit-gravity circuit may be compared to the differential functioning of the various levels of the human nervous system.

V. REFERENCE: (84.5) 7:3.5 - “But how much more...”


All petitions of true spirit value are sure to reach the Absolute Personality on Paradise.

VI. REFERENCE: (84.6) 7:3.6 - “Conversely, if your...”


1. Purely self-centered prayers can find no lodgment in the Son’s spirit circuit.

2. All material petitions fall dead on the spirit circuits. See 1 Cor 13:1. “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.”

VI. REFERENCE: (85.1) 7:3.7 - “It is the motivating...”


Prayer is validated by its motivating content—words are valueless.


I. REFERENCE: (85.2) 7:4.1 - “The Eternal Son...”


The Eternal Son is in liaison with the Father’s “plan of progress”—the ascension and perfection of evolutionary will creatures.

II. REFERENCE: (85.3) 7:4.2 - “The Father and his Son...”


The Father, Son, and Spirit are in partnership to advance this gigantic attainment plan.

III. REFERENCE: (85.4) 7:4.3 - “This divine plan...” to end of section.


1. The Eternal Son is the Father’s trustee for the plan of creature ascension.

2. The Father’s mandate is: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” This is found in Matt 5:48. “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

3. See also: John 17:23. “I in them and thou in me, that they may become perfectly one, that the world may know that thou hast sent me.”

4. Thus do the Deities co-operate in the work of:

A. Creation.

B. Control.

C. Evolution.

D. Revelation.

E. Ministration.

F. Restoration.

G. Rehabilitation.


I. REFERENCE: (86.2) 7:5.1 - “The Eternal Son without...”


1. The Eternal Son and his associated Sons work with the Father in executing the survival plan.

2. The bestowal plan is a part of the perfection scheme.

3. The bestowal Sons are the way, the truth, and the life. See John 14:6. “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.”

II. REFERENCE: (86.3) 7:5.2 - “The Eternal Son cannot...”


The Son cannot contact man as does the Father, but his Sons can become

III. REFERENCE: (86.4) 7:5.3 - “The purely personal nature...”


1. The Son cannot fragmentize—he ministers only as a person.

2. The Son cannot become a part of creature experience, as does the Adjuster. But through the incarnation of his Paradise Sons, he can become the creature.

3. The Father fragments—the Sons incarnate.

IV. REFERENCE: (86.5) 7:5.4 - “The Eternal Son comes not...”


1. When a Creator Son incarnates, the Eternal Son has come.

2. By incarnation, the Son escapes the fetters of personality absolutism.

V. REFERENCE: (86.6) 7:5.5 - “Long, long ago...”


1. The Eternal Son bestowed himself seven times on the circuits of Havona.

2. This took place during the times of Grandfanda. (1308.2) 119:0.2

VI. REFERENCE: (86.7) 7:5.6 - “Neither did he pass...”


1. The Son’s bestowals were unique for he could not suspend consciousness of personality.

2. Central lodgment of spirit luminosity and gravity continued unchanged.

VII. REFERENCE: (87.1) 7:5.7 - “The bestowals of...”


What the Eternal Son acquired on his bestowals is not known—but whatever it was, he has retained it.\

VIII. REFERENCE: (87.2) 7:5.8 - “Whatever our difficulty...”


1. Much is understood respecting the bestowal of the Original Michael Son.

2. This Michael traveled with mortal ascenders from circuit to circuit in Havona and in the times of Grandfanda.

IX. REFERENCE: (87.3) 7:5.9 - “Whatever else this...”


This bestowal of the original Michael made the transcendent bestowal of the Eternal Son forever real to all Havona natives and ascending pilgrims.

X. REFERENCE: (87.4) 7:5.10 - “The Eternal Son...”


1. The bestowal of the Eternal Son is an example for all other bestowal Sons.

2. All of the Paradise Sons partake of this spirit of bestowal.

3. In the bestowal of every Paradise Son, the Eternal Son has bestowed himself.

XI. REFERENCE: (87.5) 7:5.11 - “In spirit and nature...”


The Paradise Sons are a portraiture of the Original Son. He who has seen a Paradise Son has seen the Eternal Son of God.


I. REFERENCE: (87.6) 7:6.1 - “The lack of a knowledge...”


1. Ignorance of the multiple Sons of God has created great confusion on Urantia.

2. Every millennium the divine Sons foregather for their periodic conclaves.

Job 38:7. “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Job 1:6. “Now there was a day when the Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them.”

II. REFERENCE: (87.7) 7:6.2 - “The Eternal Son is...”


1. The Eternal Son is the source of all the spirit of ministry characterizing all of the descending Sons.

2. The Eternal Son transmits his divine nature to all of the Paradise Sons who go out to the universes.

III. REFERENCE: (88.1) 7:6.3 - “The Original and Eternal...”


1. The Original Son is the offspring-person of the Father’s “first” infinite thought.

2. Every time the Father and the Son jointly project a thought which is: new—original—identical—unique—personal—absolute—THEN a new and original Creator Son is personalized.

IV. REFERENCE: (88.2) 7:6.4 - “The Creator Sons...”


1. The Creator Sons, with the help of the agencies of the Infinite Spirit, go out in space to organize the local universes of progressive evolution.

2. The Creator Sons are limited by the primacy of the First Source and Center and the Absolutes.

3. The Creator Sons administer only that which they create.

V. REFERENCE: (88.3) 7:6.5 - “Much as the...”


1. As the Creator Sons are personalized by the Father and the Son, the Magisterial Sons are personalized by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

2. Because of creature incarnation, the Magisterial Sons earn the right to serve as survival judges on the worlds of time and space.

VI. REFERENCE: (88.4) 7:6.6 - “The Father, Son, and Spirit...”


The Father, Son, and Spirit unite to personalize the Trinity Teacher Sons who range the universes as teachers of all persons, human and divine.

VII. REFERENCE: (88.5) 7:6.7 - “Between the Original Mother Son...”


1. Between the Original Mother Son and all of these Paradise Sons there is a channel of direct communication.

2. This communication is instantaneous and independent of the spirit gravity and all other circuits.

3. These communications are independent of time though sometimes conditioned by space.

VIII.REFERENCE: (88.6) 7:6.8 - “The Eternal Son not only...”


The Eternal Son is aware of all that concerns all Paradise Sons and also knows everything of spiritual value in the hearts of all creatures in Havona and the super-universe.


I. REFERENCE: (88.7) 7:7.1 - “The Eternal Son is...”


1. The Eternal Son is a complete, final, and universal revelation of the spirit and personality of the Universal Father.

2. As concerns the relation of the Father and the Son, they are:

A. As one with each other.

B. In personality, co-ordinate.

C. In spiritual nature, equal.

D. In divinity, identical.

II. REFERENCE: (89.1) 7:7.2 - “The character of God...”


1. The character of God could not be improved upon in the Son, but it is amplified by divestment of the nonpersonal and the nonspiritual.

2. While the First Source and Center is more than personality, the personality qualities are manifested in the absolute personality of the Eternal Son.

III. REFERENCE: (89.2) 7:7.3 - “The primal Son...”


1. The primal Son and his Sons are making a personal revelation of the Father to all creation.

2. These same Paradise Sons are the avenue of approach to the Father for men and angels.

IV. REFERENCE: (89.3) 7:7.4 - “The Father comes down...”


Through the ministry of the Paradise Sons the Father comes to us, and by their guidance we ascend to the Father.

V. REFERENCE: (89.4) 7:7.5 - “In all these...”


As a person, you will find the Son before you attain the Father.

VI. REFERENCE: (89.5) 7:7.6 - “More of the character...”


To know more of the nature of the Eternal Son, we should study his revelation in the life of our own Creator Son in the Urantia bestowal.

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