Paper 14. The Central and Divine Universe

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  1. The Paradise-Havona System
  2. Constitution of Havona
  3. The Havona Worlds
  4. Creatures of the Central Universe
  5. Life in Havona
  6. The Purpose of the Central Universe


I. REFERENCE: (152.1) 14:0.1 - “The perfect and...”


1. Paradise is the motionless and stable nuclear Isle at the heart of the master universe.

2. The central universe of Havona is of unbelievable mass and is beyond human understanding.

II. REFERENCE: (152.2) 14:0.2 - “This is the one...”


1. This is a perfect and eternal universe—it is not an evolutionary creation.

2. This is the eternal core around which the universe of universes revolves.

3. The Creator Sons are striving to reproduce the pattern universe as:

A. Ideal of divine completeness.

B. Supreme finality.

C. Ultimate reality.

D. Eternal perfection.


I. REFERENCE: (152.3) 14:1.1 - “From the periphery...”


Seven space conditions and motions occur between Paradise periphery and the superuniverse level.

II. REFERENCE: (152.11) 14:1.9 - “The billion worlds...”


1. Havona is arranged in seven concentric circuits swinging around Paradise.

2. These circuits are different, but each is pervaded by one of the Seven Spirits of the Circuits—a specialization of the Infinite Spirit.

III. REFERENCE: (153.1) 14:1.10 - “The Havona planetary...”


1. The Havona circuits are not superimposed—the worlds revolve in linear procession.

2. Aside from administration, the whole Paradise-Havona system functions as one unit.

IV. REFERENCE: (153.2) 14:1.11 - “Time is not...


1. Time does not exist on Paradise, but time is reckoned in Havona.

2. Havona time is determined by the length of each circuit and therefore is different on the worlds of each circuit.

V. REFERENCE: (153.3) 14:1.12 - “Besides Havona-circuit time...”


1. There are numerous time reckonings in the central universe:

A. Havona circuit time.

B. Paradise-Havona standard day.

C. Other time designations.

2. The Paradise-Havona day is 7 minutes, 3-1/8 seconds less than one thousand years of Urantia time.

2 Peter 3:8. “With the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Ps 90:4. “For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night.”

VI. REFERENCE: (153.4) 14:1.13 - “This Paradise-Havona...”


The Paradise-Havona day is the standard time of the seven superuniverses.

VII. REFERENCE: (153.5) 14:1.14 - “On the outskirts...”


1. The dark gravity bodies which surround the Havona worlds are unique.

2. These bodies neither reflect nor absorb light, and they conceal Havona from the cosmos.

VIII.REFERENCE: (153.6) 14:1.15 - “The great belt...”


This is a description of the mechanism and function of the belt of dark gravity bodies.

IX. REFERENCE: (153.7) 14:1.16 - “The inner procession...”


This describes the arrangement of the dark gravity bodies.

X. REFERENCE: (154.1) 14:1.17 - “The intervening space...”


The space between the two circuits of gravity bodies is unique—nothing like it in the master universe.

XI. REFERENCE: (154.2) 14:1.18 - “In our opinion...”


The dark gravity bodies are also unique—outer space contains nothing like them.


I. REFERENCE: (154.3) 14:2.1 - “Spirit beings do not...”


Spirit beings live on real, material worlds.

II. REFERENCE: (154.4) 14:2.2 - “The physical realities...”


1. Havona energies are threefold in nature and differ from all other energy systems.

2. Havona creation is of Trinity origin—threefold. A local universe is twofold in origin.

III. REFERENCE: (154.5) 14:2.3 - “The material of Havona...”


1. Havona material consists of one thousand chemical elements and seven forms of energy.

2. Each form of energy has seven phases of excitation. This yields forty-nine specialized forms of sensation.

3. Morontia senses are seventy. Higher spiritual responses vary from seventy to two hundred ten.

IV. REFERENCE: (154.6) 14:2.4 - “None of the...”


A human being on a Havona world would be utterly lacking in all sensory responses to the environment.

V. REFERENCE: (154.7) 14:2.5 - “There are numerous...”


In Havona both physical and spiritual phenomena occur which are unknown on such worlds as Urantia.

VI. REFERENCE: (154.8) 14:2.6 - “All natural law...”


1. The entire central universe is organized on the basis of the threefold energy system.

2. The physical and spiritual energies of Havona are maintained in perfect balance.

VII. REFERENCE: (155.1) 14:2.7 - “The universal spiritual...”


1. The universal spirit gravity of the Eternal Son draws all spirit values and personalities Godward.

2. Spirit gravity pull is proportionate to the actual spiritual values concerned.

VIII.REFERENCE: (155.2) 14:2.8 - “Likewise does the...”


1. The mind gravity of the Infinite Spirit draws all intellectual values toward Paradise.

2. In liaison with the spirit gravity this draws all ascendant souls to God.

IX. REFERENCE: (155.3) 14:2.9 - “Havona is a...”


1. Havona is a spiritually perfect, balanced, and stable universe.

2. Sin has never appeared in Havona, in either native beings or those admitted to its borders.

3. The methods of selection are so perfect that no being has ever been prematurely admitted to the central universe.


I. REFERENCE: (155.4) 14:3.1 - “Concerning the government...”


1. There is no government in perfect Havona.

2. Havona has ideal self-government—no courts or legislatures.

II. REFERENCE: (155.5) 14:3.2 - “There is no need...”


The perfect and perfected beings of Havona stand in no need of any sort of governmental regulation.

III. REFERENCE: (155.6) 14:3.3 - “The administration of...”


1. The administration of Havona, while not automatic, is both perfect and efficient.

2. The Eternals of Days are not creators, but they are perfect administrators—bordering on absoluteness.

IV. REFERENCE: (156.1) 14:3.4 - “The billion spheres...”


1. The perfect worlds of Havona are the training worlds for Paradise personalities and ascending mortals.

2. Ascending creatures progress from the outer to the inner circuits of Havona on their way to Paradise.

V. REFERENCE: (156.2) 14:3.5 - “At present...”


1. Only one per cent of Havona is utilized in the work of mortal progression.

2. One tenth of one per cent of Havona is dedicated to the Corps of the Finality.

3. The Finality Corps have their personal residences on Paradise.

VI. REFERENCE: (156.3) 14:3.6 - “The planetary construction...”


1. Havona construction is not like the other universes. This is why such enormous spheres can be inhabited.

2. The physical aspects of Havona are balanced by triata and the surrounding dark gravity bodies.

3. Antigravity is also utilized in the control of Havona functions.

VII. REFERENCE: (156.4) 14:3.7 - “The architecture...”


The organization and embellishment of Havona are beyond human imagination. But there are real rivers and lakes.

VIII.REFERENCE: (156.5) 14:3.8 - “Spiritually these worlds...”


The Havona worlds are ideally appointed to harbor a vast range of personalities who function thereon.


I. REFERENCE: (156.6) 14:4.1 - “There are seven...”


1. There are seven forms of life on Havona of three phases each.

2. Each phase is divided into seventy major divisions of one thousand minor subdivisions.

II. REFERENCE: (157.1) 14:4.9 - “Decay and death...”


Decay and death do not occur in Havona. Life continues by a process of transmutation.

III. REFERENCE: (157.2) 14:4.10 - “The Havona natives...”


1. Havona natives are children of the Trinity—they are nonreproducing. They never were created.

2. Havona is an eternal existence. The story of Havona creation is an effort to afford finite creatures a concept of “beginnings.”

IV. REFERENCE: (157.3) 14:4.11 - “The natives of Havona...”


1. Havona natives are the permanent citizens of their respective spheres.

2. As material creatures function on the worlds of space, so do Havona natives function on their worlds.

3. In a sense, Havona natives may be regarded as material beings.

V. REFERENCE: (157.4) 14:4.12 - “There is a life...”


While Havoners minister to both Paradise descenders and mortal ascenders, they also live a life of their own.

VI. REFERENCE: (157.5) 14:4.13 - “As the worship...”


1. Worship of Havoners pleases Deity even as does the worship of finite beings.

2. As mortals strive to do the will of God, Havoners gratify the ideals of the Trinity.

3. Havoners are in their very nature the will of God.

VII. REFERENCE: (157.6) 14:4.14 - “Havoners have both...”


1. Havoners have unrevealed destinies.

2. Havoners progress within Havona—inward, outward, and within a circuit.

VIII.REFERENCE: (157.10) 14:4.18 - “In addition to...”


1. Havona contains numerous pattern beings—directors and teachers—for the edification of all creatures.

2. The creatures of finite creation are fashioned after these Havona pattern personalities.

IX. REFERENCE: (157.11) 14:4.19 - “Then there are...”


1. Father attainers come and go from Havona on sundry missions.

2. Havona is home for numerous groups of candidates for Paradise residence.

X. REFERENCE: (158.1) 14:4.20 - “The Infinite Spirit...”


1. The Infinite Spirit has a host of representatives ministering throughout Havona.

2. They perform their tasks while ministering to the ascending mortals.

XI. REFERENCE: (158.2) 14:4.21 - “There are numerous groups...”


Many groups of Havoners are in no way associated with the scheme of mortal ascension.

XII. REFERENCE: (158.3) 14:4.22 - “Havona teems...”


Havona teems with diverse beings who are striving for higher levels of divinity realization.


I. REFERENCE: (158.4) 14:5.1 - “On Urantia...”


1. On Urantia we pass through a short and intense test and further progress through the mansion worlds.

2. In the superuniverse we pass through our spiritual training.

3. Our education continues on each of the billion worlds of Havona.

II. REFERENCE: (158.5) 14:5.2 - “Life on the divine worlds...”


1. Life in Havona transcends all human concepts.

2. Social and economic activities in Havona are wholly unlike those of Urantia. Even the method of thinking is different.

III. REFERENCE: (158.6) 14:5.3 - “The regulations of the...”


1. The regulations of Havona are in accordance with the reason of righteousness and the rule of justice.

2. These two factors equal fairness. Havoners like to do things the way they should be done.

IV. REFERENCE: (158.7) 14:5.4 - “When intelligent beings...”


1. When Havona new arrivals attain comprehension of their Master Spirit, they are promoted from the seventh to the sixth circuit.

2. The circles of the human mind take their designations from these Havona arrangements.

3. After attaining realization of Supremacy, ascenders are transferred to the fifth circuit.

4. After attaining the Infinite Spirit, they progress to the fourth circuit.

5. On attaining the Eternal Son, they go to the third circuit.

6. On recognition of the Universal Father, they go to the second circuit.

7. Arrival on the first circuit signifies acceptance into Paradise service.

8. From the first circuit pilgrims attain Paradise residence and acceptance into the Corps of the Finality.

V. REFERENCE: (159.1) 14:5.5 - “During your sojourn...”


1. Ascenders visit freely among the worlds of the circuit of sojourn and among those already traversed.

2. A pilgrim can traverse “achieved” space, but must have a transport supernaphim to traverse “unachieved” space.

VI. REFERENCE: (159.2) 14:5.6 - “There is a...”


1. Each Havona world is unique—refreshingly original.

2. This diversity extends to all features—physical, intellectual, and spiritual.

VII. REFERENCE: (159.3) 14:5.7 - “Not until you...”


The tonic of adventure extends to the traversal of the last Havona world. Then the eternity impulse appears.

VIII.REFERENCE: (159.4) 14:5.8 - “Monotony is indicative...”


Monotony is indicative of immaturity. Havona ascenders have attained all-round maturity.

IX. REFERENCE: (159.5) 14:5.9 - “Not only will you...”


1. Undreamed-of changes confront you as you go from world to world and from circuit to circuit.

2. Each Havona world is a university of surprises. Monotony is no part of the Havona career.

X. REFERENCE: (159.6) 14:5.10 - “Love of adventure...”


This life is only the beginning of a long career of discovery.

XI. REFERENCE: (160.1) 14:5.11 - “Curiosity—the spirit...”


1. Curiosity—the exploratory urge—is innate in evolutionary creatures.

2. This urge suffers disappointment on earth but will be fully realized in the age to come.


I. REFERENCE: (160.2) 14:6.1 - “The range of...”


The great range of Havona activities can be described as Havonal, Paradisiacal, and Supreme-Ultimate evolutional.

II. REFERENCE: (160.6) 14:6.5 - “Many superfinite...”


The superfinite activities of Havona are numerous and embrace many unrevealed functions.

III. REFERENCE: (160.7) 14:6.6 - “1. The Universal Father...


The Universal Father derives many satisfactions from the perfect Havona creation:

1. Parental satisfaction.

2. Adoration leading to love satiety.

3. Achievement gratification.

4. Reciprocation of beauty and harmony.

5. Worthy revelation of spirit reality.

6. Power nucleus for universe expansion.

7. Goal of finite ascenders.

8. The eternal home of Deity.

IV. REFERENCE: (160.13) 14:6.12 - “2. The Eternal Son...


The Eternal Son derives satisfactions from Havona:

1. Partnership effectiveness of the Trinity.

2. Basis of absolute confidence in the Father.

3. A base for expanding spirit power.

4. An arena for demonstration of ministry.

5. Foundation for spirit gravity control.

6. Gratification of parental craving.

7. Demonstration that the Son is the World of the Father.

8. Reciprocation of equality of fraternity.

V. REFERENCE: (161.4) 14:6.17 - “3. The Infinite Spirit...


How the Havona universe affords satisfaction to the Infinite Spirit:

1. Proof of being the Conjoint Actor.

2. Pleasure of creative activity with coexistence.

3. An arena of potential mercy ministry.

4. Partnership universe administration.

5. Laboratory of the cosmic mind.

6. Graduate schools of his mind creatures.

7. Compensation for his space ministry.

VI. REFERENCE: (161.10) 14:6.23 - “4. The Supreme Being...”


How the Supreme Being derives satisfaction from Havona:

1. Proof of pre-finite reality of the Supreme.

2. Unification of power potentials and spirit nature of the Supreme.

3. Perfect pattern of potential Supremacy.

4. Finality of spirit values.

5. Intelligence with unlimited potential.

VII. REFERENCE: (162.2) 14:6.27 - “5. The Co-ordinate Creator Sons...”


Havona as satisfaction to the Co-ordinate Creator Sons:

1. Pattern for the Creator Sons.

2. Educational training for bestowal Sons.

3. Personality patterns for their own creations.

4. Destiny for their own creatures.

5. Vital “overcontrol” of their universes.

6. The source of the Supreme and Ultimate.

7. The source of creative power.

8. Home of their parents—their home.

VIII.REFERENCE: (162.7) 14:6.32 - “6. The Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters...


Havona as satisfaction to the Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters:

1. Prepersonal training of Creative Spirits.

2. Learning co-operation with Creator Sons.

3. Mind patterns for their creatures.

4. Home of the Infinite Spirit.

5. Source of their creative powers.

6. The reflective phenomena.

IX. REFERENCE: (162.12) 14:6.37 - “7. The Evolutionary Mortals...”


Havona satisfactions to evolutionary mortals:

1. Home of our pattern personalities.

2. Home of our superfinite helpers.

3. Source of high spirit stimulus.

4. Pre-Paradise training goal.

5. The portal to Paradise and God.

6. The home of finaliters.

7. Destiny of finite ascenders.

8. Beginning of eternity careers.

X. REFERENCE: (163.1) 14:6.41 - “Havona will...”


1. Havona will probably be the training universe for absonite beings, and finishing school for outer-spacers.

2. Potentials of Havona are unlimited.


The first fourteen papers of Part I have been analyzed paragraph by paragraph.

From Paper 15 on, only selected paragraphs from each paper will be analyzed and Papers 23 through 30 have been omitted.

This study ends with Paper 31, the last paper in Part I of the Urantia Book.

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