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Different courses will be offered for the September trimester and will be posted in August.
April Trimester Courses

The Thought Adjuster—Our Divine Heritage

By Guy Perron

In the third and final installment of this series, we will deepen our experiential understanding of our divine gifts, our Thought Adjuster and our personality, coming together in the creation of our soul. In the first period, we will focus on the soul, this new reality that we co-create in our inner life with our beloved indweller. The content of Paper 111 will be of great use in our individual and collective effort to find ways to become better partners with God in this human-divine creative process. In period 2, we will focus our effort on discovering this other amazing divine gift from our Father, our personality, wisely utilizing the content of Paper 112. We will explore ways on how we can realize our own personality and, in the process, become more personal and more real.

Basic Level

Papers: 111, 112

Note: this is a short duration course of six weeks.

Ministry of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit

By Rhonda McColgan

In the divine plan of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son to draw to themselves all truth-loving souls on all the worlds of time and space, the Infinite Spirit has dedicated significant efforts to support this mission. The Third Source and Center provides patient ministry to all personal beings, and is the ancestor of creature mind, which is bestowed in the local universes by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. In this course we will seek an understanding of the origin and significance of our Local Universe Mother Spirit, a unique representation of the Infinite Spirit, who is the companion to the Creator Son in his organization and ministry to the local universes. We will study the Mother Spirit’s various orders of ministering spirits who so willingly serve mortals through their evolutionary and spiritual progression.

Basic Level

Papers: 34, 113, 114, and sections from Papers 8, 9, 36, 93

Exploring the Mind of Young Adult Jesus

By Michael Zehr

This course examines how Jesus lived his life as a maturing young adult, from his graduation from synagogue school until he departed for Rome. Jesus was forced to make many decisions regarding his education, career, the financial support of his family, his social standing in the community, prestigious offers of employment, and even a romantic interest. Together we will study those momentous decisions and observe how they impacted his later public ministry. We will also explore ways to apply his decision-making methods in our own personal lives.

“You may not aspire to live his life, but you can resolve to live your lives even as, and by the same means that, he lived his” 129:4.7 (1425.6)

Basic Level

Papers: 124:6, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129

The Eternal Son and the Paradise Sons of God

By Khatuhkira Bernard

The Eternal Son, the great mercy minister to all creation, is ever concerned with the spiritual aspects of the Father’s eternal purpose. This original Son of God the Father is one step closer in approachability to the ascending mortals of the evolutionary worlds. In this course we will explore the relationships of the Eternal Son and the Paradise Sons of God and examine their different roles and relationships with God and with the individual mortals of the worlds of time and space. We will discuss the nature and mission of the personalities of the Eternal Son, the Avonal and Daynal Paradise Sons of God, and the Paradise Creator Sons. We shall seek to discover their distinctiveness and examine how each of them works in their unique capacities to achieve God’s universal plan.

Intermediate Level

Papers: 6, 7, 20, 21

Evolution and Administration of the Local Universe

By Bruce Johnson

The administrative oversight of our local universe is dependent on and intertwined with the dynamic force of evolution. These components are active at the spiritual, mindal, and material levels. We will explore their part in the divine purpose and creative plan that began at the dawn of our local universe, in liaison with our Mother Spirit and several orders of divine Sons. Even our own destiny includes some form of administration in the growing universe.

Intermediate Level

Papers: 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

A Study of the Foreword

By Michael Hill

The Foreword defines the terms that form the basis for the revealed truths contained in The Urantia Book. It is an invaluable study reference of spiritual and cosmological terms and concepts. We will survey these terms and concepts closely to build an understanding and comprehension that will greatly deepen our appreciation for the subsequent papers and will stimulate more profound future studies. Some of the topics and terms to be studied will include the Universal Father, Deity, divinity, the Supreme Being, God the Sevenfold, and God the Absolute.

Advanced Level

Papers: The Foreword

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