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The April trimester is now in session. Here are the courses currently being offered.
Different courses will be offered for the September trimester and will be posted in August.
April Courses

An Introduction to The Urantia Book

Level: Basic

Papers: Sections from various papers

In this introductory course we will explore some of the key concepts of The Urantia Book. Why are we here? Who is God and how can we know him? Who was Jesus? How can we know what is true? Join us for a glimpse of the marvelous concepts and ideas that The Urantia Book presents that answer these fundamental questions about our origin, nature, and destiny.

Teacher-Facilitator: Nugroho Widi

Widi is 60 years old and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, with his family. He has read The Urantia Book since 1998 and has translated it into the Indonesian language. He has a YouTube channel where he posts video tutorials introducing the book to new readers.


The Thought Adjuster—Our Divine Heritage (part 3)

Level: Basic

Papers: 111 and 112

In the final installment of this series, we will continue and deepen our understanding of our divine gifts from the Father, our Thought Adjuster and our personality, and their role in the creation of our soul. We will explore how we might best use our individual and collective efforts to become better partners with our Adjusters in this human-divine creative process. We will also focus on discovering and realizing our personality and its role in our personal and spiritual growth.

Teacher-Facilitator: Guy Perron

Guy has been a dedicated student of The Urantia Book since 2000. He works wholeheartedly at living and sharing its incomparable teachings in his daily living in many spheres of activity: workshops, conferences, prisons, UBIS, seminars, and retreats.


Primacy of the Parent-Child Relationship

Level: Intermediate

Papers: Sections from various papers

The Urantia Book tells us that the highest human concept of God is to know him as a Father. Our understanding and experience of the parent-child relationship is thus fundamental to our spiritual progress. In this course we will study how Jesus served as a brother (and surrogate father) to his siblings and what he taught about family, home life, and the psychology of a child. Join us as we deepen our understanding of the essential parent-child relationship.

Teacher-Facilitator: Oscar Stephenson

Oscar, a retired chief U.S. probation officer, has been a reader of The Urantia Book since 1984, and a UBIS student since 2006. He and his wife, Mary, have four children and ten grandchildren. They live in Alabaster, Alabama, in a log house they built in 1984. He enjoys the peaceful pleasures of reading and walking.


The Development of Modern Civilization

Level: Intermediate

Papers: 81 and selections from 77 and 78

“Thirty-five thousand years ago the world at large possessed little culture. Certain centers of civilization existed here and there, but most of Urantia languished in savagery.” (78:1.2) How does The Urantia Book explain the evolution of humanity? Join us as we study the biological, intellectual, moral, and spiritual history of our civilization.

Teacher-Facilitator: Bruce Johnson

Bruce was introduced to The Urantia Book in Colorado at age 21. He is now retired from psychiatric nursing and lives in Ithaca, New York, where he enjoys a wonderful study group, and of course, learning from UBIS classes.


The Resurrection

Level: Intermediate

Papers: 188, 189

No event has shaped the evolution of Christianity more than Jesus rising from the dead. The Urantia Book gives us a brief but fascinating glimpse into what occurred between Jesus’ death on the cross on Friday afternoon and his first appearance, to the five women who found the empty tomb, on Sunday morning. Join us as we study how Jesus’ resurrection helped to “forever make plain the certainty of mortal survival after death in the flesh.”

Teacher-Facilitator: Tim Duffy

Tim has been studying The Urantia Book for almost 40 years. He is a lawyer who has recently discovered the pleasures of working with real people instead of big corporations, and of working with his wife running three eyelash-extension studios. He lives in the Chicago area and is anxiously waiting for his son, currently in college, to embark on his planned career as a commercial airline pilot so he can fly for free.

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