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The September trimester is now in session. Here are the courses currently being offered.

Different courses will be offered for the January trimester and will be posted in December.

Registration opens on Monday, January 2.

September Trimester Courses

Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe

By Michelle Kaiser

Our local universe of Nebadon is brimming with splendid spirit personalities who minister to mortals, both here on Urantia and in our subsequent morontia life. During this study we will explore the wonderful assortment of angels, including the seraphim, cherubim, and sanobim, who are instrumental in assisting us in the earliest stages of our ascent to Paradise. Besides receiving the service of our angelic helpers, we are also assisted by numerous other devoted celestial personalities, such as midwayers, morontia companions, and reversion directors. Together, we will cultivate an appreciation of these helpful and loving friends and companions!

Level: Basic

Papers: 38, 39, 48, 113

And Jesus Answered, “Follow Me.”

By Mark Wood

This course offers an intimate look at the early days of the apostles: their recruitment, training, and ordination by Jesus, as well as their individual characters and relationships with the Master. We will pay special attention to the central role of faith in spiritual growth by studying what Jesus taught his apostles and how they and others responded to him. Together we will study what The Urantia Book says about the wellspring of faith that lies within our hearts and how it may help us understand the power of faith in our search for God.

Level: Basic

Papers: 137, 138, 139, 140

Pentecost: Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth

By Oscar Stephenson

This course examines the significance of Pentecost and how it led to the beginnings of the Christian Church. We will discover how early Christianity was influenced by the Greeks and Pagans, follow its growth under the Roman empire, and culminate with a review of what The Urantia Book tells us about the problems of Christianity in the twentieth century and what the future holds for us today.

This exciting short course stretches from the first to the twentieth century as we explore the profound benefits from the coming of the Spirit of Truth at Pentecost.

Level: Basic

Papers: 194, 195

Note: this is a short duration course of six weeks.

Evolving Concepts of Deity on Urantia

By Kenneth White

How did our concept of Deity evolve from a primitive, fear-based animism to that of a loving and merciful heavenly Father? In this course, we will study the long and wending evolution of religion on Urantia. We will focus on the valiant efforts of prophets and spiritual leaders to propagate revealed truth on our spiritually impaired planet; how their efforts were shaped by evolving social mores and the many obstacles that face our evolving concept of Deity. Even now, the perplexities of our rapidly changing world call for a new and unfettered concept of God.

Level: Intermediate

Papers: 92, 93:0-4, 96, 98, 99

God the Supreme—Evolution of the Grand Universe

By David Anderson

Come, discover God the Supreme, and learn about the evolution of the grand universe. The two are inseparable, for the Almighty Supreme embodies all superuniverse evolution, progression, and spiritualization. Uncover the evolutionary interdependence of all the grand universe forces and personalities, including how you can further the evolution of the Supreme. Learn that you are an evolutionary child not only of God the Father, but also of God the Supreme, your divine Mother. And finally, glimpse into that far, far distant future when the grand universe is settled in light and life, “and the time universes will have achieved the thrilling fulfillment of finite evolutionary destiny.”

Level: Intermediate

Papers: 115, 116, 117, 118

The Mediterranean Tour—Jesus’ Personal Ministry

By Hara Davis and Barbiel Matthews-Saunders

This course follows Jesus during two fascinating years as he toured the Mediterranean world. His trip as Jewish tutor took him to all the major cities of the Mediterranean, and as a mortal man he met and counseled a multitude of different people on the many challenges they faced in life. The purpose of this study is to explore the ways that Jesus interacted with all types of individuals in his personal ministry, and at the same time we will reflect upon our own spiritual path. Please join us on this incredible journey.

Level: Intermediate

Papers: 128:4, 129, 130, 132, 133

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