Appendix XXVI. Functions of the Supreme-Ultimate

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What is the Supreme-Ultimate?

Supreme-Ultimate Mind

Functions in the Master Universe

Functions in the Cosmos Infinite

In our opinion, the Dual-Deity association of Supreme-Ultimate constitutes a functional bridge linking the master universe (as nucleus) with the Cosmos Infinite (as cytoplasm). The Supreme is sovereign of the core universes, the Ultimate is the co-ordinator of the master universe, the Supreme-Ultimate constitutes the zenith of experiential deity in the master universe and probably functions as a ". . . projection of experientials upon a supermaster universe field of creative expression." (1163.1) 106:0.7 As such a projection, the Supreme-Ultimate must be coabsolute in function. We also have the belief that this projection into the Cosmos Infinite may be reflected back upon the master universe from these peripheral realms.

§ 1 what is the supreme-ultimate?

The Papers often speak of the Supreme-Ultimate. Frequently it is as the third member of a series — Supreme, Ultimate, and Supreme-Ultimate. ( (146.7) 13:1.18, and there are other references.) We conceive of this term as one that is something similar to the designation "Father-Son." It is a name given to an association of Dual-Deity that has come into existence as the result of the adventure of trinitization. But the functional reality of the Father-Son does not prevent our finding both the Father and the Son as separate personalities; and we believe that the (sometime) existence of the association of Supreme-Ultimate will not prevent either the Supreme or the Ultimate from working separately as individualized persons. They will be functionally united, but only in certain aspects.

When the Father unites with the Son (in the trinitization of the Spirit) he limits himself in only one respect: "As the absolute and unqualified personality." God can no longer work alone, only in conjunction with the Son. (109.5) 10:2.1) In other respects the Universal Father can and does act quite apart from the Eternal Son. Some such limitations will doubtlessly characterize the union of the Supreme-Ultimate; they will become inseparable with regard to some phase or phases of operations, but will otherwise be contactable as separate personalities and will act as individual beings.

The Supreme-Ultimate is not a person. It appears to be:

(a) A sometime-appearing Dual-Deity partnership. As such a partnership, it differs from all other Dual-Deity associations except the partnership of Father-Son. These are the only two such associations that are initiated by the act of deity-trinitization.

(b) A level of function. The Supreme-Ultimate partnership is a Dual-Deity association that is going to factualize in the very remote future. The functional level of the Supreme-Ultimate is a present reality and has probably existed since the "dawn of time" at the beginning of the present universe age.

(c) An experiential limit. The supreme-ultimate level is probably a limit of some kind as concerns experiential reality. It probably represents the farthest outreach of experientials toward the absolute level. Beyond the supreme-ultimate level of function, experientials would seem to become associated with existentials — as in God the Absolute, who is designated as existential-experiential deity.

It seems reasonable that we should attach different connotations to the designations "Supreme-Ultimate," and "supreme-ultimate." The first would appear to be used as a noun, the second, as an adjective.

§ 2 supreme-ultimate mind

The Papers speak of the mindedness of the Father-Son, but they do not refer to the "mind of the Son-Spirit," or the "mind of the Spirit-Supreme," but they do speak of the "Supreme-Ultimate Mind." Consider the following:

(262.3) 23:4.2 It is believed that the creation of the Solitary Messengers ". . . is in some manner related to the Conjoint Actor's bestowal of Supreme-Ultimate Mind."

(256.2-4) 23:0.1 The Solitary Messengers were all created at the same time; their numbers are stationary. They are very old; they have functioned from "near eternity." They are the first of the children of the Infinite Spirit to be conscious of time.

We deduce that the Infinite Spirit bestowed the Supreme-Ultimate Mind in the dawn of time. But, if there is no Dual-Deity association of the Supreme-Ultimate until after the close of the Sixth Universe Age and the completion of the entire master universe, on whom did he bestow such Supreme-Ultimate Mind? We suggest that the interim repository of this level of mind rests with the Master Spirits. We can reason by analogy based on what we are told about the Supreme Mind:

(641.3) 56:6.2 When the evolving power of the Almighty began to converge from the time-space creations, it was unified with the spirit person of the Supreme in Havona by the Supreme Mind, which was segregated from the infinite potential of mind in the Infinite Spirit and became ". . . the active functional mind of the Supreme Being."

(1269.2) 116:1.3 During the evolutionary emergence of the Supreme, his ". . . mind potential reposes in the Seven Master Spirits."

(186.3) 16:2.4 Collectively, the Master Spirits possess "the supreme-ultimate attributes" of the Infinite Spirit.

We deduce that the Seven Master Spirits could act as the custodian-repositories of not only Supreme Mind, but also of Ultimate Mind and of Supreme-Ultimate Mind.

We believe that it is significant that these same Master Spirits are the source of authority for the mixed trinitizing unions of two creatures. (250.4) 22:7.10 The trinitized offspring of such mixed unions (a finaliter and some citizen of the Paradise-Havona system) are known as Trinitized Sons of Destiny. Concerning these sons of destiny the Papers say:

(251.4) 22:7.14 The trinitizing effort that results in the production of these sons ". . . repercusses in certain phases of the Supreme-Ultimate Mind."

(251.4) 22:7.14 Trinitized Sons of Destiny ". . . are super-creational; they represent actualities of Supreme-Ultimate Deity . . . [and] embody certain aspects of the unrevealed master universe function of the Supreme-Ultimate."

(262:4) 23:4.3 Each one of these Trinitized Sons of Destiny has a Solitary Messenger assigned to him.

(250:4) 22:7.10 Such pairs, Sons of Destiny and Solitary Messengers, are withdrawn from universe service and are domiciled on Vicegerington in ". . . secret colleges of the Corps of the Creator Sons."

Mixed trinitization — the union of a Paradise-Havoner with an ascendant being from the superuniverses — is a union of an existential with an experiential. Apparently this is what causes the "repercussion" in certain phases of Supreme-Ultimate Mind. If Supreme-Ultimate Mind is involved then these beings are post-ultimate. Since these beings are described as "super-creational" then they are surely post-ultimate, for the ultimate level is the final creative level. (4.11) 0:2.17

Solitary Messengers are associated with the origin of Supreme-Ultimate Mind; the Sons of Destiny are personality repercussions of phases of this mind; the two orders of beings are associated. This is more than chance and coincidence. And where are these unique pairs of personalities domiciled? On Vicegerington, in ". . . the secret colleges of . . . the Creator Sons . . ." (145.2) 13:1.7 The Papers point out (148.4) 13:2.5 that we would expect the Creator Sons to have Vicegerington as their domicile since they are of origin in the Father-Son, ". . . but such is not the case in this universe age of the function of God the Sevenfold." Still all suggests a preparation for the post-supreme (or post ultimate) ages of the master universe — ages in which the status of Creator Sons will change, ages in which these Sons of Destiny will become functional, ages in which the unrevealed master universe function of the Supreme-Ultimate will become actual.

§ 3 functions in the master universe

There is good evidence for the belief that both the Supreme and the Ultimate are now present in Havona, but there is a question concerning a like functional-presence of the Supreme-Ultimate:

(162:4) 14:6.29 ". . . the personal presence of . . . the Supreme and the Ultimate is in Havona."

(149.3) 13:2.10 The text speaks of "The Supreme . . . the Ultimate . . . and the future Supreme-Ultimate."

Apparently both the Supreme and the Ultimate are present in the central universe in a qualified (personal and superpersonal) sense, but the function of the Supreme-Ultimate seems to be wholly a future reality. As related to these experiential deities, this function seems to be a pure potential. Nevertheless:

(188:5) 16:3.17 The Seventh Master Spirit can portray the attitudes of the Supreme, of the Ultimate, and of the Supreme-Ultimate.

As we noted earlier, the Supreme-Ultimate must be more than a functional presence, it seems also to be a level of function. This level of function appears to be a present reality regardless of the fact that the Dual-Deity association of Supreme and Ultimate is projected for the remote future. Consider the following.

(186.3-4) 16:2.4-5 Collectively, the Master Spirits are possessed of the ". . . supreme-ultimate attributes of the Third Source and Center." Collectively they are one with the Third Source and Center on all subabsolute levels.

(185.3-4) 16:1.3-4 The collective and sevenfold deity-union of the Seven Master Spirits expresses Paradise Deity in Supremacy and Ultimacy, and does encompass ". . . the functional domain of the Supreme-Ultimate to and in the master universe." This expression is not absolute.

We deduce from these citations initially, that the supreme-ultimate level of function impinges on the absolute and includes everything that is subabsolute. Secondly, this functional level is active at the present time in the deity-union of the Seven Master Spirits. Thirdly, the functions of the Master Spirits on the supreme-ultimate level are in relation to the master universe and do not involve the Cosmos Infinite.

The domain of the Supreme-Ultimate appears to include all that is possible of growth and development of the master universe — from an internal standpoint. This is suggested by these passages:

(144.2) 13:1.2 The Secrets of Supremacy rule the seven worlds of the Father in the near-regions of Paradise. The potentials of the function of the entire master universe is embraced in these seven worlds and the associated spheres of the Son and the Spirit.

(149.) 13:2.10 In speaking of the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, it is pointed out that they ". . . are the secrets of the Supreme . . . of the Ultimate, even . . . of the Supreme-Ultimate."

These citations seem to indicate that the Supreme-Ultimate is the final expression of the full potential of the master universe, and these potentials are presently locked up in the 21 sacred spheres of Paradise. And also, with the central universe:

(160.5) 14:6.4 Certain of the activities of Havona are designated "Ascendant-finite — Supreme-Ultimate-evolutional."

The eternal design of the central universe evidently anticipates the sometime future activities of the supreme-ultimate level and provides for these needs. But, Havona also contains "basic life groups" that include levels designated as ultimate, coabsolute, and absolute. (156.6, 11-13) 14:4.1, 6-8 The central creation is anticipatory of the supreme-ultimate level of activity and of functions that would appear to lie beyond this level.

§ 4 functions in the cosmos infinite

The Seven Master Spirits in deity-union may ". . . encompass the functional domain of the Supreme-Ultimate to and in the master universe." (185.3-4) 16:1.3-4 But we doubt that these high Spirits encompass such a domain in the Cosmos Infinite. The level of the function of the Supreme-Ultimate appears to be the final level to which the master universe can evolve as an isolated universe. The Supreme-Ultimate would appear to represent a maximum, a limit, a ceiling, of growth.

But this Dual-Deity association also seems to have an extra-master universe scope. The Papers speak of a projection of experiential reality outside of the master creation into a new and larger field of super-creative expression, and they suggest that this "equivalates" to coabsolute function and status. This is not absolute reality in the existential sense, but it is "associable absolute" in the experiential sense. (1163.1-2) 106:0.7-8 In final function, it would appear that the Supreme-Ultimate will be coabsolute. (This term "coabsolute" appears in the inventory of basic life groups in Havona [156.12) 14:4.7], it is number six in a list of seven, and "absolute" is the seventh in the list.)

We believe that the Dual-Deity association of the Supreme-Ultimate will form sometime after the close of the Sixth Universe Age. We submit that the Papers offer ample evidence for the function of this Dual-Deity throughout the completed master universe. We submit that Dual-Deity will also function in the Cosmos Infinite and this will constitute the initial linkage between the nuclear master creation and the cytoplasmic peripheral universe of infinity. We have the further belief that the Supreme-Ultimate will be the first of the Dual-Deity partnerships to be active in the Cosmos Infinite, much as the Father-Son partnership took the initiative in the production of the original universe, the central creation.

We are informed that the Personalized Adjusters are destined to minister in the realms ". . . of the Ultimate, the Supreme-Ultimate, even to the levels of the Ultimate-Absolute." (1201.6) 109:7.5 Here we encounter something that lies, unexpectedly, beyond the Supreme-Ultimate. Is the Ultimate-absolute a new Dual-Deity association that will develop somewhere in the far distant reaches of the Cosmos Infinite? (Appendix V § 6)

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