Appendix XIV. Expanding Influence of the Master Spirits

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The Principle of Divergence-Convergence

The Sacred Spheres of Paradise and The Master Universe

Superuniverse Administration — Present and Future

Administration of The Primary Space Level

Master Spirits and Creative Trios In The Primary Space Level

The Results of The Interaction of Seven Times Seven

Footnote: Concerning Universal Conciliators

The Seven Master Spirits seem to be concerned about almost everything below the level of absolute and existential values. The personalization of the Infinite Spirit completes existential deity and is followed by the personalization of the Master Spirits — the first expression of experiential deity. (110.5) 10:2.8 The Seven Master Spirits represent "the first Deity-creating act" of the Third Person of Deity (105.7) 9:8.2, and collectively they encompass all of the functions of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the Supreme-Ultimate, in the master universe. (185.3) 16:1.3 On all subabsolute levels they collectively represent the Infinite Spirit (186.4) 16:2.5), the Paradise Deities (185.4) 16:1.4, and even the Paradise Trinity. (185.3) 16:1.3

§ 1 the principle of divergence-convergence

It would appear that we have here encountered another of the basic principles that seem to govern the unfolding of the creative pattern in the master universe. This is the principle of Divergence-Convergence, resulting in the production of a new diversification of meanings and values.

If we go back to the origin of the Master Spirits, we may see this principle in its original form. Pre-Father Deity starts out as the Personality of Infinity. From this is subtracted the Absolute Person of the Son. This results in the appearance of two deities, and constitutes a divergence from the original unity. The two deities then converge in the production of the Third Person who is, in nature, something different from either ancestral being. (110.3) 10:2.6 This is an example of unity which diverges, then converges, with the result that something new and different is brought into being.

When we consider the undivided Deity of the Paradise Trinity in relation to the Master Spirits we observe another divergence, and this time it is a sevenfold diversification. Here we may draw upon optics for a simple illustration: If white light is passed through a proper prism, it can be broken into the chromatic scale, ranging from red through the varied colors to violet. If these colors are recombined, they will reproduce the original white light. Suppose we visualize the Trinity as the source of the white light. The Seven Master Spirits symbolize the seven chromatic components of white light. Now, let us further visualize two screens — a finite screen and an absonite screen. When the rainbow pattern of the Master Spirits is recombined and projected on the finite screen, it appears as the Supreme Being — the personalization of the Trinity to the finite. When it is recombined and projected on the absonite screen, it appears as God the Ultimate — the superpersonalization of the Trinity to the absonite.

The Supreme and the Ultimate thus seem to be power-personalizing those values of deity that are collectively and experientially present in the Seven Master Spirits. Whenever these Master Spirits unite in the presence of Paradise Deity, this would constitute a temporary and collective manifestation of the Supreme, of the Ultimate, and of the Supreme-Ultimate. Apparently this collective function of the Master Spirits is limited to the space-arena of the maser universe. (185.3) 16:1.3

§ 2 the sacred spheres of paradise and the master universe

We are informed that the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy are related to the two experiential deities, Supreme and Ultimate, and to their future union as the Supreme-Ultimate. We are further informed that these Secrets of Supremacy are the secrets of these same experiential deities — the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the Supreme-Ultimate. (149.2-3) 13:2.9-10 These secrets, at least as they pertain to the Supreme Being, must include such secrets as: the Adjusters, incarnations of the Paradise Sons, trinitizations, seraphic transport, and the evolution of the immortal soul in surviving mortals.

We are also informed that the potentials of the function of the entire master universe are embraced in the 21 sacred spheres of Paradise. (143.7) 13:0.7

Since the worlds of the Father follow the pattern of the seven natures of the Master Spirits, we may deduce that the Master Spirits are going to be quite influential in outer space. We know the Master Spirits are directly concerned with the activities of these worlds — at least we are certain about Divinington. (186.6) 16:3.2

What significance can be attached to the worlds of the Son is not so clear; perhaps other-than-personal beings are going to become more functional in the outer space universes. (149.4-6) 13:3.1-3

The involvement of the seven worlds of the Spirit suggests that the Seven Supreme Executives may have a function beyond the borders of the grand universe (150.1) 13:4.2-3; (198.1) 17:1.1; this is further confirmation of the relationship of the Master Spirits to the outer universes.

All those statements relate the function of these 21 worlds solely to the master universe, and of the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy only to experiential deity and to subabsolute levels of reality. This is the domain of the function of the Master Spirits. (185.3-4) 16:1.3-4; (186.5) 16:3.1

We are instructed that the seven worlds of the Spirit are the "headquarters" of the seven superuniverses and their correlated segments in outer space. (150.5) 13:4.6

§ 3 superuniverse administration — present and future

The diverse natures of the Seven Master Spirits determines the division of the superuniverse space level into seven primary segments. (164.1-2) 15:0.1-2 Each of the Master Spirits wholly pervades the superuniverse of jurisdiction, and imparts to his domain the uniqueness of his own nature. (190.11) 16:5.1 This stamp of individuality is so strong that it is never eradicated; forever are the natives of the superuniverses destined to bear the superuniverse stamp of their origin. (191.3) 16:5.5 This means that the citizens of the superuniverses are evolved in seven basic types, and each culture is distinctly different from that of any other superuniverse.

At the present time, the seven superuniverses are entirely "isolated from each other." (179.10) 15:10.23 When they are settled in light and life it is forecast that they will be ruled as a single unit by the Supreme Being, and the boundaries between them will be entirely removed. (1292.9-10) 117:7.16-17 This will result in the commingling of seven cultures. Here we have another application of the principle of Divergence-Convergence. (The Papers also give us [ 726.2) 64:6.31] another example of this same principle: On the inhabited worlds the six cultures of the evolutionary races are first segregated, then merged with the seventh — the Adamic culture.)

It is believed that in the future, after the emergence of the Supreme Being, the Master Spirits will continue to be resident in the grand universe (12.2) 0:10.11, but it is not certain that they will continue to rule the superuniverses. (643.3) 56:7.9

§ 4 administration of the primary space level

The Seven Master Spirits are concerned with those segments of the outer space universes that are correlated with their superuniverse spheres of jurisdiction. (184.11) 16:0.11 This means that an analysis of the possible organization of the administration in the Primary Space Level must take into account the functions of these Master Spirits. We have the following information about the first outer space level:

(354.5) 31:10.19 There are at least 70,000 aggregations of matter that are mobilizing in outer space and each one of them is already larger than a superuniverse.

Assumption: We assume that this statement has reference to the first outer space level.

(351.7) 31:9.6 Seventy Architects are assigned to this level.

Deduction: Each Architect is responsible for 1,000 of the physical aggregations referred to above.

(352.4) 31:9.11 Each Architect corps provides associate-assistants for the preceding corps. This statement is made with reference to the Havona Architects and the superuniverse Architects.

Assumption: It also applies to the 490 Architects of the fifth corps who would serve as associate-assistants to the Architects of the fourth corps.

Deduction: Each of the Architects of the Primary Space Level has seven assistants of the fifth corps.

If the foregoing steps of reasoning are valid, then we may assume that each of the Master Spirits will have jurisdiction over one-seventh of the Primary Space Level. This means one-seventh of 70,000 aggregations of matter, or 10,000 of these large aggregations. This is also the jurisdiction of ten architects of the fourth corps who will be assisted by seventy Architects of the fifth corps.

We believe that each Master Spirit will dominate the environmental trends of his outer space domains much as each now dominates the superuniverse of present jurisdiction. (275.4) 25:2.4 This will again place a stamp of individuality characteristic of the supervising Master Spirit on every individual native to such a realm. (190.12) 16:5.2

§ 5 master spirits/creative trios in the primary space level

We have conjectured that the 700,000 Universe Sons and Spirits who have functioned as the organizers and the perfectors of the local universes of the present age will trinitize their creator equals, and will be assigned to the Primary Space Level as Son-Spirit Creative Trios. We have further noted that there will be seven basic orders of such Creative Trios — 100,000 each — because there are seven basic types of Creative Spirits, following the natures of the Seven Master Spirits. (See Appendix XIII § 3, Son-Spirit Creative Trios.)

We are now in position to bring up a very interesting question. How will the Son-Spirit Trios be assigned in relation to the spheres of influence of the Master Spirits? If we rule out random assignment, then there are just two possible ways that these Creative Trios could be assigned:

Homogenous Assignment. There are 100,000 of the First-Order (Fatherlike) Creative Trios. They are, in nature, like the First Master Spirit. All are of former service in superuniverse number one. Now, if all of these First-Order Trios were assigned to the domains of the First Master Spirit, this would be homogenous assignment. Such assignment would serve to intensify the environmental influence of the First Master Spirit in his outer space domains. Similarly, the other six types of Trios would be assigned to the Master Spirit with whose nature they are akin.

Heterogenous Assignment. We advance the opinion that these Trios will not be homogeneously assigned. The entire scheme of creation, as it is presented in the Papers, points toward diversification rather than toward uniformity. The billion worlds of Havona are all different. (159.2) 14:5.7 It seems reasonable, then, to assume that one-seventh of each order of the Creative Trios will be assigned to each of the Seven Master Spirits. In other words: Some of each of the seven orders of Creative Trios will be serving under each of the Seven Master Spirits. (There is a warrant in the Papers for this assumption, the Reflective Spirit are thus distributed on the superuniverse capitals. [ (200.5) 17:3.1])

Interaction of environmental influences. Each of the Creative Trios is going to have a rather wide range of influence in the Primary Space Level. If there are 70,000 galaxies, each of which is larger than a superuniverse, and, if there are 700,000 Creative Trios, then it would follow that each galaxy would constitute the jurisdiction of ten Trios. This means that each such Trio would have the administrative responsibility for one-tenth of a galaxy — a sphere of influence possibly much larger than a major sector in one of the present superuniverses. Each such unit will tend to be dominated by the environmental influence of the supervising Creative Trio. There are seven orders of such Trios and each will variously serve under the jurisdiction and overriding environmental influence of each of the Seven Master Spirits. This, then will result in the production of 49 environmental trends which will certainly condition the whole growth and the experiential natures of all beings native to such domains. (We can draw a comparison here between this line of reasoning and the story of the Universal Conciliators [ (275.3-4) 25:2.3-4, and § 7 of this Appendix] which also results in the eventual production of 49 types.

The effect of forty-nine environments. These conditions in the Primary Space Level are an expansion of that which now characterizes the superuniverses. Each of the seven superuniverses has its own basic environmental influence caused by the presence of the supervising Master Spirit. There are seven such environmental influences in the superuniverse space level; in the first outer space level, there will be 49. What will be the result of this state of affairs? It will result in the environmental conditioning of the post-supreme Universe Spirits who are assigned to these realms as the creative complements of the associated Creator Sons. (These post-supreme Universe Sons and Spirits are those who had no chance to function as creators in the superuniverses. They are discussed in Appendix XIII, § 4 - 5) We know that the Creative Spirits of the present local universes become, in personal natures, like the supervising Master Spirit, thus bringing into existence the present seven basic orders of the Creative Spirits. We hold that the Primary Space Level will be productive of 49 different types of post-supreme Creative Spirits.

§ 6 the results of the interaction of seven times seven

Let us project our speculations forward in time to try to visualize certain conditions at the end of the Third Age. The Primary Space Level is completed. The post-supreme Universe Sons and Spirits have achieved the full expression and experience of creative function. It is then possible that these Sons and Spirits will also trinitize — thus bringing into existence a Second Corps of Creative Trios. And, if this takes place, there will be 49 different orders of Son-Spirit Creative Trios. Where will this Second Corps of Creative Trios be likely to function? Where else but in the Secondary Space Level and in the transactions of the Fourth Universe Age.

Is there any way we can check our speculations at this point? We have come a long way from the events of "here and now." We believe that the number of the Master Architects offers some confirmation of our reasoning. We know that the Architects of the Primary Space Level number seventy; this factors out as 7 times 10. We know that those assigned to the Secondary Space Level number 490; this factors out as 49 times 10. Is it possible that this number indicates there will be 49 unique expressions of divinity coming out of the Primary Space Level?

If this line of reasoning is valid, then the transactions during the Fourth Universe Age in the Secondary Space Level should produce 7 times 49 phases of divinity expression. Seven times 49 equals 343. There are 3,430 Master Architects assigned to the Tertiary Space Level; this is 343 times 10.

If this goes on, then the Tertiary Space Level should project into the Quartan Level diverse divinity of 7 times 343; this is 2,401. The Architects assigned to the Quartan Space Level number 24,010; this is 2,401 times 10. The coincidence of these numbers does not validate this line of reasoning, but they do indicate that it is not without logical merit. (For references to the numbers of the Architects, see Appendix XV § 2.)

§ 7 footnote: concerning universal conciliators

In the discussion of the interaction of environmental influences in this Appendix, we had occasion to refer to the Universal Conciliators of the present universe age as a good illustration of how the interaction of seven influences, when heterogeneously superimposed upon each other, would result in the production of 49 types.

We know there are seven basic orders of Conciliators, in accordance with the seven diverse natures of the Master Spirits. Since each one of these orders serves in each of the superuniverses, we have these seven basic hereditary types of Conciliators, each exposed to seven basic and rather compelling environmental influences. Each of the seven orders of Conciliators is permanently conditioned by the environmental influence of the superuniverse of service. This, in effect, is an exposure of inheritance from the seven diverse natures of the Master Spirits to the superuniverse environments, which in turn, reflect the seven diverse natures of the Master Spirits. The net effect is to produce 49 different types of Conciliators, each having a different viewpoint. These "49 experiential viewpoints" are incomplete, but they are mutually compensatory, and all together tend to "encompass the circle of Supremacy." (275.2-4) 25:2.2-4 When they have completed their service in the superuniverses ". . . they have acquired a unique grasp of the emerging reality of the Supreme Being . . ." (278:7) 25:3.17

The number of Conciliators. If we examine the probable numbers of Conciliators, we may be surprised. First of all, we know, for every Havona Servital created there will be created seven of the Universal Conciliators. How many Havona Servitals are there? We do not know, but we do know the number of a particular Servital, it is — 842,842,682,846,782. (271.4) 24:7.5 It is reasonable to assume that Servitals are created in serial order and that this particular Servital was not the last one created. This means there are probably more than 842 trillion Servitals. Let us say there are 1,000 trillion of these beings. If so, then there would be 7,000 trillion Conciliators — seven times as many.

We are informed there are almost 18 trillion conciliating commissions now operating in Orvonton (278.6) 25:3.15 and it is reasonable to assume that an equal number would be serving in each of the other superuniverses. This would add up to 108 trillion commissions in all. Let us round this number off and say that there are 100 trillion commissions in service. A commission is made up of four Conciliators (275.5) 25:2.5, so, 100 trillion commissions would equal 400 trillion Conciliators in the service of the seven superuniverses.

The Paradise Council of Perfection. If there are 7,000 trillion Conciliators and only 400 trillion are in superuniverse service, then were are the remaining 6,600 trillion? Apparently they have graduated from the service of the superuniverses and have been ". . . translated to the council of perfection on Paradise . . ." (278.7) 25:3.16 This council is being ". . . evolved by the Infinite Spirit for the universe of universes . . ." (278.7) 25:3.16 (This term, universe of universes, does not have precise meaning such as the designations "superuniverse," or "central universe." We believe that, in this context, the term "universe of universes" means the grand universe in the present age, and that it refers to the master universe in the ages to come.) Here we have the evolution of an experiential group that has developed 49 experiential viewpoints, which viewpoints may be of great service in the (conjectured) 49 environmental realms of the first outer space level. And we are informed that the citizens of the grand universe of today are already getting ready to meet the needs and the challenges of the outer space universes of tomorrow. (263.1) 23:4.5

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