Appendix XIII. Evolution of Universe Sons and Spirits

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Natures of Universe Sons and Spirits

Numbers of the Universe Sons and Spirits

Son-Spirit Creative Trios

Mixed-Age Creator Sons and Creative Spirits

Third-Age Creator Sons and Creative Spirits

It is the purpose of this Appendix to assemble what the Papers have to say about the evolution of Creator Sons and Creative Spirits. We will pay particular attention to the nature of these creators, and to their experiential growth in the time-space creations; and will give careful consideration to their destiny in the outer space universes, particularly the creations of the first outer space level.

§ 1 natures of the universe sons and spirits

When the Universal Father and the Eternal Son unite in the infinite and total sense, they produce their deity equal — the Infinite Spirit. When the Father and Son continue to explore the subinfinite and subuniversal consequences of their union, they bring into being the order of Michaels — Creator Sons. (88.1) 7:6.3 These Michaels are spoken of as being potentially equal to the Universal Father and the Eternal Son in creative power of a co-ordinate nature. (ibid) They are limited in function only by the pre-existent forces and agencies of Paradise and, in sovereignty, only by the limits of that which they have brought into being. (88.2) 7:6.4 On subinfinite levels, these Michaels appear to be an extension of the original creativity of the Paradise Father-Son. They fully express all the divinity of God and share phases of the absoluteness of God. (58.9) 4:4.4 They are the absolutes of the Father-Son concepts which brought them into being. (241.5) 21:6.1

In the present age their function is finite. But, it is believed that their potential for future function may be superfinite (242.1-2) 21:6.2-3 and that their service in outer space may witness the liberation of these superfinite potentials for service. (242.2) 21:6.3

When a Creator Son is brought into being by the Paradise Father and Son, the Infinite Spirit simultaneously responds by differentiating within himself that entity who is to become the spirit complement of the Creator Son. (203.6) 17:6.3 This complemental spirit must have the full capacity to grow along with the associated Creator Son since the Infinite Spirit is possessed of unlimited capacity to respond to creative actions on the part of the Father-Son. In other words, any Universe Spirit is the full complement of the associated Universe Son; her growth potential is the complemental equal of his.

Time-space status. Neither the Universe Son nor Spirit is completely independent of time and space. The Spirit becomes "space cognizant" in the second stage of her development. (203.7) 17:6.4 In so doing, she is achieving an awareness which enables her to recognize a bounded space area as her own — an area within which she would be unlimited by space and outside of which she would be limited by space. (377.4) 34:3.8 The entire space of our local universe is pervaded by the Creative Spirit of Salvington, and she is not thus present outside of Nebadon. (455.1) 41:0.1 A Creative Spirit is not able to function independently of time (376.6) 34:3.3: in contrast to this, a Creator Son is not ordinarily limited by time although he is limited by space. (377.1) 34:3.5 We offer the opinion that any future union of a trinitizing nature on the part of a Universe Son and Spirit will result in the appearance of a Creative Trio that will be fully aware of time and space, but will be unlimited in function by either time or space, at least within a circumscribed realm. Such transcendence of time and space is essential to possible function on the absonite level of operations.

§ 2 the numbers of universe sons and spirits

Whatever we may learn about the numbers of Creator Sons we may be sure that the same data will apply to the numbers of Creative Spirits, because such a Spirit is produced every time a Michael Son is created. (203.6) 17:6.3 This being the case, then what is known about the present numbers of the Creator Sons? The Papers make two references to such numbers:

(235.3) 21:1.4 There are "more than seven hundred thousand."

(1299.5) 118:6.2 Mention is made of "well-nigh a million"

We may accordingly assume that there are already in existence more Creator Sons and Creative Spirits than can be accommodated by the present plan concerning the number of local universes in the seven superuniverses. The Papers give the following information concerning these plans:

(167.1, 5) 15:2.10, 14 The plan for the organization of universes provides for 700,000 local universes.

(235.3) 21:1.4 This plan also provides that one Union of Days be stationed in each local universe. There are exactly 700,000 Unions of Days and no more are being created.

(268.5) 24:4.1 The plan further provides for the stationing of an Associate Inspector at the capital of each local universe. There are just 700,000 of these beings in existence.

(268.8) 24:5.1 The plan also provides that an Assigned Sentinel be in residence in each local system. Since each local universe has 10,000 systems, this means a total of (700,000 — 10,000) 7 billion systems in all. There are just 7 billion Assigned Sentinels in existence.

Deduction: There will be just 700,000 local universes in the seven superuniverses. This is an exact number.

(235.3) 21:1.4 The number of Creator Sons is increasing all the time. The future destiny of the Creator Sons (and Creative Spirits) in excess of 700,000 is not known.

Conclusion: The numbers in excess of 700,000 must be destined to have initial creator experience in outer space.

These citations strongly suggest that not all of the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits are going to have a chance to serve as the organizers and perfectors of local universes in the present age. It must logically follow, then, that many will have their first experience in universe making in the outer space creations.

This study advances the idea that there will be more than one kind of Creator Son and Creative Spirit functioning in the Third Age. It seems likely that the first outer space level will see creative activities being carried on by three kinds of Universe Sons and Spirits: Son-Spirit Creative Trios, Mixed-Age Sons and Spirits, and Third-Age Sons and Spirits.

§ 3 son-spirit creative trios

The Son-Spirit Creative Trios, which we believe are destined to function in the Primary Space Level, should number exactly 700,000. These are the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits who have organized and perfected the 700,000 local universes of the present universe age. We refer to these Sons and Spirits as "trios" and "duos" because we believe that each pair will be augmented by their trinitized offspring — a co-ordinate creator.

Such Creative Trios include the Master Michaels and the seventh-stage Creative Spirits who have fully participated (as creators) in the evolutionary growth of the Supreme Being. They have acquired, and they embody, the fullness of the experiential potential of Supremacy, and it must logically follow that they can express this experiential potential in their acts of creation and trinitization. Let us examine the natures of these Sons and Spirits, and then consider the consequences of their trinitizing union.

Master Michaels. These are the creators whose original Paradise divinity has been augmented by the experiential acquisition of the divinity of evolutionary Supremacy in time and space. They have earned, by actual experience, the full sovereignty of their local universes, from the first stage of initial vicegerent status to the sixth stage — trinitarian sovereignty — rulership of a local universe that is settled in light and life. (237.7-8) 21:3.5-11 We venture that the (unrevealed) seventh stage of sovereignty (238.5) 21:3.11 will witness a delegation of rulership by a Creator Son when he departs his local universe for the new adventure in outer space. (We speculate that the recipients of this delegated sovereignty would be Gabriel, the Father Melchizedek, and the Union of Days.) In addition to having earned this sovereignty, the Master Sons have explored seven levels of descending creature experience in association with a portrayal of one of the seven phases of the will of Deity, and have liberated their potential for absonite function. (1318.2-5) 119:8.3-6 These Master Michaels have eternally identified themselves with the Supreme Being. (1318.6) 119:8.7 Such a Master Son is, in experiential status, vastly more than a Creator Son who has had no experience in the organizing and perfecting of a local universe.

Seventh-stage Creative Spirits. These are the Spirits of the "unrevealed career." (204.6) 17:6.10 Such Universe Spirits have experienced a long evolutionary growth from the times of "initial differentiation," which is their first stage of development. (203.7) 17:6.4 They have passed through preliminary creatorship training, having departed from Paradise, and have collaborated with the associated Son in the physical organization of a local universe. (203.7-8) 17:6.4-6 They have "personalized" in the likeness of the supervising Master Spirit at the time of the creation of life in the local universe. (374.4) 34:1.1 They have become even more personal as a result of the bestowals of the associated Son, and have entered upon the sixth stage of existence when the local universe has become settled in light and life. (204.3-4) 17:6.7-8 We believe that they seventh stage of the development of a Creative Spirit is one in which she becomes completely personal and during which she leaves her local universe with the associated Creator Son for the outer space adventure. (See Appendix VIII § 6, The Personalization of a Focalization.)

Two different kinds of experiential growth. The Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits both grow experientially, but the nature of the growth of each appears to be so very different that the one might be thought of as existing at "right angles" to the other. A Creator Son is a person from the very beginning; his consort probably becomes a completed person only at the very end of the present age. (106.9) 9:8.11 A Creator Son traverses the "vertical" experience from being one-in-divinity with God to becoming one-in-nature with man. A Creative Spirit traverses the "horizontal" experience of starting out as an impersonal, or prepersonal, focalization of the Infinite Spirit and of eventually achieving a real personality in the likeness of one of the Master Spirits. These two kinds of growth appear to be very complementary; the kind of growth-experience which inherent nature denies to the one is the very kind that characterizes the growth of the other. It seems likely that the two kinds of growth, when taken together, would tend to encompass the whole gamut of possible growth, within the limits of the present universe age. If this is true, then it would follow that such Universe Sons and Spirits would have acquired the experiential capacity to give trinitizing expression to the fullness of these acquired attributes in addition to their original endowment of Paradise divinity.

Creation versus trinitization. In the early days of the evolution of a local universe, the associated Son and Spirit united in a creative liaison to give expression to their original ideal of personality — Gabriel, the Chief Executive. (369.4) 33:4.1 Now, let us analyze this action to see just what took place:

(a) This is a total creative act. In some manner it exhausts certain potentials; there can be only one Gabriel in a local universe. (369.5) 33:4.2 But this is not a trinitizing act — not a trinitizing union; the two creators are not united.

(b) The two creators are limited in experiential growth, hence are limited in their experiential capacity to mobilize potentials. Their experience in this time-space adventure is still embryonic; the Creator Son is a pre-bestowal Son who has just started to function in the second stage of sovereignty — conjoint vicegerent sovereignty. (237.8) 21:3.6 The Creative Spirit is in the fourth stage of existence. (204.3) 17:6.7

(c) The being thus produced, Gabriel, is fully expressive of the total creative potential that could be mobilized by the two creators, as they then existed in their respective stages of experiential growth.

What will happen, in the Third Age, when a Master Michael unites with a seventh-stage Spirit in an act that is a trinitizing union? There is a great difference between a creative act and a trinitizing union — a union that gives expression to an offspring who is the equal of the trinitizing parents. The Paradise Father and the Eternal Son can create an unlimited number of subordinate beings, beings who partake of their divinity but who do not share their universality and infinity. They can likewise trinitize an unlimited number of subordinate beings; but they could produce only one deity equal, the Conjoint Actor. When they did this they became forever united as the Father-Son. (249.3) 22:7.3 A Creator Son and Creative Spirit can likewise produce many beings of subordinate status; but an act of trinitization on their part would result in the appearance of an offspring of co-ordinate status, and in their union as Son-Spirit. (See Appendix VIII § 1, Creative Techniques § 2, Trinitizing Techniques.)

Nature of the Third Being of a Trio. What would be the basic nature of this Third Being, this third member of a Son-Spirit Creative Trio? We have already deduced that he would be the co-ordinate of the parental Universe Son and Spirit. If he is a co-ordinate being, then he would possess creator prerogatives. The Papers suggest that his attributes might be of an ultimate nature. (643.1) 56:7.7 If we go back to the relationship of the Infinite Spirit to the Universal Father and the Eternal Son the Infinite Spirit is spoken of as being provisionally subject to the ancestral deities, but as having the greatest potential and latitude for action. (100.1) 9:1.7 This Third Being will also be something more than the predictable sum of the attributes of the trinitizing parents; some of the attributes of the Infinite Spirit are not observably present in either of the ancestral deities. (99.1) 9:1.2 Again, the Infinite Spirit is spoken of as superadditive to the union of the Father-Son. (110.3) 10:2.5 These Third Beings have also been portrayed as a new expression of Ultimate Deity. They could be ultimate in nature because of expressing all the "horizontal growth" of a Creative Spirit and all of the "vertical growth" of a Creator Son. All-in-all, we may deduce that such a postulated Third Being will be something different from, and more than, the predictable consequence of a trinitizing union of a Master Son and a seventh-stage Creative Spirit.

Seven types of Son-Spirit Trios. In a certain way, each of the Creative Trios will be unique, because each Michael member is a unique person. In another sense, there will be seven basic types of trios, because there are just seven basic types of Creative Spirits. If we may adapt the terminology used to describe the Reflective Spirits (275.2) 25:2.2, then we can say that "First Order" Creative Spirits are those from the First Superuniverse, because their personal natures are all like that of the First Master Spirit. And on to "Seventh Order" Creative Spirits, who hail from Orvonton and are in nature like the Seventh Master Spirit. (375.2) 34:1.3 There should be 100,000 First-Order Creative Trios and an equal number of each of the other six orders. In a certain sense, this appearance of seven orders of Creative Trios constitutes an extension of the influence of the Master Spirits in outer space. (See Appendix XIV § 5, Master Spirits and Creative Trios in the Primary Space Level.)

§ 4 mixed-age creator sons and creative spirits

We have come now to a consideration of those Universe Sons and Spirits who are of origin in the Second (present) Age, but who will not function as universe creators until the Third Age. Such beings could participate in the evolutionary growth of the Supreme in the present age; but only within certain limits, and not as creators. The creative adventure for such Universe Sons and Spirits will take place after the close of the present age — after the completion of the evolutionary growth of the Supreme. When such beings finally function and grow as creators, it will be in the post-supreme ages of the outer space universes, and their growth as creators will be post-supreme in nature.

Mixed-Age Creator Sons. Some of these Michaels are even now in existence and more of them are being created all of the time. How many such Sons there will be at the end of the present age is a matter of conjecture, but it might be a rather large number. Creator Sons are not inactive during the time of waiting for assignment to the universe adventure; they undergo educational training in Havona. (162.2) 14:6.27 They are also active in relation to ascending and descending pilgrims in Havona; the fourth Havona circuit contains seven worlds on which the reserve Michaels maintain schools of ministry to both groups of pilgrims. (293.5) 26:8.1 While these Sons regard Sonarington as their status sphere in the present age (148.4) 13:2.5, they also maintain certain secret colleges on Vicegerington. (250.4) 22:7.10 These citations all seem to indicate that a Michael receives rich experiential training before being commissioned as an organizer of a local universe. (203.7) 17:6.4 And all of this would further indicate that those Michaels who will not function as creators until the next age, are still undergoing intensive training in the problems and the affairs of the present age. And, if they are in training at the present time, then they are personally participating in the growth of the Supreme Being. But they are participating in this growth as pre-creators, not as creators.

Mixed-Age Creative Spirits. These Creative Spirits have differentiated within the Infinite Spirit, but are unassigned to local universe space sites. They are limited to the second stage of development. (203.7) 17:6.4) They cannot enter the third until they collaborate with the complemental Michael in the physical organization of a local universe. Such second-stage Spirits are "space-cognizant" and they have begun preliminary training for working with the associated Michael. (203.7) 17:6.4 Apparently this training takes place in Havona under the direction of the Circuit Spirits; this training is pre-personal. (162.7) 14:6.22 It is to be especially noted that all of this training is pre-personal.

Supreme and post-supreme growth of the Mixed-Age Creators. The basic natures of the Michaels could hardly differ, regardless of universe ages, because each one is an expression of Father-Son divinity. Similarly, a Creative Spirit starts out as an individualized presence of the Infinite Spirit. (374.3) 34:0.3 The pre-creator growth of the Michaels would involve personal participation in the evolutionary growth of the Supreme; the pre-creative growth of the second-stage Spirits would involve pre-personal participation in the growth of the Supreme.

When we consider the creative activities of these Universe Sons and Sprits in the Third Age and in the Primary Space Level, then we must recognize that the very potentials with which they will be working (and out of which they will bring forth their creations) will be post-supreme in nature. The pre-creator growth of these Mixed-Age Sons and Spirits will be a part of the growth of the Supreme; their growth as creators will be post-supreme. (See Appendix VII § 6, Post-Supreme Growth.)

§ 5 third-age creator sons and creative spirits

These are the Universe Sons and Spirits who will not make their appearance until after the close of the present age. Their entire experience — pre-creative and creative — will be in the Third and subsequent ages. They will be entirely post-supreme in all phases of experiential development. These Third-Age Sons and Spirits will be identical with all prior Universe Sons and Spirits in terms of basic endowment Paradise divinity. Their experiences as creators will parallel that of the Mixed-Age Sons and Spirits, for both groups will have their initial creative function on a space-stage that is post-supreme in terms of transformable potentials. (1298.7) 118:4.7; Appendix VII § 6)

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