Appendix XI. The Post-Supreme Ages

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The Grand Universe in the Third Age

Two Trinities, the Supreme and the Spirit-Supreme

The Supreme in The Inner and The Outer Universes

The Spirit and The Supreme

God the Sevenfold, and Creature Administrators

Finaliters and Others in The Outer Creations

Cytoplasmic Needs Expand Nuclear Functions

This Appendix will not deal with the subject of experiential growth in the post-supreme ages; this is the subject matter of Appendix VII, The Mechanisms of Experiential Growth. It is the purpose of this Appendix to attempt to bring together what we are told and what we may conjecture about the post-supreme ages. These are the four ages of the four outer space levels, the "outer universes." They are the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth universe ages. The developments of these ages also involve the central universe and the superuniverses, the "inner universes," for these older creations will participate in post-supreme growth along with the outer space levels.

As we visualize these post-supreme ages, they will be characterized by certain broad activities: The great outsurge of the personalities of the grand universe in the opening of the outer space creations; the quest for God the Ultimate, the emerging experiential deity of these ages; and the absonite quest for the Universal Father which will bring the great insurge of personalities, old and new, through the superuniverses and Havona to Paradise in the transcendental attempt to find, and to know, the Universal Father as Ultimate. (1287.5) 17:5.14 The quest for the Father as Supreme takes a long time; the quest for the Father as Ultimate will likely take very much longer.

§ 1 the grand universe in the third age

It is difficult enough to visualize the next universe age, let alone those that follow it. Most of this study will, therefore, give consideration to possible events in the Third Age. We might begin our survey by considering what is transpiring in the inner universes before turning our attention to the outer creations. We will start with Havona and work outward.

Havona in the Third Age. This is the third occasion that we have needed to consider the central creation. We studied pre-evolutionary Havona, Havona in the First Age. Then we considered Havona in the Second Age, when the evolutionary process entered the central creation at the time of the arrival of Grandfanda. What will Havona be like when the Second Age gives way to the Third? Consider the following:

(218.2) 19:4.5 Universal Censors personify the judgment of the Paradise Trinity.

(217.8) 19:4.2 There are one billion Censors in Havona; they are there in anticipation of the needs of future ages.

(221.6) 19:6.4 At some time in the future, Havona natives may stop entering the finaliter corps.

(222.1-4) 19:6.4-7 The population of Havona may sometime change; it may include such as the univitatia, Third-Age mortals, and outer space citizens.

(163.3) 14:6.41 The central universe has the capacity to serve as an absonite training universe for future ascenders.

We deduce that eternal Havona will change a second time. The evolutionary growth that began with Grandfanda will end, and some new (post-supreme) type of growth will begin. Havona will grow anew, and the kind of growth will also be new.

We know that Havona broke through the limitations of inherent perfection in the Second Age through expanding out into the imperfect time-space creations — the seven superuniverses. (1294.13) 118:0.13 Will Havona, for a second time, break through the limitations of growth in the post-supreme ages? If the Second Age brings finite experiential growth to Havona, will the Third Age bring new experiential growth of a superfinite (absonite) nature? We incline to the view that this will be the case; Havona will, a second time, rise above the destiny limits inherent in a given situation.

The superuniverses in the Third Age. We presume that there may be a "quiet time" between the universe ages that is analogous to the "quiet zone" between adjacent space levels. Such a quiet time would permit the complete consolidation of those sweeping changes that will attend the final emergence of the Supreme Being. If this is the case, then the opening of the Third Age finds the superuniverses long settled in light and life. Consider, then, what the Papers have to say about the superuniverses in the next age:

(1292.10) 117:7.17 Superuniverse citizens may be related to the Supreme Being much as the Havona natives are related to the Paradise Trinity.

(262.5) 23:4.4 Will the grand universe be generally administered by Trinity-origin beings? while their associates of dual- and single-origin are working in the outer universes?

(219.5) 19:5.4 Inspired Trinity Spirits will sometime replace the Solitary Messengers in the seven superuniverses.

(1163.12) 106:0.18 The status of light and life, as a growth limit, may be transcended in the next universe age.

(453.3) 40:10.8 Outer space citizens will be traversing Orvonton on their way to Havona and Paradise.

(ibid) Son-fused and Spirit-fused mortals will be providing an experiential balance of values that is carried forward from the Second Age.

To the outer-spacers, Orvonton will be as new and strange as Havona to the pilgrims of the present age. The superuniverses will attain the settled status of light and life by a long evolutionary process that is predicated on finite experience — and finite experience is something that will be entirely missing as concerns the creatures native to the outer space creations. (353.7) 31:10.11

There is another form of growth that may characterize Orvonton in the earlier epochs of the Third Age. This is lateral growth, growth in relation to other superuniverses. With the complete removal of all superuniverse boundaries (1292.9-10) 117:7.15-16 it will be possible for the culture of Orvonton to commingle with that of the six other supercreations. This is a post-supreme synthesis of the original diversity imposed by the Seven Master Spirits. (190.1) 16:5.1 and Appendix XIV § 1 - 3)

Nebadon in the Third Age. Our local universe is undoubtedly a typical creation and our speculations concerning its status in the Third Age would likely apply to any local universe. Concerning the affairs of Nebadon in the next universe age, we venture the following:

The Universe Son and Spirit have departed for outer space. Nebadon is no longer an active "creative unit" in the cosmos — the creators have departed. Nebadon has become more of an administrative unit, more on the order of the major and minor sectors. Any new creations would have to come from superuniverse sources, or from presently unknown sources. Even so, some creativity would still persist since both Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek do have limited creative powers. (77.7) 6:5.4; (416.2) 37:10.2

We speculate that Nebadon would be ruled by a regency commission consisting of Gabriel, the Father Melchizedek, and possibly the Union of Days. The entire administration might take on a trinitarian aspect, somewhat resembling the superuniverse government. We believe that Michael would continue to carry the title "Sovereign of Nebadon," and that the conjectured Regency Trio would rule in his name. (Can we possibly imagine the reception-celebration that Salvington would stage in connection with some of the rare visits of Michael of Nebadon to his old capital?)

Teacher Sons, Evening Stars, and finaliters would have long since departed for outer space (634.9) 55:10.9 The Inspired Trinity Spirits have replaced Solitary Messengers. (219.5) 19:5.4 If the midsoniters should receive the conjectured spirit of absonity (401.4) 36:4.8 then the ministry of God the Ultimate would begin to be directly operative in the local creation.

If univitatia should attain residential status in Havona (221.6) 19:6.4, then what might happen to the other orders of permanent citizens? susatia, spirit-fused mortals, Material Sons, and midsoniters (635.1) 55:10.10, and how about the spironga? (416.2) 37:10.2 and even the animal spornagia? (528.6) 46:7.8

We should be careful to remember that, at this future time, Nebadon is a post-supreme local universe. The old type of growth though finite experience is a thing of the past; at the same time, a new type of growth has become possible — post-finite growth. (1280.6) 117:2.6 This type of growth transcends the present limits of status in light and life. Finite experience and the memory of evolutionary growth would still be present in the administrators and others who were of origin in the Second Age. But it would be completely lacking in all natives who are of origin in the Third Age, an age of post-supreme growth.

Suppose, in the Third Age, death came to an end as a technique for terrestrial escape, enabling mortals from the inhabited worlds to translate directly to the estate of first-stage spirits. (It should be noted that some mortals of the present age almost achieve this destiny. (570.7, 10) 49:6.18, 21 Such direct translation, as a technique of terrestrial escape, would eliminate the entire morontia life as a feature of local universe existence. (624.2) 55:2.9 These mortals — or would they still be called by the name of "mortals?" — could hardly have seraphic guardians because seraphim are no longer being created; the Creative Spirit is not present in Nebadon. (It is possible that all the seraphim on duty would be members of the Seraphic Corps of Completion, hence more on the order of seconaphim in terms of their status and capacity for service. (441.5) 39:9.1

The question is raised as to whether the Third-Age "mortals" (beings lacking all finite experience) would still be destined to the finaliter corps. (631.6) 55:6.10 Would "mortals" still be Adjuster-, Son-, and Spirit-fused? They could still be Adjuster-fused, but hardly Son-, or Spirit-fused; the Creator Son is no longer present to endow mortals with his spirit. (449.6) 40:8.3 The Creative Spirit is also absent, and presumably could not endow such mortals with her spirit. (450.5) 40:9.3 Some entirely new order of mortal progression would undoubtedly supercede the method of the previous universe age.

The impact of the outer space citizens. As the Third Age progresses we can visualize the local universes, the superuniverses, and the central universe as swarming with the in-moving pilgrims from outer space. If our conception of the relative size of the outer space levels is at all reasonable (see Appendix XVI) then this in-pouring torrent of outer-spacers will grow larger and larger as progressively larger segments of the outer regions are opened. At some future time the outer space pilgrims are going to outnumber the native beings in the grand universe. Later on they may outnumber them by a very great margin.

§ 2 the two trinities in outer space

For the very first time in the development of the master universe there are two trinities in collaboration. We know that the Paradise Trinity functions on the level of ultimacy (113.6) 10:5.5, and that even the First Experiential Trinity is now a qualified reality (16.2) 0:12.5; both trinities are concerned with the ultimate level of Total Deity function. (2.10) 0:1.10 Consider the statements:

(1291.8) 117:7.4 The Trinity Ultimate could hardly function until the completion of the Supreme, but it is even now a qualified reality and the Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate are in existence.

(1166.4) 106:4.1 The Paradise Trinity now co-ordinates ultimate existences, but it does all this as a self-qualified absolute. The First Experiential Trinity will co-ordinate transcendentals as a transcendental.

Here are two significant differences: The action of the Paradise Trinity is an attenuation of absoluteness (it also is the action of an existential trinity); the action of the Trinity Ultimate is experiential and is not an attenuation of anything (this trinity is an absonite entity and it is dealing with absonite realities). Will the expanding function and the increasing unification of the First Experiential Trinity be attended by a corresponding withdrawal of the function of the Paradise Trinity? We surmise this is what will happen. (See Appendix X, The First Experiential Trinity.)

§ 3 the supreme in the inner and the outer universes

As we explore the future of the master universe new terms prove useful, such as the "inner" universes and the "outer" universes. And something similar to this kind of language is quite likely to develop in deep outer space, where the natives will lump all of us together — Paradisers, Havoners, superuniversers — as people from the "inner universes."

In the Third and subsequent ages the Supreme will still be functioning in the inner creations, and will be expanding to enlarged activities in the outer realms.

(1268.5) 116:0.5 The primary function of the Supreme Being is in the central universe where he operates as a spirit person.

(ibid) His secondary function is in the grand universe; he functions here as a sovereign, as a person of power.

(ibid) His tertiary function is of master-universe scope and three speculations are offered concerning his future function.

(a) The tertiary phase of Supremacy will have something to do with "the third level of Deity manifestation."

(b) The Supreme will expand as universe sovereign and will be a super-Almighty in the creations of outer space.

(c) (1269.4) 116:1.5He will give expression to some unknown aspect of mind. The mind of Supremacy is believed to have a latent potential for function that is master universe in scope.

(ibid) Both physical and spiritual growth seem to reach a final limit on worlds long settled in light and life, but growth of mind appears to be limitless.

In the outer space ages, we project a picture of possible threefold function of the Supreme Being: He is still operating in Havona in the spiritual sense; he is still functioning as almighty sovereign of the grand universe; and he has developed some new function, or functions, that spread out over the whole master universe. What is this new function, or functions?

We may examine the three speculations that are offered us in the Papers:

(a) The "third level of Deity manifestation." This statement is difficult to interpret unless it refers to some relationship with God the Absolute. We are informed that God the Absolute ". . . is the third level of unifying Deity expression and expansion." Such relationship on the part of the Supreme would seem to involve the Ultimate and would suggest collaboration in the Second Experiential Trinity. (See Appendix XIX, The Second Experiential Trinity.) We do not feel that the Trinity of Trinities is involved, since this trinity seems to be extra-master-universe in function. (Nevertheless, see Appendix XXIV, The Third Experiential Trinity.)

(b) The Supreme as super-Almighty. This suggests an extension of the present function of the Supreme as sovereign of the superuniverses, as a being of power. Perhaps the Supreme will in some manner be active in the administration of the outer creations. Perhaps this is one of the ways the Supreme will collaborate with the Spirit in outer space.

(c) An unknown potential of mind. The third speculation offered in the Papers concerns the expression of some latent potential of mind. Concerning the Supreme Mind we are informed as follows:

(1264.6) 115:4.7 It was bestowed by the Conjoint Actor and serves to unify the power of the Almighty with the spirit person of the Supreme.

(1269.2) 116:1.3 It is now emerging as an actuality through its work with God the Sevenfold in the development of the grand universe.

(5.13) 0:3.14 The actualizing Supreme Mind focalizes in Majeston as a time-space experience.

In Appendix XII § 2, Is there a Mind Aspect (to the present function) of God the Sevenfold? we raise the question of a possible sevenfold association that may culminate in the actualization of the mind of Supremacy.

We may be sure the Supreme Being will be quite active in the four ages of the outer universes. This study ventures the thought that he will be active in all three categories we have considered: as a collaborator in the third level of deity manifestation, as a sovereign of expanded power, and as an active expression of some new level of mind function (or mind ministry).

The Supreme Being will be an active participant in the postfinite growth adventure, and will benefit from the growth potentials of the post-supreme ages. These are the ages when personalities are participating in the master-universe growth experience with the Ultimate. (See Appendix VII § 6, Post-Supreme Growth; Growth in the Outer Universes.)

§ 4 the spirit and the supreme

In Appendix V, Association of Dual-Deity, we developed a principle that seems to have a good deal to do with the assignment of the universe administrators. The Dual-Deity associations seem to function out on the creative frontier. As these "frontier universes" are settled, becoming "inner creations" in relation to new "outer universes," the Dual-Deity administrators seem to give way to Trinity-origin administrators. Perhaps the Dual-Deity (and single-origin) administrators then move on to the creative frontier in the new outer universes.

The Father-Son partnership inaugurates the First Age, the Age of Havona, and immediately becomes a Trinity administration of the perfect central creation. The Son-Spirit partnership of the Second Age will eventually produce 700,000 perfected local universes and then will give way to the more extensive functioning of the Trinity-origin administrators. (262.5) 23:4.4 In light of this probable principle of universe administration, this shift from Dual-Deity to Trinity, consider this statement:

(1171.5) 106:8.12 The original partnership of Father-Son has been transformed to Son-Spirit and then to Spirit-Supreme.

If this principle of "Dual-Deity on the creative frontier" is valid, are we to expect a new manifestation of such a relationship in the outer space universes? Will this relationship be between the Supreme and the Infinite Spirit? Are the Master Spirits involved? And how about the Creative Spirits? Some of these relationships are very close, even in the present universe age.

(100.1) 9:1.7 / (1272.1) 116:4.2 The Infinite Spirit acts in many ways to make up for the incompleteness of the Supreme Being.

(ibid) The closeness is shared by the Master Spirits, especially by the Seventh Master Spirit, who can speak for the Supreme.

(1272.4) 116:4.3 The Master Spirits support the sovereignty of the Supreme and are, in turn, affected in their actions by his emerging purpose.

(186.2) 16:2.3 The Master Spirits distribute the Infinite Spirit to extra-Havona universes.

We find it difficult to visualize the further extension of the collaboration of the Infinite Spirit and the Supreme in outer space. If the Supreme is active in the outer universes, we are sure that he will collaborate with the very influential presences of the Master Spirits. (See Appendix XIV, Expanding Influence of the Master Spirits.) There could be, possibly, some new liaison with the Creative Spirits in outer space, but this is also difficult to visualize. We are, however, quite sure all of these Spirits will be active in the outer universes.

§ 5 god the sevenfold in the outer universes

A full discussion of the projected function of God the Sevenfold in outer space is covered in the Appendices:

Appendix XII Future Expansion of God the Sevenfold

Appendix XIII Evolution of Universe Sons and Spirits

Appendix XIV Expanding Influence of the Master Spirits

This study submits that God the Sevenfold will be intensely active in the outer creations and will be expanded in scope and function. The Universe Sons and Spirits are visualized as operating on two or three experiential and functional levels. We further project that the Master Spirits will continue to impart new combinations of their unique sevenfold natures to the environmental coloration of the principal segments of those outer space creations. (Appendix XV § 1 - 2)

§ 6 finaliters and others in the outer creations

Numerous groups of beings besides the finaliters may be assigned to the work of the administration of the outer universes:

(634.9) 55:10.9 A close relationship is developing between Creator Sons, Creative Spirits, Evening Stars, Teacher Sons, and the finaliters.

Deduction: All these beings are going to work together in the universes of outer space.

(233.1) 20:10.4 Magisterial Sons, together with Creator Sons and Teacher Sons, "function in the vanguard" of those beings who serve on the creative frontier of expanding Paradise divinity.

Speculation: If death ever ceased on the inhabited worlds, then the Magisterial Sons would be free to serve in the outer space creations.

(244.6) 22:1.5 The Trinity-embraced Sons have been assigned to the superuniverse administrations for the duration of the Second Age, but they have never been told this is an eternal assignment.

Speculation: Will the Mighty Messengers and their colleagues rejoin the finaliter corps in the remote future?

And there must be a great many other orders of beings who are going to find ultimate service-destiny in the space levels of the post-supreme universes.

The growth of finaliters. We are informed (348.3) 31:3.6 that finaliters, who are sixth-stage spirits, have yet to attain finality of growth in three ways:

(a) Ultimate spirit status

(b) Creature service

(c) Attainment of experiential deity.

We know that our experience of growth in the present universe age has to do with the development of the first three (of seven) dimensions of personality, and that the next three dimensions (fourth, fifth, and sixth) are presently completely dormant, being reserved for absonite growth. (1226.3) 112:1.9 It appears likely that, by far, the most of our growth will be post-supreme, and the entire story of the mortal ascent to Paradise and of finaliter service in the grand universe, is in the larger sense, just the beginning — a sort of kindergarten in relation to the higher and vaster levels of education and service that lie beyond the circumscribing horizons of the present universe age. (See Appendix IV § 8-B, Finaliters in the Post-Supreme Ages.)

In the superuniverse administration of the present age, it is necessary to complement the existential wisdom of the Sons of the Paradise Trinity with the experiential wisdom of evolutionary origin in time and space. So do the Perfectors of Wisdom require the complemental wisdom of their ascendant colleagues, the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. But it is believed that the post-supreme finaliters will embody both kinds of wisdom, and if so, they would ". . . become the most effective universe administrators ever to be known in all creation." (216.2-3) 19:2.5-6

Finaliters in relation to the Supreme. Our relationship to the Supreme in the Third and subsequent ages, is going to be a rather intimate one. Consider the following statements:

(1182.2) 107:5.6 When mortals reach the level of sixth-stage spirits, become finaliters, they transmute some liaison factor of mind which becomes a part of Supreme Mind.

(1286.1) 117:5.3 When mortals become seventh-stage spirits, in the Third Age, their dual minds (mortal and Adjuster) will become triune minds through union with the Supreme Mind of the completed Supreme Being.

(1286.2) 117:5.4 Seventh-stage-spirit finaliters will portray God the Supreme in their experiential natures, just as Jesus portrayed the Universal Father on his final bestowal.

If we are to have such a relationship to the God of Finite Experience, then we really may be able to compensate the outer space creatures for their complete lack of such finite experience. We are further informed (643.5) 56:8.2 that finaliters will truly know the Supreme and that ". . . they are destined to the service and the revelation of this Supreme Deity . . ." in the realms of outer space.

§ 7 cytoplasmic need expands nuclear functions

In Chapter IV of our study, we developed the concept of nuclear and cytoplasmic universes. For purposes of this discussion it is enough to say that the grand universe is a nuclear universe in relation to the outer space, or cytoplasmic universes. In each such relationship the cytoplasmic creations are lacking something that is present in the nucleus. The outer space universes are going to suffer from a complete lack of finite experience; and finite experience is the very essence of the experiential nature of the evolutionary superuniverses. Consider the statements:

(643.5) 56:8.2 Finaliters are destined to the service of the Supreme Being and to the revelation of the Supreme in outer space.

(1280.6) 117:2.6 They will compensate the outer-spaces for their inability participate in the growth of the Supreme Being.

(353.7) 31:10.11 The outer universes will be completely lacking in the potential for finite experience.

This lack of finite experience in the cytoplasmic outer universes provides the opportunity for enlarged service on the part of all the inhabitants of the grand universe. Grand-universers incorporate in their experiential natures the essence of the Supreme Being, and this is the particular factor that is missing from the experience-potential of outer space.

An analogous deficiency characterizes the present age. (353.8-10) 31:10.12-14 Superuniverse natives — particularly human beings — are completely devoid of that divine perfection which is so characteristic of the creatures of Havona and Paradise. Our imperfection is a challenge to these perfect beings, beings who were created in that perfection which is our distant goal. Our present need is their opportunity for enhanced service. And in this service they break through an otherwise-impassable barrier to growth that is inherent in created perfection. Evolutionary growth can be superimposed on even created perfection.

In Appendix IV § 1 (d), Expansion of Destiny in the Successive Ages, we observe that each new age enables the inhabitants of the preceding age to rise above the previous limits of growth. Havona adds evolutionary growth to the limitations of eternal perfection. In the present universe age, the superuniverses are limited to the status of settlement in light and life, but they will undoubtedly break through this limit to new levels of destiny in the post-supreme ages of the future.

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