Appendix IX. The Chronology of Local Universes

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Ultimate Physical Beginnings

The Associate Force Organizers

Power Centers and Physical Controllers

Physical Organization of The Local Universe

Creation and Administrative Organization

A Universe of Inhabitation and Mortal Ascension

The Bestowals and The Rebellions

The Post-Bestowal Eras

In previous Appendices we studied the mechanism of experiential growth and the techniques involved in this process. One of the objectives of this Appendix is to observe something of the growth process (especially the creative and the evolutionary techniques) as it operates in a local universe. It is also the purpose of this Appendix to bring together what the Papers have to say about the chronology of a local creation. What is the exact sequence of events from the physical emergence of a nebula, through the ensuing developments, to the era of light and life? This study will be based on the story of our universe (Nebadon) because we have been told more about it than any other.

§ 1 ultimate physical beginnings

We doubt that the record of the ultimate physical beginnings of Nebadon is even in the archives of Uversa. If it is, then it was not available (long ago) to the Uversa Council of Equilibrium (324.4) 29:4.2, because this council of Associate Force Organizers had to be informed that certain space conditions in the superuniverse had become favorable for the materialization of a nebula. (651.5-6) 57:1.3-4 We suspect that the record of the ultimate beginnings of the Andronover nebula (a component of the universe of Nebadon) is to be found only in the westerly regions of Paradise (350.4) 31:8.1, in the archives of the Architects of the Master Universe. These Architects are the supervisors of the Primary Force Organizers (352.5) 31:9.12, and are the projectors and planners of the material creations. (357.4) 32:0.4 As the Papers present the story, the Andronover nebula was initiated in three steps, the latter two of which involved the Primary Force Organizers — those beings who perform the original work of beginning the materialization of the physical creations of space. (329.5) 29:5.5 These three steps were as follows:

(a) At some distant point in time (and it seems likely this was considerably more than 1,000 billion years ago) some modification took place in a certain portion of the space potency of the Unqualified Absolute which caused it to become potentially responsive to the passive presence of the Primary Force Organizers. (469.5) 42:2.5 Possibly this modification was brought about by the space-force mechanism situated on Nether Paradise. (469.4, 7) 42:2.4, 7 It will be recalled that space potency pervades all (universe) space, and it is the original pre-reality potential from which all physical reality ultimately emerges. (126.4-5) 11:8.8-9; Appendix II § 2)

(b) At some later point in time the Primary Force Organizers arrived in the region of Orvonton where that particular volume of space potency had become infused with the capacity to respond to their passive presence — to become segregated from the total space presence of the Unqualified Absolute. The passive presence of the Primary Force Organizers was the only requirement necessary to transform this particular volume of space potency into primordial force. (469.7-8) 42:2.7-8; (470.1) 42:2.10

(c) At a still later point in time (and this, also, may be more than 1,000 billion years ago) these Primary Force Organizers began their active work in the transmutation of this primordial force into the first stage of emergent energy — puissant energy. (329.5) 29:5.5; (470.1-2) 42:2.10-11 This is a physical evolution away from pre-gravity-responding force toward a form of energy that is beginning to show an initial or directional response to the collective influences of Nether Paradise. (470.2) 42:2.11) The "collective influences" of Nether Paradise are discussed on page 122 - (122.1) 11:5.1, "Nether Paradise."

None of the manipulations involving space potency, primordial force, or puissant energy, would be detected by observers of the superuniverse of neighboring local universes — the star students. (338.20) 30:3.2; (339.1) 30:3.4 There is nothing to detect (much less observe) until physical mass makes its appearance, and basic physical mass does not make its appearance until puissant energy has been carried forward still another step to the birth of the ultimatons.

(Even so, ultimatonic mass is not physical mass as we would understand that word. We would not recognize mass until the ultimatons had matured to the next stage of physical evolution — to the electronic and atomic stages of material organization, which is mass by human standards. (476.6) 42:6.4

We do not know how long the Primary Force Organizers worked in the space regions of the Andronover pre-nebula. The Papers state they "had long been in full control" (651.4) 57:1.2 when their labors were discovered, 987 billion years ago, by an Associate Force Organizer then serving as an "acting inspector" attached to the government of Orvonton. (651.5) 57:1.3 It is interesting to note that the work of the Primary Force Organizers apparently goes on unknown to the superuniverse authorities, and that it devolves upon these authorities to discover just what the Primary Force Organizers have been doing in the space regions under their jurisdiction. (As the Papers point out, knowledge is inherently present only on Paradise; an ". . . understanding of the physical universe is largely dependent on observation and research." (339.2) 30:3.6

The Orvonton high commissioners of power, the Associate Force Organizers serving as the Uversa Council of Equilibrium (324.4) 29:4.2, authorized the discoverer of the Andronover pre-nebula to proceed with the initiation of mass materialization. This permit was issued 900 billion years ago, and this date marks the transition from the jurisdiction of the Primary Force Organizers operating out of Paradise to that of the Associate Force Organizers operating out of Uversa. (651.6) 57:1.4-5

§ 2 the associate force organizers

We have definite dates that set off the era of the Associate Force Organizers. The era began 900 billion years ago (ibid) when the discoverer of the Andronover pre-nebula left Uversa with his staff, and ended around 25 billion years later when the power directors of the superuniverse assumed jurisdiction. (652.2-3) 57:1.6-7

The Associate Force Organizers are the actual initiators of the whirling nebulae of space. The circularity of nebular motion is started by their physical presence when they move at right-angles to the plane of projected rotation. This is the birth of a nebula, and this is what happened in the Andronover regions 875 billion years ago. (652.2) 57:1.6 The number of the Andronover nebula is 876,926. (ibid) This number could be either a grand universe serial number or an Orvonton serial. It seems more likely it is an Orvonton serial and that Andronover ws the 876,926th nebula to be initiated in the seventh superuniverse.

The Associate Force Organizers go to work on a space field of puissant energy — the physical end-product of their predecessors in function. They inaugurate the nebular whirl, and at the same time begin the transmutation of this puissant energy into gravity energy. This constitutes the actual materialization of basic mass — the birth of ultimatons. Ultimatons are directly responsive to the circular and absolute gravity of the Isle of Paradise. (470.3) 42:2.12 (But, this is not "mass" as we would understand the word. Ultimatons are the components of electrons, and pre-electronic mass is a material reality we would not recognize as physical mass.)

The Associate Force Organizers are quite capable of continuing on indefinitely in the supervision of the emerging nebular masses. They actually do this in the material creations of the outer space levels, but in the superuniverses it is customary for them to retire after a given point in nebular evolution. Their places are then assumed by the power centers and the physical controllers of the superuniverse concerned. (329.6) 29:5.16 Apparently the physical management of a superuniverse is the concern of the Associate Force Organizers who are commissioned by the Master Spirits as high commissioners of power, and who serve in each supercreation as the Council of Equilibrium. It is this council that dispatches the physical controllers to the superuniverse spheres of service. (324.4) 29:4.2

§ 3 power centers and physical controllers

The physical evolution of a local universe is a technical challenge to the power centers and physical controllers. They are intelligent, the higher orders have Third-Source Personality, and possess a high order of volition (321.1) 29:2.9, and the challenge which they accept is to bring about material equilibrium (physical order) and to demonstrate the dominance of mind over energy. (1274.4) 116:5.14

It is likely the Uversa Council of Equilibrium dispatched the power centers to Andronover (and, perhaps, to other materializing near-by nebulae) to take over from the retiring Associate Force Organizers. Possibly this original group included the full complement of power centers that were to be eventually assigned to the local universe of Nebadon (456.3-4) 41:1.3-4, as follows:

100 fourth-order centers, Local Universe Power Centers
1,000 fifth-order centers, Constellation Power Centers
10,000 sixth-order centers, Local System Power Centers

Perhaps it is during such physically unsettled times that the seventh-order centers, the Unclassified Centers (322.3) 29:2.19, are utilized in considerable numbers in dealing with the special problems associated with the mobilization and disintegration of the whirling nebulae. And we should remember, at this distant time there were no local systems, no constellations — no Nebadon.

It is logical to assume that the Uversa Council of Equilibrium also dispatched to these regions an appropriate number of Master Physical Controllers, the mobile associates of the unmoving power centers. (324.4) 29:4.2 What might constitute an "appropriate number" is a matter of conjecture, but we know that the System of Satania now has a complement of one-half million of these beings. (457.3) 41:2.4 Unless these numbers have increased in the intervening years, this would mean a complement of around five billion as the quota for an entire local universe.

These power centers and physical controller labored alone for a long time in the mobilizing and later-disintegrating nebulae that were to be sometime assembled into the local universe of Nebadon. This era began about 875 billion years ago (652.2-3) 57:1.6-7 and it ended around 400 billion years ago with the arrival of the Creator Son. (1309.1) 119:0.7 We are not informed concerning the work of the power centers and physical controllers in regard to the other nebulae that became components of the universe of Nebadon; we know about their work only in Andronover, the nebular ancestor of our own sun. (655.4) 57:4.8

During these times the power centers and physical controllers fostered the further evolution of energy from the ultimatonic stage, through the electronic stages, to the organization of atomic matter. This means the beginning of the appearance of gross mass and linear gravity — physical space bodies and physical gravity as we understand these phenomena. (470.2) 42:2.14; (476.3-5) 42:6.2 With this appearance of gross mass, around 800 billion years ago, Andronover became detectable to the observers of near-by creations through their use of the technique of "gravity estimation." But there was still virtually nothing to "see." (652.5) 57:2.2 At this stage of nebular development it is doubtful that Andronover would have been discernible to Urantian astronomers.

The power centers and physical controllers held sole jurisdiction over the Andronover nebula during its primary stage, the time of in-gathering energy mobilization. During this period the height of energy mobilization was attained; Andronover acquired its maximum mass, all of which was held in the in-gathering grasp of gravity. The nebula was then a gaseous space body and gravity was working to convert space-gas into solid matter. This activity extended from around 800 billion to 500 billion years ago. (652.5-7) 57:2.2-4; (653.1-6) 57:3.1-6 Sometime during this period Andronover probably would have become discernible to human astronomers as one of the circular nebulae of space.

About 500 billion years ago the out-going period of nebular evolution began — the first sun was born. The distributive force of motion was beginning to become more powerful than the cohesive force of gravity. After the attainment of the maximum of mass the nebula continued to whirl — faster and faster. In time, the out-going force of the whirling motion overcame the in-pulling force of gravity and the nebula entered upon its second stage — the spiral stage; matter then began to escape from the complete gravity-control of the nebular nucleus. (653.3-6) 57:3.3-6 It was during this secondary nebular stage that Michael of Nebadon, with his Creative Consort, arrived at the space-site of Andronover to take possession of his cosmic leasehold.

§ 4 physical organization of the local universe

Michael arrived in the Andronover regions 400 billion years ago (1309.1) 119:0.7, accompanied by the Creative Spirit. (204.2) 17:6.6 At the time of his arrival this Creator Son had been in existence for some time; for how long we do not know, but during his pre-Nebadon career he had been trained as a universe administrator in the central universe. (162.2) 14:6.27 His Creative Associate (after becoming differentiated from the Infinite Spirit) had entered the second stage of her career, the stage of preliminary creatorship training, under the tutelage of the Circuit Spirits in Havona. (162.7-8) 14:6.32-33

Michael arrived as the first stage sovereign of a (potential) local universe; this is initial vicegerent sovereignty. (237.7) 21:3.5 His authority to organize the universe of Nebadon came from the Paradise Trinity and was concurred in by the Master Spirit of Orvonton. This was his warranty, his "cosmic leasehold." (237.3) 21:3.1 He had also received the technical approval of the Master Architects for his assignment to the space site concerned. (352.7) 31:9.14

With the arrival of the Creator Son the power centers and physical controllers began the construction of the capital sphere — the architectural world of Salvington. When the Salvington cluster was completed, they began the construction of the 100 headquarters clusters of the constellations. The headquarters clusters of the 10,000 local systems were built over a longer period of time, the last of them having been completed only five billion years ago. (654.1) 57:3.8

The arrival of the Creative Spirit immediately defined the local universe. She had already become "space cognizant" as a part of her creatorship training (203.7) 17:6.4, enabling her to recognize a given "space domain" as her own, and this domain she then pervaded and still pervades. (377.4) 34:3.8 Whatever is in the local universe of Nebadon is within the space presence of the Creative Spirit; whatever is outside of her space presence is outside of the local universe of Nebadon. (455.1) 41:0.1

Now this question immediately arises: What was (and is) included in her space presence? We know Andronover was included, and we know that other "nebulae" were also included. (455.3) 41:0.3 We know that Andronover produced 1,013,628 suns (655.4) 57:4.8, but what does this mean in terms of inhabited (or inhabitable) worlds? If we take the system of Satania as an example (359.7) 32:2.10, it is possible to work out the following tabulation of the distribution of such worlds in physical systems — solar systems:

Classification of Physical Systems Total Systems Total Worlds
Number having four inhabited worlds 1 4
Number having three inhabited worlds 4 12
Number having two inhabited worlds 46 92
Number having one inhabited world 511 511
Totals of systems and worlds 562 619

By this tabulation we find that the 619 worlds of the Satania system are distributed in 562 physical systems — presumably solar systems like our own. This is an average of 1.09363 worlds for each physical system. We can round out this fraction to one and one-tenth worlds and still be reasonably accurate. If we multiply the total of the Andronover suns (1,013,628) by one and one-tenth, it comes to 1,114,991; this assumes that each Andronover sun is the center of a physical system of some sort. Since each local universe is designed to have ten million inhabited worlds (167.12) 15:2.20, it follows that we are short by a considerable number — 8,885,009 to be exact. It appears that at least nine nebulae the size of Andronover would be required for a local universe.

There is another calculation we can make, and perhaps a more accurate one. We are informed (458.1) 41:2.1 there are over 2,000 suns in Satania; we also know that such a local system is intended to have approximately 1,000 inhabited worlds. (559.2) 49:0.2 This gives us a ratio of about one-half world for each sun. Based on this ratio, the 1,013,628 Andronover suns would have 506,814 inhabited worlds — 9,493,186 short of the projected ten million. On this basis it would take about twenty nebulae the size of Andronover to constitute a local universe.

We know there was more than just Andronover, but we cannot estimate how many more nebulae were included in Nebadon. Nebulae vary greatly in size, some local universes have been physically organized out of a single nebula (169.5-6) 15:4.5-6; but regardless of the exact number, we do know there were at least three — and probably several more. (455.3) 41:0.3

This raises another interesting question — how were all of these diverse nebulae finally assembled into "the local star cloud of Nebadon" which now follows an orbit around the Sagittarius center of the minor sector of Ensa? (455.4) 41:0.4 This was apparently accomplished as follows:

(a) All of these physical systems ". . . had a certain minimum commonness of space motion . . ." (455.3) 41:0.3 We interpret this to mean that none of them were moving in irreconcilable directions in relation to the others; all of them had a reasonably common direction of motion.

(b) The power centers and the physical controllers intelligently worked to bring this about. (ibid) The same centers and controllers who preceded Michael continued to work with him in the labors of physical organization. (358.4) 32:2.2

(c) The Creator son has ". . . a little-understood attribute of material control." His presence was fixed on Salvington until the gross equilibrium of the local universe had been worked out. (359.2) 32:2.5; (1274.3) 116:5.13 We would interpret these statements to mean that the various motions of the various nebulae had to be correlated to the point that the entire physical aggregation would be held together in a star cloud by the natural and mutual attraction of local gravity. (359.2) 32:2.5 This was not the attainment of final equilibrium, but it did represent the achievement of initial and gross equilibrium.

(d) The local universe took shape, not only because of the work of the power centers and physical controllers, but also because of the space presence and by the physical powers of the Creative Spirit. She then possessed all the attributes of physical control that are present in the Conjoint Actor, including the endowment of antigravity. (375.5) 34:2.2 We regard the operations of a Creative Spirit in this era as something like that of a "super-power center."

In these early days of physical organization the Universe Son and Spirit were concerned with the working out of the gross material equilibrium of their new realm. The Papers speak of these times as ". . . the long and arduous period of . . . material organization . . ." (204.2) 17:6.6 Both Son and Spirit are reactive to material realities so they are able to function jointly in this project. (374.2) 34:0.2 The Son provided the basic patterns (374.3) 34:0.3 and also worked as an actual manipulator of physical energy. (358.3) 32:2.1 His creative associate was literally a local focalization of the Third Source and Center as the Infinite Manipulator (101.1) 9:3.1, and so functioned as to transform the "energy creation" provided by the Son into "physical substances" (374.3) 34:0.3, and otherwise exercised her endowment of "inherent physical control." (357.7) 32:1.3

In these early days of universe history the Creator Son had, as a personal staff, only 1,000 tertiaphim. These ministering spirits, described as beings of "divine originality and near-supreme versatility," were the gift of the Infinite Spirit. They remained with Michael until the creation of the first beings native to Nebadon — Gabriel and his staff. (306.8-9) 28:1.2-3

Some 300 billion years ago Michael's staff arrived on Salvington. (654.2) 17:3.9 We are not informed as to the personnel of this staff, but it may have included such beings as the Union of Days, the Faithfuls of Days, the Associate Inspector, the Assigned Sentinels, and such technical personnel as the Universe Circuit Supervisors and the Census Director. (370.6) 33:5.1; (371.1) 33:5.3; (413.8) 37:8.5; (413.6-7) 37:8.3-4 At about this same time the Orvonton government recognized Nebadon as a physical creation.

§ 5 creation and administrative organization

We do not know exactly when Michael and the Creative Spirit began the Life Creation Era in Nebadon, but we do know this event falls between two dates — after 400 billion years ago, which is the time of Michael's arrival (1309.1) 119:0.7, and before 200 billion years ago, which is the date of the oldest inhabited world in the local universe. (654.3) 17:3.10 As we have done elsewhere (Appendix XVII § 1) we elect to assume that life creation began at a time midway between these two dates — around 300 billion years ago. This era (of life creation) is still continuing, at least as concerns the creative activities of the Universe Spirit. (418.6) 38:1.3

The dawn of the Life Creation Era brought simultaneous changes in the status of the Universe Son and Spirit. The Son entered upon the second phase of universe sovereignty — conjoint vicegerent sovereignty. (237.8) 21:3.6 The "conjoint" nature of this new status was in recognition of the enhanced personality qualities of the Creative Spirit. The Spirit entered upon her fourth stage of existence when her impersonal presence partook of personality qualities. (204.3) 17:6.7 This was a contribution made by the Paradise Trinity, through the Orvonton Master Spirit. She became thus "personalized" in accordance with the unique nature of the Orvonton Master Spirit. (374.4; 375.2) 34:1.3 This event marked the end of her labors in the physical organization of the universe; thereafter she operated as a spiritual creator, and from her presence there issued the spirit circuits of the local creation. (374.3) 34:0.3; (375:1) 34:1.2 She also began to function as the local universe source of mind (378.2) 34:4.8 and exercised the same gravity-control of such mind as would the Conjoint Actor, if present. (375.5) 34:2.2

When the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit engaged in their first act of creation they brought into existence the "first-born" of the local universe — Gabriel, the chief executive. (359.3) 32:2.6 For a time Gabriel worked all alone with the Universe Son and Spirit. Eventually he was provided with a staff of (unrevealed) helpers in the administration of the executive branch of the universe government. (406.12) 37:1.10

After the creation of Gabriel and his staff, the Universe Son and Spirit entered into a new liaison. The issue of this creative union was the Father Melchizedek, first assistant to Gabriel, and (with the Son and the Spirit) co-creator of the order of the Melchizedeks. (384.4) 35:1.1

Following the creation of the Melchizedeks, the order of Vorondadeks was brought into existence — these are the Constellation Fathers (389.5) 35:5.1; then followed the Lanonandeks, the third order of sonship. (392.1) 35:8.1 After this, the Universe Son and Spirit entered into liaison with one of the Uversa Ancients of Days in the triune creation of the Life Carriers (396.2) 36:1.1; then, in accordance with the plans of the Melchizedeks, the Son and Spirit created the Evening Stars. (407.1) 37:2.1 Following these creative episodes the Son and Spirit brought into existence the archangels (408.4) 37:3.1, the susatia, the univitatia (414.12-13) 37:9.7-8, and doubtless a host of other orders of beings not mentioned in the Papers. (416.6) 37:10.6

When the creative liaison between the Son and the Spirit had completed this cycle of activity, the Son, functioning alone, brought into existence the original Adam and Eve in each local system. (415.1) 37:9.9. Meantime the Spirit had also begun to work as a solitary creator in the production of the "first-born angel" (420.6) 38:5.1, certain "pattern angels," and the seraphic hosts and their associates. (418.4) 38:1.1

The appearance of these manifold orders made it possible to begin the organization of the government of the local universe and its subdivisions. The Melchizedek university opened its doors for the first time and the Lanonandeks were its first students (392.2) 35:8.2; they emerged from these studies classified and eligible for commissions as System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes. (392.3-6) 35:8.3-6 The seraphic schools began their first educational work; our native seraphim were initially taught by a group of 1,000 foreign seraphim (420.6) 38:5.1 on temporary loan from a neighboring local universe — Avalon. (418.5) 38:1.2 In due time the personnel for the administration of the constellations and the local systems was in existence and had been trained, and these administrative units of the local universe must have been established one by one over a considerable period of time. We know that the last system government to be organized must have been established about five billion years ago. (654.1) 57:3.8

What was it that made the local universe into an integrated and efficient unit even after the administrative organization of Nebadon and its subdivisions? It was not just the space presence of the Creative Spirit; neither was it the physical cohesion as a star cloud. That which made the universe into a cohesive and efficient unit was the ". . . vast complex of communication lines, energy circuits, and power lanes . . ." that bound together all of the space bodies concerned into a single "integrated administrative unit." (455.5) 41:1.1 This was the contribution of all intelligences concerned, but particularly the contribution of the power centers and the physical controllers.

§ 6 a universe of inhabitation and mortal ascension

We are informed that the oldest inhabited worlds in the local universe date from 200 billion years ago. When evolutionary human beings appeared on the worlds of Nebadon, then the full mechanism of the local universe began to function; it was then that the Orvonton government recognized Nebadon ". . . as a universe of inhabitation and progressive mortal ascension." (654.3-4) 57:3.10-11

In the meantime the physical evolution of Andronover continued. The nebula completed its secondary stage of growth, as a spiral, and entered upon the two final stages of sun dispersion. The first of these periods of maximum sun formation began 75 billion years ago and continued for 50 billion years. (654.5-9) 57:3.12; 57:4.1-4 A time of relative physical stability followed this era, which, in turn, was followed by the terminal convulsions of the disintegrating nebula. From eight billion to six billion years ago Andronover passed through its final eruption; only the more remote physical systems were safe at that time. (655.2-3) 57:4.6-7

If the oldest inhabited worlds go back as far as 200 billion years, and if life was being implanted on worlds all during this time, then there could have been a sizable number of spheres of human habitation when the final period of nebular disruption threatened all but the most out-lying physical systems. Are these times when a planet is depopulated by the technique of dematerialization, and the whole human race is transported from a doomed world to a new planet? (582.3) 51:2.3 A planet might be serviceable for mortal habitation for nearly 200 billion years and then face destruction in a major astronomic catastrophe. But what is the new world like? Does it have its own, or imported vegetative and animal life? These and a score of other questions come to mind, but the Papers are silent concerning these matters.

Our own sun was born six billion years ago, near the end of Andronover's terminal eruption; only 56 suns emerged from the nebula after our sun. (655.4) 57:4.8 Our solar system was drawn out of the sun by the near-approach of another physical system; this happened four and one-half billion years ago. (655.8-9) 57:5.3-4 Our planetary history is reckoned as beginning about one billion years ago (660.3) 57:8.1, but the Life Carriers planted life on this sphere only 550 million years ago. (667.6) 58:4.2 Man made his evolutionary appearance on our world just a little less than a million years ago, in 991,474 B.C. (710.6) 62:7.7 and we were then registered as an inhabited world — number 606 in the system of Satania. (559.3) 49:0.3

During the next 800,000 years after the registration of our world human life evolved on only one additional world in Satania. There were 607 inhabited worlds in the system at about the time of the Lucifer rebellion (601.3) 53:1.1, about 200,000 years ago (604.3) 93:4.1; however, during the 200,000 years since the rebellion human life has evolved on 12 additional planets in our system. (559.2-3) 49:0.2-3

§ 7 the bestowals and the rebellions

The era of Michael's bestowals started about one billion years ago and the seven bestowals occurred at intervals of about 150 million years. (1309.1) 119:0.7 During this period the Creator Son entered upon the third phase of sovereignty, augmenting vicegerent sovereignty, as his authority in Nebadon was advanced step by step with the progression of the bestowals. (238.1) 21:3.7

Relative to the total history of Nebadon, this era of the bestowals is a rather short period of time. It began, as we have noted, about a billion years ago and ended a little over 1900 years ago on Urantia. If we reckon Nebadon history as beginning with the oldest inhabited worlds (200 billion years ago), then the era of the bestowals works out as about one-half of one percent of this total time span — like a comparison of six weeks to a hundred years.

The era of the bestowals is also the era of the rebellions. There have been three system rebellions in the local universe (393.7) 35:9.6 and they all fall well within this same relatively short time span of one billion years.

We know this much about these three rebellions:

(a) The first rebellion occurred around 850 million years ago. It was in the system of Polonia — system 11 of constellation 37. This rebellion was instigated by the System Sovereign, Lutentia, and it was "widespread and disastrous." On his second bestowal Michael served as acting Sovereign of Palonia. (1311.4) 119:2.5

(b) The second rebellion probably occurred around 600 million years ago. It happened in system 87 of constellation 61. (1312.3) 119:3.1 We are not informed that this rebellion was particularly widespread. For this reason it seems likely that this was the rebellion in which Lanaforge (now Sovereign of Satania) was the assistant system sovereign, and in which he seized the reins of government when the sovereign rebelled. This action was so very effective "that comparatively few personalities were lost." (511.3) 45:2.3 Michael's third bestowal was in this system; he served as acting Planetary Prince of planet number 217, while incarnated as a Material Son. (1312.4-5) 119:3.5-6

(c) The third rebellion was the Lucifer rebellion in the system of Satania. (601.1) 53:0.1 It occurred 200,000 years ago (604.3) 53:4.1, and it was the most widespread of the three upheavals. (511.1) 45:2.1 Michael dealt with this rebellion 1900 years ago in connection with his seventh bestowal, as the Son of Man on Urantia. (1327.2) 120:2.2; (1331.2) 120:4.1

Does significance attach to the fact that the era of the bestowals was also the era of the rebellions? Pause to consider that the System Sovereign (and the Planetary Princes) have been commissioned at least as long as there have been any inhabited worlds — and this goes back 200 billion years. (654.3-4) 57:3.10-11 All during this long span of time there was not a single system rebellion; then three of them occurred, all in the era of the bestowals — a time span of only one billion years. During this period of the bestowals did the local universe go through some sort of final test of unsettlement and temporary instability? Was this a preliminary to the attainment of the more settled status inherent in the post-bestowal sovereignty of the Creator Son? We are quite sure there is a significant relationship between the rebellions and the bestowals — but we are not sure as to what it is.

It is interesting to note that the era of the bestowals begins about the time the physical history of our world had its beginning — about one billion years ago. (660.3) 57:8.1 Life was established on our world 550 million years ago (667.6) 58:4.2, between the times of the third and the fourth bestowals. (1309.1) 119:0.7 We were in the marine-life era at the time of the fifth bestowal (676.5) 59:3.1, and were just entering the early land-life era at the time of the sixth bestowal. (686.1) 60:1.5 The seventh bestowal took place on our world a little less than 2,000 years ago. (1351.5) 122:8.1

When the seventh and final bestowal had been completed, Michael entered upon the fourth stage of rulership — supreme sovereignty, settled sovereignty. (282.2) 21:3.8 At this same time the Creative Spirit entered the fifth stage of her career. These joint progressions were completed when the Spirit acknowledged Michael's sovereignty, and when he acknowledged her equality. (204.4) 17:6.8

§ 8 the post-bestowal eras

Nebadon's post-bestowal history is very short — less than 2000 years. This era will apparently go on and on, until the entire local universe is settled in light and life. How distant an event is this? We do not know, but we can make some rough estimations.

Life implantation on the evolutionary worlds started in Nebadon about 200 billion years ago and has continued ever since, but the universe still has less than 40 percent of its projected number of inhabited worlds. The last registry indicated 3,840,101 inhabited worlds (359.6) 32:2.9; the plans call for ten million. (167.12) 15:2.21

Our local system is somewhat farther along than the whole universe, it is abut 62 percent started — 619 inhabited worlds out of a projected 1000. There are 36 more about ready for life implantation, and nearly 200 that will be ready in a few million years. (559.2-3) 49:0.2-3 Thus, approximately 850 worlds are now inhabited or will be inhabited in the not-too-remote future.

If the past is any criterion, then life implantation will go on for several hundred billion years in the future. This probably means that the settlement of Nebadon in light and life is not an imminent event. Sometime during this long period Michael will enter upon the fifth stage of his universe rule, augmenting supreme sovereignty, when not all, but the greater portion of the universe, will be settled in light and life. (283.3) 21:3.9

When the whole local creation is settled in light and life (Paper 55), then the Creator Son will enter the sixth stage of rulership — trinitarian sovereignty. (238.4) 21:3.10 At the same time the Creative Spirit will enter upon the (unrevealed) sixth stage of her development. (204.5) 17.6.9

There is a seventh stage of development that pertains to both the Creator Son (283.5) 21:3.11 and the Creative Spirit (204.6) 17:6.10, but this stage probably relates to events beyond the horizon of the present universe age. (Our study concerning the further evolution of the Universe Sons and Spirits is continued in Appendix XIII.)

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