Appendices to A Study of the Master Universe

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Appendices to A Study of the Master Universe

A Further and More Detailed Development of Concepts of The Urantia Book
William S. Sadler, Jr.

Second Society Foundation
Chicago, Illinois

After many years of dedicated study and contemplation of the Urantia Papers, William S. Sadler, Jr. wrote A Study of the Master Universe in which he developed concepts of The Urantia Book. He also wrote 31 Appendices to A Study of the Master Universe – of which 27 were completed and are contained herein.

His untimely death November 22, 1963, prevented him from seeing the fruits of his labor in print, whereby he could share his deep insight with all who might be interested. No major change was made in his original work, only minor editing.


Appendix I. Master Universe Antecedents

The First Universe Age
Source Relationships in Eternity
The Zero Age
The Pre-Zero Concept
Before Pre-Zero
Footnote: Reversible Sequence in Eternity
Appendix II. Paradise and the Master Universe
Space Bestowal of Paradise
Paradise Bestowal of Space Potency
Time Bestowals of Paradise
Paradise Magnitudes
Appendix III. Space Levels of the Master Universe
Definition of Space
The Boundaries of Space
An Inventory of the Six Space Levels
Footnote: Paradoxes in Cosmology
Appendix IV. The Universe Ages
Succession and Relationships of Universe Ages
Experiential Deity in Successive Ages
God the Sevenfold in Successive Ages
Havona — Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
The Superuniverses in Successive Ages
Local Universes in Successive Ages
Trinitized (And Trinity-Embraced) Beings
Finaliters in Successive Ages
Appendix V. Dual-Deity in the Universe Ages
Dual-Deity Pioneers; Trinity Consolidates
The Progressions of Dual-Deity Partnerships
The Father-Son Partnership
The Son-Spirit Partnership
The Spirit-Supreme Partnership
Dual-Deity in the Post-Ultimate Age
Appendix VI. Total Deity in the Universe Ages
The Seven Levels of Total Deity Function
Pre-Creative Levels of Total Deity Function
Paradoxes in the Status of Havona
The Existential Mechanism
Experiential Mechanisms of Total Deity Function
The Second Universe Age
The Post-Supreme Ages
The Existential-Experiential Mechanism
Appendix VII. Mechanisms of Experiential Growth
The Sources of Growth: Original, Actual, and Potential
The Maturation of Potentials
The Conditioning of Growth by Experiential Deity
The Growth of the Supreme: Growth in the Present Age
Growth: Past, Present, Future, and Remote-Future
Post-Supreme Growth: In the Outer Universes
Footnote: Post-Ultimate Growth
Appendix VIII. Transformative Techniques
Creative Techniques
Trinitizing Techniques
Techniques of Eventuation
Techniques of Fragmentation
Evolutionary Techniques
Emerging Personalizations
The Deity Embrace
Footnote: Concerning Fourth Creatures
Appendix IX. The Chronology of Local Universes
Ultimate Physical Beginnings
The Associate Force Organizers
Power Centers and Physical Controllers
Physical Organization of The Local Universe
Creation and Administrative Organization
A Universe of Inhabitation and Mortal Ascension
The Bestowals and The Rebellions
The Post-Bestowal Eras
Appendix X. The First Experiential Trinity
Members of the Trinity Ultimate
Nature of Trinity
Evolution of Membership
Status, Functions, and Unification
Unification of The Trinity Ultimater
Footnote: Trinity and Triunity Gestalts
Footnote: Trinity and Personality
Appendix XI. The Post-Supreme Ages
The Grand Universe in the Third Age
Two Trinities, the Supreme and the Spirit-Supreme
The Supreme in The Inner and The Outer Universes
The Spirit and The Supreme
God the Sevenfold, and Creature Administrators
Finaliters and Others in The Outer Creations
Cytoplasmic Needs Expand Nuclear Functions
Appendix XII. Expansion of God the Sevenfold
Present Constitution
Is there a Mind Aspect?
The Expanding Functions of the Supreme Creators
Will the Sevenfold become Tenfold in Outer Space?
Appendix XIII. Evolution of Universe Sons and Spirits
Natures of Universe Sons and Spirits
Numbers of the Universe Sons and Spirits
Son-Spirit Creative Trios
Mixed-Age Creator Sons and Creative Spirits
Third-Age Creator Sons and Creative Spirits
Appendix XIV. Expanding Influence of the Master Spirits
The Principle of Divergence-Convergence
The Sacred Spheres of Paradise and The Master Universe
Superuniverse Administration – Present and Future
Administration of The Primary Space Level
Master Spirits and Creative Trios In The Primary Space Level
The Results of The Interaction of Seven Times Seven
Footnote: Concerning Universal Conciliators
Appendix XV. Master Architects and Transcendentalers
Relationships of Certain Numbers
The Numbers of the Architects
Nature of Transcendentalers
Functions of Transcendentalers
Meanings of the Word "Absonite"
Inception, Realization, and Consummation
The Sequence of the Absonite
The Principle of Organic Consistency
Appendix XVI. Space and Mass Magnitudes of the Master Universe
Information Pertaining to Distances and Mass
Magnitude of The Grand Universe
Magnitude of The Primary Space Level
Magnitude of The Secondary Space Level
Magnitude of The Tertiary Space Level
Magnitude of The Quartan Space Level
A Summary of Space Magnitudes
Appendix XVII. Time Magnitudes of the Master Universe
Calculation of the Age of a very old Native of Uversa
An Estimate of the Age of the Superuniverse of Orvonton
The Time-Span of the Second Universe Age
Proportional Time Magnitude of the Outer-Space Ages
Appendix XVIII. The Nature of God the Ultimate
Emergence of the Ultimate
The Nature of Ultimate Deity
Attributes of God The Ultimate
Relation of The Ultimate to Paradise Deities
Relation of The Ultimate to The Master Universe
Relation to Transcendentalers and Others
The Ultimacy of Deity
Appendix XIX. The Second Experiential Trinity
Formation of the Trinity Absolute
Plural Trinity-Presences of Deity
The Growth of the Supreme
Comparison of Trinities
The Evolutions of Experiential Trinities
Non-Unification of The Trinity Absolute
Functions of The Trinity Absolute
Appendix XX. The Post-Ultimate Age
Dawn of the Final Age
Completed Master Universe
The Nuclear Master Universe
Adjustment of Time Creatures to Eternity
The Change in Experiential Growth Potential
Appendix XXI. The Concept of the Cosmos Infinite
The Validity of the Concept
The Start of the Cosmos Infinite
The Problems of Space and Infinity
Cytoplasmic Need Expands Nuclear Function
Havona Analogies
Appendix XXII. Power-Personality Synthesis
Definition of Terms: Personality and Power
Why Does Power-Personality Synthesis Take Place?
The Challenge of Power-Personality Synthesis
Why Does It Take Place on Three Levels?
Finite Power-Personality Synthesis
Enrichment of Experiential Reality by Paradise Divinity
The Absonite Level: Pre-Supreme Status
The Absonite Level: Post-Supreme Status
The Absonite Level: Power-Personality Synthesis
Power-Personality Synthesis on the Absolute Level
Appendix XXIII. The Trinity of Trinities
The Eternal Cycle of Deity
The Inventory of Three Trinities
The Stage of Incompletion: Stage One
Supreme-Ultimate Trinitization
The Stage of Initial Factual Reality: Stage Two
The Stage of Growing Unification: Stage Three
The Hypothetical Stage of Completion
Appendix XXIV. The Third Experiential Trinity
The First and the Last Trinity
Second Level of the Trinity of Trinities
Members of the Final Trinity
Functions of the Final Trinity
The Last Approach to Experiential Deity-Unification
Appendix XXV. The Trinitized Nature of God the Absolute
The Trinitization of the Absolute
The Nature of God the Absolute
Personal Growth of the Limited-Absolute
Deity Growth of the Limited-Absolute
Appendix XXVI. Functions of the Supreme-Ultimate
What is the Supreme-Ultimate?
Supreme-Ultimate Mind
Functions of the Master Universe
Functions of the Cosmos Infinite
Appendix XXVII. Growth of the Cosmos Infinite
Repercussions to Supreme-Ultimate Trinitization
A Concept Matrix for the Cosmos Infinite
Existential-Experiential Mechanism of Deity Functions
The Final Associations of Dual-Deity

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