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Science Symposium 2019—Responding to the Biggest Questions in Science

Science Symposium 2019—Responding to the Biggest Questions in Science

The June 2018 issue of Scientific American included a special report entitled "The Biggest Questions in Science," which was also published concurrently in Nature. What a fortunate coincidence that the editors of the two leading English-language scientific journals published a list of the most pressing questions facing the scientific community in time to be incorporated into the program for Urantia Foundation’s upcoming Science Symposium 2019.

This list of questions includes: What is spacetime? What is dark matter? How did life begin? What are the limits of manipulating nature? How much can we know? What is consciousness?

Urantia Foundation is hosting its second Science Symposium at 533 Diversey over the first weekend in November. Presentations and discussions will be addressing many of these questions in relationship with Urantia Book concepts.

All presentations and discussions will be live streamed to the public. The broadcasts will also be recorded for future viewing.

The live streaming of the symposium begins at 9:00 AM Central Time on Friday, November 1. Click here to see the videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/UrantiaFoundation/videos


Friday, November 1

● 9:00 AM Marjorie Ray: Water: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

● 11:00 AM Ralph Zehr: The Origin of Life, Another Step Forward

● 2:00 PM Bruce Johnson: The Renaissance of Consciousness

● 4:00 PM Neal Kendall: Is Free Will an Illusion?

● 7:30 PM David Neufer: Master Universe Model: A 3-D View

Saturday, November 2

● 9:00 AM Nigel Nunn: Ancient Orvonton and a Young Cosmic Web

● 11:00 AM Phil Calabrese: Quantum Entanglement: Spooky Action at a Distance

● 2:00 PM Joshua Wilson: Linear Gravity: The Dance of Space Force and Matter

● 4:00 PM Tom Allen: The Intergalactic Wanderer—A Hypothesis on the Location of Uversa

● 7:30 PM Panel Discussion: The Present Ideological Struggle: How Can It Be Successfully Resolved? (Based on Paper195, sections 6, 7, 8)

Sunday, November 3

● 9:00 AM Gard Jameson: Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny, or Something Like It!

● 11:00 AM George Park: The Law of Absolute Gravity