Danish Translation

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The translator is Jean Ascher, a.k.a. “Yourantiaman.” Jean is working on the first draft of the Danish translation and is almost done. He has only seven papers remaining and three additional papers requiring some revisions. He works alone and would very much enjoy some input from a Danish-speaking reader of the book. If you are that someone (or if you know someone), please contact Tamara Strumfeld at tamara@urantia.org.

Jean has done much to prepare the way for this translation. He places books of the English text in the main libraries in Denmark. He gives books to local persons from various trades and professions, and on certain occasions, he writes articles for public media.

Jean has a library consisting of his translation and about two hundred secondary works and other printed materials related to The Urantia Book. Under agreement with the Danish Royal Library, this collection will be saved and made available for future generations.

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