Library Placement Policy

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Urantia Foundation is committed to disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book around the world. One way this may be accomplished is by donating free copies of the book to libraries and alternative places where new readers may discover it.

To date, thousands of books have been placed in public libraries around the world. For individuals and groups who want to participate in our library placement program, Urantia Foundation offers books for the following terms:

The price of books will be determined by their cost plus shipping. Books may be purchased in quantities up to ten at a time based on availability. Please contact Urantia Foundation at 773-525-3319 or [email protected] for current pricing information and book availability.

We ask that you agree to use these books only for placement in libraries and similar environments, and that they not be used for personal or commercial purposes. Suggested placement settings include:

  1. College and university libraries;
  2. Public libraries;
  3. Religious libraries (seminaries, churches, ashrams, synagogues, etc.);
  4. Hotel, youth hostel, cruise ship, and other libraries provided for travelers;
  5. Hospital libraries;
  6. Highly trafficked private libraries;
  7. Coffee shops with “free book” shelves;
  8. Waiting rooms and other places where people may be looking for something to read.

It is important to obtain permission from the librarian or shop owner before placing the book at a site. If permission is not received the book may be discarded.

In return for the discount we are offering on new books, we would appreciate your letting us know where you placed them. Any additional information that you consider helpful will be most welcomed. We will publish results of this program from time to time, and if you would like to write about your experiences, we will consider featuring your report in Urantia Foundation News Online or on our website.

Download a Library Placement Form in .pdf format

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