After reading the book, do I have to give up practicing a religion that does not conform to the teachings?

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You may recall in your reading of Paper 141, Section 5 (1591.6) 141:5.1 entitled "Spiritual Unity" that Jesus proclaimed spiritual liberty through unity but not uniformity. He reiterated that it is not necessary or even possible that everyone must see or feel or think alike.

While it is true that the teachings of The Urantia Book do not adhere to any specific religion they demonstrate that an enhanced vision of truth would never preclude a person from their own unique religious heritage. Students of The Urantia Book participate in every major religion. Most would tell you that studying the Urantia teachings has enhanced their religious experience in their churches, temples and synagogues. The book teaches, "God is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or material." It follows then, that the Father is no respecter of any human institution or religion; they all contain some measure of truth.

Our recommendation would be that you embrace your religion with a new sense of vigor, appreciation, and dedication; accept the best of its teachings and don't worry about the rest. Any religious teaching that does not have a basis in reality will eventually fall away.

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