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Historic Gathering - Urantia

Historic Gathering of Urantia Association International, the Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Foundation

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, Urantia Association International (UAI), the Urantia Book Fellowship (the Fellowship), and Urantia Foundation held a joint meeting of presidents, executive directors, and appointed representatives at Urantia Foundation headquarters in Chicago.

Gaétan Charland, James Woodward, and Chris Wood represented UAI. Lila Dogim, Paula Thompson, and John Hales represented the Fellowship. Mo Siegel, Jay Peregrine, and Gard Jameson represented Urantia Foundation. Marilynn Kulieke attended and presented the results of the reader survey.

The groundwork for a new era of trust and mutual respect was laid at this historic gathering. All the attendees were hopeful that, with continued leadership, shared good will, and the thoughtful execution of projects agreed to at the meeting, results of the meeting would benefit the entire community.

It was proposed that the leaders and representatives of all three organizations agree on the following:

  1. To participate cooperatively at book fairs in the United States and worldwide.
  2. To work cooperatively regarding Urantia Book educational seminars and spiritual retreats. The attendees acknowledged that training teachers and leaders is a priority. Toward this end, it was agreed that the education committee chairs from each organization―namely, Sheila Keene-Lund, David Kulieke, and Gard Jameson―will discuss educational seminars and spiritual retreats, bringing any proposals pertaining to cooperation to the boards of their respective organizations.
  3. To continue cooperating on the international study group directory. A committee has been working together to improve the directory.
  4. To continue the cooperation among the three organizations with respect to adjustment of their calendars in order to respect the planned events of the other organizations.
  5. To cooperate in the production of secondary works. The delegates agreed that secondary works in other languages are a high priority and suggested that the education chairs of the three organizations meet to discuss this matter.
  6. And, finally, to meet together once a year.

Inasmuch as the delegates and many readers of The Urantia Book feel that greater unity among the three organizations not only benefits the revelation but also reflects the teachings of the book, the participants at this meeting felt that the day represented a positive step forward in the evolution of the Urantia community.

Chris Wood, Jay Peregrine, Gard Jameson, Marilynn Kulieke, Lila Dogim, Paula Thompson, James Woodward, Gaétan Charland, John Hales, Mo Siegel
Back Row: Chris Wood, Jay Peregrine, Gard Jameson
Front Row: Marilynn Kulieke, Lila Dogim, Paula Thompson, James Woodward, Gaétan Charland, John Hales, Mo Siegel

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