What does The Urantia Book mean to me? - Guy Peron

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by Guy Peron, Quebec, Canada

How can I briefly answer this question when the teachings of The Urantia Book have been a daily living reality within me? I have been using them in my daily spiritual service to my brothers and sisters for close to 11 years now. The book has been an amazing blessing!

When I came to The Urantia Book while still involved in a Fourth Way school, a school of consciousness, I felt right away that the content of this book would give me the answers to all my existential questions and much more. And so it did, so much so that, for me, it became the "wow" book. Page after page, I was filled with amazement, from the nature of God, our Father, all the way to the last page of the book where the greatest challenge of man on earth is explained.

Through that month and a half that the first reading of the book took me, I was fully immersed each day all day from morning to late in the night in the teachings of The Urantia Book, connecting the dots of the cosmic puzzle. And through that period, I was touched by the grace of God when He allowed me to feel Him with all my being and made me perceive that He was and is truly my Father, our Universal Father, a person that I can relate to person to person. Wow! And not only is He my Father, but His Divine Presence, a perfect guide, a fragment of Himself, is within me, lives within me so we can ultimately be one. Wow!

May our Father continue to bless each of you abundantly.

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