President’s Message: Removing The Wedges

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Richard Keeler

Perhaps the simplest of all tools is the wedge–a tapered piece of wood, metal, or stone used to pierce and split wood or stone and to lift heavy loads.

Members of the Contact Commission said they were warned that Caligastia’s favorite technique for disrupting spiritual unity is to drive wedges of suspicion and misunderstanding between personalities. The time has come to take the crowbar of courage and start prying out the wedges that have generated unproductive division.

We know that unique personalities never agree on all things, but we can and should work together in love, understanding, and tolerance.

Consider this quote from page 234:05:

“Not long since on Uversa we recorded a universal broadcast of a conclave extraordinary on the eternal Isle of one hundred fifty thousand Creator Sons assembled in the parental presence and engaged in deliberations having to do with the progress of the unification and stabilization of the universe of universes.”
As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm.

The trustees and staff of Urantia Foundation earnestly desire to foster “the progress of the unification and stabilization” of Urantia, and we desire to work with all fellow readers of The Urantia Book worldwide in accomplishing this mighty mission.

With spiritual unity and cooperation we can help each other and all humankind to fulfill our highest potentials as children of God and as brothers and sisters.

“Peacemaking is the cure of distrust and suspicion.” (1575:03)

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