Associate Trustees: Nancy Shaffer, Kathleen Swadling, Carolyn Kendall

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The Trustees recently decided to provide for a potential expansion of wisdom in their decisionmaking process by inviting several individuals to serve as Associate Trustees. The Trustees have found that as international activities and responsibilities surrounding the revelation expand, additional advice and counsel from trusted and loyal supporters is needed to assist them in setting policies and direction. Associate Trustees participate in the Trustee meetings as advisors but are not entitled to vote.

We extend a warm welcome to Nancy Shaffer, Kathleen Swadling, and Carolyn Kendall, who will be the first team members to serve the Foundation in this way. Nancy is the President of PURE (Pacific Urantia Readers Engagement), a local association of IUA in northern California.

Kathleen is a long-time office volunteer and a member of IUA since 1993 who has served in numerous capacities throughout the years. Carolyn was a member of the original Forum and the First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book whose husband, Thomas Kendall, served as Urantia Foundation's President for over twenty years.

These women have been trusted advisors and consultants to the Trustees over the past several years, and the Trustees are pleased to formally recognize their contributions and invite their active participation. We look forward to drawing on their experience and wisdom to help Urantia Foundation find the best ways to bring the enlightened message of The Urantia Book to the world.

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