Survey Summary Results

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300 Urantia Book Readers in the U.S. Surveyed By The Marketing Workshop, January 2001:

What is your age?

  • Minimum age 19
  • Maximum age 90
  • Mean= 55.5

What is your religious affiliation, if any?

  • 3% Urantia
  • 2% said “I read The Urantia Book''
  • 24% said no religious affiliation
  • 69% other answer (any other answer)

How often, if at all, do you read The Urantia Book?

  • 51 % read weekly, or more often
  • 9% read 2-3 times a month
  • 9% read once a month
  • 13% read less than once a month
  • 18% other

86% knew Urantia Foundation published the book.

10% considered “Urantia” to be the name of a religion.

56% indicated they had ever participated in any group study of The Urantia Book.

72% believed that The Urantia Book is a revelation by celestial beings.

71% said they had attended church in the last 5 years.

Less than 1% said the church they attended had the term Urantia in its name.

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