Report from Coordinating Committee Chair, Travis Binion

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1. During the meeting with the Fellowship in April an idea surfaced which could foster cooperation between the two groups. The discussion centered around a mutual endeavor to develop a video/multi-media production to be used to assist in the introduction of The Urantia Book to potential readers in either private or public forums such book fairs, whole life expos, and other public gatherings. We might consider this activity as a demonstration project, even an experiment, to determine if it is possible for the Fellowship and IUA members to work together in an apolitical undertaking.

A request was made via the IUA List for the volunteer services of anyone interested in assisting with this project. There was only one respondent. Anyone else who would like to participate in this endeavor please contact me via e-mail. The address is <[email protected]>. Participants should have internet access as this media will be utilized for communication and coordination.

2. A Fellowship conference planning meeting for their 1999 conference is being held in Vancouver in June. Representatives from IUA have been invited to participate in the planning arrangements. Bruce Porter, President of USUA, and Ron Louie, Chair of the Unity/Cooperation Team of the Coordinating Committee will be attending.

3. The Coordinating Committee will be meeting with the Trustees at their quarterly meeting in Boulder, Colorado in July. The mountains of the Rockies will be a welcome change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

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