Vision 2000

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The Roman calendar year 2000 is only four years away, and at that time, it will have been 45 years since the publication of the English edition of The Urantia Book. Since 1955, over 330,000 books in four languages have been printed, and in just this year alone, 70,000 were printed and over 15,000 have already been sold.

Because of growing world-wide interest in The Urantia Book, we can see today an exponential growth of translations, book sales, and study groups in the next five to ten years. We are confident about the progress of the fifth epochal revelation which was not bestowed "suddenly and spectacularly as an earthquake tears chasms into the rocks" (The Urantia Book, p.1291). Its dissemination is an evolutionary process which can be likened to the formation of a river: Tiny rivulets trickle together to form streams which join one by one to form a broad, flowing river.

Jesus once told the apostle James, "Whether your ministry be long or short, possess your soul in patience" (p.1958). On page 435, we read "[t]hat stagnation is certain death, but that overrapid growth is equally suicidal." The Urantia Book was given to us long before its world-wide mission so that teachers and leaders could naturally emerge from among the readership, and so that thousands of study groups could evolve. To this end, the book must be translated into many languages.

We must be ready with the funds to make this growth possible--the funds to pay for translators, printings, staff, legal expenses, foreign offices, audio and electronic versions, and so on. We have set a goal to have, by the year 2000, an endowment of ten million dollars.

By the year 2000,

  1. We anticipate that the Foundation will have published three more translations--Russian, Dutch, and Korean, with five to ten others in progress.
  2. We anticipate the establishment of several more Foundation offices around the world. These offices will work hand in hand with the International URANTIA Association to respond to readers, in their own language, in connection with their inquiries and their expressions of desire to meet, fellowship, and study the book with other readers.

If you share our vision for the year 2000, please help us attain it. We cannot do it without you. If you are already a contributor, thank you for your support. And if you are not, we encourage you to become a regular contributor and by so doing, to join us in our efforts to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book.

All good wishes,

The Trustees of URANTIA Foundation
Thomas C. Burns, Georges Michelson-Dupont, K. Richard Keeler, Patricia S. Mundelius, and Philip A. Rolnick

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