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'Well! I have never read such an inspiring and well written book. No wonder, considering the source. It is the first book I have ever read that was compatible with my broad interest in theuniverse as a whole. From the minute to the infinite...It is the first book or teaching I have observed that ties the origin of the universe, the earth, and other celestial bodies, evolution, original man and the post Adamic peoples into a sensible context. I could go on and on as my reading of the book has opened my eyes to many things reinforcing our universal need for sharing charity and love."

"I purchased The URANTIA Book nine years ago. Nine years ago I did not comprehend The URANTIA Book at all. I have recently picked the book up and started reading it again, and to my amazement it gets easier and easier to comprehend. I have also discovered that I am continually, as I read further, building a relationship with God and that there is much comfort and healing in prayer. There are also many more wonderful, enlightening things that are happening as I read. I don't quite understand all of it and I find it hard to explain to other people."

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