Time is on our side

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In closing, one can observe that during these formative years while "The URANTIA Book" is largely unknown to the general public, much valuable experience is being earned which should render able assistance in meeting the challenge of growth with stability once the Book's existence--if not its purpose and true contents--becomes known throughout the world. Ideally the Book will quietly spread to all peoples of our planet without raising antagonisms or creating resistance to its saving message by undue and untimely publicity or notoriety, and in this way eventually the message of "The URANTIA Book" will be seen in its true form as a fulfillment of the past, as a comfort for the present, and as a promise for the future. By using this approach, at some time in the days ahead, the general public will come to the realization that "The URANTIA Book" is already in their midst (as if it had been there all the time) with a loyal and supportive readership that can courageously and selflessly champion its message of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man throughout the world.

All this will take time, for "The URANTIA Book" itself points out:

". . . No great social or economic change should be attempted suddenly. Time is essential to all types of human adjustment--physical, social, or economic. Only moral and spiritual adjustments can be made on the spur of the moment, and even these require the passing of time for the full outworking of their material and social repercussions . . ."("The URANTIA Book," page 911)

Time is on our side so long as we use it effectively by responding to events to the extent their evolutionary development will reasonably support our involvement. But we must be careful to do no more. We, like Jesus, must not over-feed our associates.

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