The real work of the Kingdom

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At 533 Diversey, the URANTIA Foundation continues to make changes, adjustments, and re-adjustments to the steady growth and expansion of the URANTIA message throughout the world. Steps for increasing storage and working space are gradually being instituted. As our own small organizational evolution proceeds, and as we learn from experience and onfront new challenges, we must increasingly rely on the patience, support, and good spirit of you all. Day by day your dedication and loving service are manifesting a new era of spiritual enlightenment and dynamism over the face of the planet.

The Trustees very much appreciate your generous financial support. We will need your continued financial assistance as we discharge our multiple responsibilities toward this fifth revelation of truth.

We likewise are most grateful for the co-operation and encouragement offered by so many from such geographically diverse locations. While we are busy here, our activities cannot eclipse the important fact that the real work of the Kingdom is being done by and in the lives of each of you. God bless you all as we continue to go forward together in this thrilling adventure of laying the foundations for a new age of religion on our planet.

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