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In order to protect the registered mark URANTIA, URANTIA Foundation recently instituted a suit in New York, which suit we are pleased to announce has been settled with the defendant agreeing to discontinue the use of the mark.

Of course, copyright and trademark concerns continue to occupy much of the Trustees' time. Requirements for maintenance of the purity of the text of "The URANTIA Book" and the special meaning of the registered marks include exercising care in our own use of the text of "The URANTIA Book" and the registered marks, as well as the licensed use by URANTIA Brotherhood and its constituent societies. In an effort to simplify matters and save time in the regulation of the copyrighted material and the service marks used in various regional and national URANTIA conferences, the Foundation has begun to devise a fixed set of guidelines related to protection of copyright and registered marks, the following of which can facilitate conference preparations and insure smooth functioning. Two societies have already co-operated in the use of the guidelines as they have so far been finalized. The Trustees hope these guidelines will be helpful to all.

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