What is the soul?

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From its earliest inception the soul is real; it has cosmic survival qualities. ~ The Urantia Book, 16:9.2 (195.8)

“The divine spirit arrives simultaneously with the first moral activity of the human mind, and that is the occasion of the birth of the soul.” ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 133:6.5 (1478.4)

All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father and God the Mother, the Supreme Being. But until such time as mortal man becomes soul-conscious of his divine heritage, this assurance of Deity kinship must be faith realized. ~ The Urantia Book, 117:6.8 (1289.1)

The survival of mortal creatures is wholly predicated on the evolvement of an immortal soul within the mortal mind. ~ The Urantia Book, 36:6.5 (404.3)

Eternal survival of personality is wholly dependent on the choosing of the mortal mind, whose decisions determine the survival potential of the immortal soul. When the mind believes God and the soul knows God, and when, with the fostering Adjuster, they all desire God, then is survival assured. ~ The Urantia Book, 5:5.13 (69.8)

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